Ilya Slepov: the one who plows more will win

We are glad to share with you again the release of the show # 226questions , a joint project of the Championship and the leading organizer of triathlon starts in Russia, IRONSTAR . This time we talked with the famous triathlete, champion of Russia, founder of the Runlab Running Laboratory and the winner of everything and in everything Ilya Slepov .

Ilya's path in triathlon is a story about how from competitions without your own equipment and 97th place in the world championship, you can reach the status of the elite. During the interview, Slepov talks about awareness, failed starts, achieving an ambitious goal at the World Cup in South Africa and why it is important to do everything for pleasure.

2.03 - Ilya first heard about the triathlon in the 96th. How was it?
2.55 - a story about excuses that didn't work. Slepov's first triathlon start.
7.09 - the swim, which turned out to be a blow to vanity.
8.54 - about the feelings of 97th place at the World Championship.
9.45 - why is it important to make every start with pleasure?

11.30 - Ilya set himself the goal of getting into the top 6 at the World Cup in South Africa and reached her.
12.38 - the price of the result: training and reorganization of the usual life.
14.40 - why do people not like to think? About awareness.
16.50 - how did the great Soviet encyclopedia inspire Slepov?

Ilya Slepov: the one who plows more will win

Ivan Tcherezov: I could think of myself as Phelps

Multiple champion in biathlon - about my hobby for triathlon, my mistakes at the start and family support.

Ilya Slepov: the one who plows more will win

Yevgeny Roizman: Uncle Zhenya is elderly, he may not be able to reach the finish line

The ex-head of Yekaterinburg - about age, registration in triathlon, setup at the finish line and deputy's resource.

17.37 - Ilya's challenge at the age of five.
18.56 - how did Slepov find himself face to face with snakes?
20.13 - at the age of 10 he was forced to spend the night in the forest without food and things.

21.20 - Ilya gave his 65-year-old mother a slot for a sprint in Sochi, and she won dad in swimming.
03.24 - the most difficult thing in preparing for the start in adulthood.
24.47 - at the World Cup he gave up the bastard jets. Was that reasonable?

27.27 - is it possible to combine serious sports, work and family.
29.19 - 355 days of training without a single pass and New Year jogging in Belgorod.
32.49 - why the path is more important than the award.
33.56 - about cooperation with Breitling.

35.13 - Slepov guesses Ironstar start cities based on strange facts.

37.45 - super blitz: once 226 or twice for a son?

Ilya Slepov: the one who plows more will win

First start as first child. Do it carefully. Tukituk is about triathlon

BloggerAnastasia Tukmacheva - about the first half-iron distance, grueling workouts and sex.

Ilya Slepov: the one who plows more will win

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