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Ice and film music. Outstanding performances in women's single skating

Figure skating is a kind of art on ice. And when the brilliant technique of skaters is complemented by legendary hits from movies, TV series or cartoons, it becomes much more interesting to watch the skating.

The day before yesterday in Turin, the Grand Prix series finale took place, in which the entire pedestal of women's single skating was taken by young Russian figure skaters. And some of them skated programs to music from films - this is not uncommon this season. We recall the striking performances of athletes accompanied by popular soundtracks from cinema over the past decade.

Evgenia Medvedeva: Sailor Moon and the Memoirs of a Geisha

Two-time silver medalist of the 2018 Olympic Games - Evgenia Medvedeva is a big fan of Japanese anime , especially the character Sailor Moon from the work of the same name. In the program for the demonstration performance at the 2017 World Team Championships in Tokyo, a girl inspired by the cartoon danced in the image of her beloved heroine. She conquered the local audience and once again surprised the fans. The figure skater's number was thought out to the smallest detail, from music to movements. Evgeniya performed to a mix of anime compositions, which included the Moonlight Densetu melody - the main soundtrack of Sailor Moon.

Medvedeva went on the ice in the school uniform of Japanese women, and then, like in the anime, turned into a warrior in a sailor suit. The image of the girl was complemented by odango's hairstyle. Former pupil Eteri Tutberidze accurately repeated the actions of the heroine, right down to facial expressions.

This season, Evgenia Medvedeva performs a free program to the theme of the film Memoirs of a Geisha by Rob Marshall. One of the most famous choreographers in the world, She-Lynn Bourne, worked on the new image of the skater. The soundtrack fully reveals the character of the athlete and her mood. From a technical point of view, Medvedeva's number is extremely difficult: she jumps triple jumps in the second half of the program and complicates the performance due to the triple salchow in conjunction with the triple rittberger. But the main thing is the atmosphere that Evgenia creates on the ice.

Ice and film music. Outstanding performances in women's single skating

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Ice and film music. Outstanding performances in women's single skating

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Yulia Lipnitskaya and Schindler's List

Skaters from all over the world have skated to the soundtracks of the historical drama directed by Steven Spielberg. Yulia Lipnitskaya, the youngest single-skater, winner of the Olympic gold in the team event, showed the public the program for the first time to music from lenty Spielberg in 2014 at the European Championships. Then she was remembered by the world as a sensual and amazing girl in a red coat. Technically impeccable and strong emotional performance of the number ensured Lipnitskaya's victory in the tournament, and also guaranteed her participation in the Olympic Games. At the Sochi stadium in 2014, the athlete again performed seven triple jumps cleanly and made, perhaps, the main contribution to the victory of the Russian national team in the team event.

Yulia went out on the ice and managed to tell the story of a scared little blond girl in a red coat who ran through the city streets against the background of mass shootings. After the Olympic hire, the Russian figure skater won the love of the whole world, and her image became a symbol of the Sochi Games. Steven Spielberg even wrote a letter to Lipnitskaya, in which he admired how strong her performance was. The director added that while watching the number, none of his family members remained indifferent - everyone was crying. As Yulia later admitted, for her the praise of the director of the picture Schindler's List is comparable to Olympic gold.

However, until February 2014, this composition was used more than once by other skaters. One of the first was the two-time Olympic champion Katarina Witt, who for a long time remained the embodiment of this image on ice. In a 1994 showcase, she no less sensually conveyed the image of that girl from Spielberg's tape.

Ice and film music. Outstanding performances in women's single skating

Katharina Witt, 1994

Photo: Frank Peters / Bongarts / Getty Images

Russian figure skater Irina Slutskaya in the 2000-01 season also used the title theme of the Oscar-winning picture for the show room on Grand Prix in Tokyo. True, then the girl preferred a light white and silver dress, and in it she seemed to float over the ice. The emotional content of the rental and its brilliant performance did not leave the audience indifferent.

Ice and film music. Outstanding performances in women's single skating

Irina Slutskaya, 2000

Photo: Jamie McDonald / ALLSPORT

Alina Zagitova as Lara Croft

The youngest Olympic champion in the history of women's single skating, Alina Zagitova, always knew how to surprise the audience not only with the most complicated technique, but also with the beauty and energy of the performances. In 2018, at demonstration performances, Alina skated in the image of Lara Croft. The figure skater's number attracts attention from the first seconds: it is driving and incendiary. Leather leggings, a leather jacket, which the girl takes off at the beginning of the performance, bright red lipstick and Zagitova's flirtation with the audience are complemented by a powerful soundtrack - a reworking of the hit of the 2000s Survivor.

Lara Croft is the heroine of Tomb Raider computer games, which was invented by graphic artist Toby Gard in 1996. As conceived by the author, this is a beautiful woman archaeologist, smart and athletic. She takes risksher life in ancient ruins, where traps and dangers lie in wait for her at every step, as well as many enemies: competing archeologists, gangsters, dinosaurs and mythical characters. Three films were shot based on the computer game. In 2001, Tomb Raider was released, and two years later - Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, starring Angelina Jolie.

Ice and film music. Outstanding performances in women's single skating

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Ice and film music. Outstanding performances in women's single skating

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Alexandra Trusov: Kill Bill and Game of Thrones

At the 2018 Russian Championship, Alexandra Trusova skated a short program to the soundtrack from the film Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino. On the ice, the skater came out in the form of a bride and killed not only Bill, but also rivals. She won points and the attention of the audience with her technical skating, charisma and spectacular appearance. At the same time, Trusova performed a complex combination of triple jumps - Lutz and Rittberger.

This season for the pupil Eteri Tutberidze is very important: she made her debut among adult figure skaters. And she immediately won the Canadian stage of the Grand Prix, updating her own world record in the free program (166.62) and in total points (241.02).

Alexandra is a big fan of the American television series Game of Thrones. As the girl admitted in one interview, she watched all eight seasons in three weeks and was very unhappy with the ending in which Daenerys Targaryen dies. For the free program, Trusova chose music from this particular franchise. The new image suits the girl very well: Alexandra, like dragons, incinerates competitors by skating and, of course, performing quadruple jumps. The athlete's artistry and sensuality immerse the audience in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and encourage sympathy for the heroine's experiences.

Kim Yoo Na: James Bond on Ice

At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Korean figure skater Kim Yoo Na performed to the tracks from the famous Bond. A fragile-looking girl easily dealt with complex elements in a short rental with famous music. Kim's number is an original interpretation of the iconic image of agent 007. Energetic, daring and dangerous - all this can be said about the short program of the Korean girl. By the way, it was with her that she became the owner of Olympic gold.

Alena Kostornaya: from human into vampire

16-year-old figurineA team from Eteri Tutberidze and the winner of the final stage of the Grand Prix this season presented a free program to the music from the Twilight movie. Initially, the act was conceived as indicative, but then the production was finalized and turned into a full-fledged competitive performance.

The figure skater noted that the idea of ​​going out on the ice in the form of a vampire belongs to her coach Eteri Georgievna. In the first part of the program, Kostornaya is reborn from a human into a vampire. Alena perfectly hears music, performs expensive jumps, especially triple axel.

Anna Shcherbakova and her defenseless beauty

Another representative of Tutberidze's team, champion of Russia Anna Shcherbakova chose the music from the film Perfume. The story of a killer. It was based on the novel of the same name by Patrick Suskind.

For the short program, choreographer Daniil Gleichengauz collected excerpts from three parts of the soundtrack for the film: The Girl with Plums, Meeting with Laura and The Murder of Laura. Interestingly, the skater's costume does not copy the clothes of the heroines. It is an abstract dress with red petals. Shcherbakova's sensual performance conveys the tragedy of history and creates an alarming atmosphere on the ice.

Ice and film music. Outstanding performances in women's single skating

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Yulia Lipnitskaya's Phenomenal Free Program - Team Figure Skating | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

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