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If there is a fracture, it means that some anti-football thing happened on the field

Football is a very traumatic sport. In some cases, amateur players are even more likely to be injured than professionals. We have compiled a list of the most frequent injuries faced by football players, and also asked the ex-doctor of Moscow Lokomotiv, Spartak, Dynamo and the Russian national team Yuri Vasilkov how to avoid these injuries and what to do if, after all was injured.

Yuri Vasilkov: Traumatism is a part of football, there is no getting away from it. It is said that for every 100 football injuries there are 70 hockey injuries. Hockey players are better protected, the hockey rink is several times smaller than a football field, and it is equally important that the foot is fixed in the skate, this also reduces the likelihood of injury.

Injury of the adductor groin muscles

Represents tear, and in worst cases, rupture of one of the adductor muscles. These muscles are responsible for bringing the legs together. In a mild degree, the injury may not manifest itself while walking, accompanied by discomfort in the inner thigh. With more serious injuries, it is manifested by sharp pain, the feeling of discomfort persists even when walking, bruises and swelling may appear.

Y.V .: This is indeed a very common injury. Football is developing, the requirements for players are increasing, the game has become more dynamic. The body responds to such loads, so muscle fiber tears occur. Among amateurs, such injuries are rare, because they have less load. If you get such an injury, you need to see a doctor to prescribe treatment, in some cases you may need surgery.

Who? In January of this year, two Real Madrid players faced this problem - Toni Kroos and Keylor Navas. Among the RPL players is Lokomotiv defender Maciej Rybus at the beginning of September.

Injury to the muscles of the thigh surface

Another frequent injury that not only football players face. These muscles are responsible for flexion of the knee and extension of the hip joint. The damage is accompanied by sharp pain, sometimes redness may appear. With a slight injury, such an injury can be healed without going to a doctor; a severe form requires compulsory drug treatment. Non-professionals sometimes face such injuries, due to insufficient warming up before a sharp increase in the load.

Who? Most recently in a Champions League match, the back of the thigh was injured by Barcelona midfielder Ousmane Dembele. A similar story happened to Real Madrid midfielder Marc Asensio at the end of December last year, he injured the front of the thigh. All fans of Russian football will probably remember how in the opening match of the 2018 World Cup Alan Dzagoev left the field due to injury to the back of the thigh.

Y.V .: These are probably the most common injuries among football players. Such injuries are accompanied by muscle contractions. can occur, for example, due to the fact that a footballer's leg is not of a very high quality. On average, such injuries are treated for 3-4 weeks.

Knee injuries

Knee injuries can occur both abruptly, that is, after a fall or collision, and develop gradually due to excessive loads, accumulated microtraumas. One of the most common is a meniscus rupture. Meniscus is a semicircular cartilage in the knee joint, it softens its movement and protects it from wear. The rupture usually occurs when the bent knee rotates.

Who? The midfielder of Moscow Spartak Roman Zobnin has already encountered a meniscus tear twice. The first time there was no surgeon's intervention, but the player almost missed the home world championship for injuries and had to undergo surgery in the second. The relapse occurred in the fall of last year during a match against the Wings of the Soviets. Also, Konstantin Kuchaev and Daler Kuzyaev recently encountered a meniscus rupture, both required surgery, both continue to recover.

Occurs in football players and a hamstring sprain. This is an injury to the muscle group in the back of the thigh, which is responsible for bending the knee. The most serious injury is injury to the cruciate ligaments, which hold the tibia in the lower leg. Most often, football players have a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. A click can be heard during injury, and the injury is accompanied by pain, swelling and tremors in the knee. It often occurs when there is a sharp change in direction of movement.

Y.V .: The knee is the most powerful human joint, but at the same time it is very vulnerable. Lateral ligaments, cruciate ligaments, menisci are very serious injuries. After a cruciate ligament rupture, a football player recovers for at least six months, with such injuries an operation is necessary. Menisci and lateral ligaments in some cases can be healed without surgery.

Who? The abovementioned Roman Zobnin and Konstantin Kuchaev have encountered a cruciate ligament rupture. The first, due to injury, missed the Confederations Cup. Also in December last year, in the cup match against Rubin, cruciate ligaments were injured by Lokomotiv defender Boris Rotenberg. During the winter break, Alan Dzagoev earned the same damage in a friendly match against Cartagena.

Dangerous for amateurs: Knee injuries rarely occur in amateurs due to less stress, but at the same time they remain the likelihood of damage due to external influences. Therefore, even playing in your yard, you should not forget about being careful with yourself and your opponent.

Ankle Injury

The ankle joint is very vulnerable, you can simply stumble and get injured. Such damage is accompanied byI am in pain, edema may appear. As a rule, ligaments are sprained or torn.

Who? Last summer, a few days after moving to Monaco, Alexander Golovin injured his ankle ligaments during one of the first training sessions at the new club. A month later, CSKA midfielder Christian Bistrovich received a similar injury in the last minutes of the match of the sixth round of the Russian championship against the Urals.

Y.V .: This is a very common injury, but everyone has it individually, someone's joint can recover in a week, but still the first time professionals play in a protective brace ... If the anatomical integrity of the ligaments is preserved, then surgical intervention is not necessary.

Damage to the Achilles tendon

The Achilles or calcaneal tendon is the largest in the human body, but rupture of this tendon is a common injury in professional football. This can be caused by a failed jump attempt, careless landing on a toe, or a direct hit. Amateurs run the risk of injury if they overestimate their capabilities and expose the body to excessive stress. When a tendon ruptures, sharp pain is felt, the leg swells, it is impossible to bend the foot or stand on toes. With a partial rupture, the victim retains the ability to walk, but at the same time begins to limp, if there is a complete rupture, then walking is hampered by sharp pain.

Y.V .: Achilles tendon is very vulnerable and capricious part of the body, such injuries are very difficult to treat. But nevertheless, not ruptures are more common, but inflammations of Achilles bursitis and paratenitis. The fact that last spring two players in Russia were diagnosed with a gap at once is rather an exception, such injuries are not common in football.

Who? Literally an hour before they should have to announce the composition of the Russian national team for the home world championship, Alexander Selikhov tore his Achilles tendon in training. The goalkeeper was able to return to the general group of Spartak only at the end of November last year, naturally, his participation in the home world championship was out of the question.

A month earlier, in the semifinal match for the Russian Cup between Spartak and Tosno, Pavel Pogrebnyak received the same injury. The striker was already undergoing treatment in the Urals, he managed to return to the field only in March, it took almost a year to recover.


In addition to sprains, bruises, ruptures, football players have fractures. Most often, the bones of the lower leg are affected - the fibula and tibia, as well as the metatarsal or metatarsal bones (which are adjacent to the phalanges of the toes). Fractures are of varying severity, and especially serious injuries can end a football player's career. At the same time, everyone notes that it is simply impossible to get such an injury on the football field on your own. Such damage is subject toboth amateurs and professionals, so when playing football at any level it is important to always remember to be careful.

Y.V .: Football is a contact sport, but fractures are not common ... A fracture is, as a rule, a rough mechanical effect of an opponent. If there was a fracture, then some anti-football thing happened on the pitch.

Who? One of the most memorable injuries associated with a broken leg was suffered by Manchester United defender Luke Shaw in 2015. At the end of January, PSG forward Neymar suffered a metatarsal fracture in a match against Strasbourg.


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