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Igor Oleinik: there are no restrictions in freestyle

iFreestyle is a freestyle and street football school in Moscow, founded by the four-time Russian freestyle champion Igor Oleinik. Every Friday in August from 18:00 to 19:00 Igor and his team conduct free training sessions. The first lesson took place on 4 August and was dedicated to the basics of football freestyle. Before the first lesson, we talked with Igor and found out what the training would be about, and also filmed three tricks for those who want to get guidance from the pros, but for some reason cannot attend the classes.

- Igor, what exactly will your lessons in Gorky Park be devoted to?
- The first part is the freestyle school. We will teach children how to handle the ball, tricks, improve their technique, the feeling of the ball. Today we have freestyle, next Friday we will practice strikes, then there will be panna training. Nobody teaches this, but all football players use it in the game. And on August 25th we will have a game. Everyone who comes will be divided into teams, and a big football tournament will be held.

- Who is coaching besides you?
- I teach football freestyle directly. Five or six people train in our school: someone teaches punches, someone teaches panna.

- Do the girls sign up?
- Yes. For example, last time three girls came. Directly in our school seven girls are engaged. One of them even performed at the closing of the Confederation Cup.

- How did the idea to found a freestyle school come about?
- My first school was in 2012. I worked then as a coach at Moskomsport. I had a group of about 12 people. Freestyle is an unofficial sport, and there are no state bodies that are involved in its development, which is why the idea of ​​creating a school arose. Today, making freestyle an Olympic sport is my dream.

- Are there any restrictions on freestyle? Age or others?
- Our school teaches from the age of eight. If the child is younger, it is difficult for him to explain certain tricks. It is important that a person understands exactly what they want from him. There are tricks when the ball is on the neck and it is not visible, and it is important to correctly assume the position of the back, arms, legs. Someone thinks that he is not suitable for age, for complexion, but I think that body structure, gender, age do not matter in freestyle and this does not affect the performance of tricks. There is a guy who started freestyle at the age of 24-25, and at 28 he won the world championship. There are no restrictions in freestyle!

Anyone can sign up for free trainings (

View training video tutorials on freestyle - https: // www.

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