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I want to go there: 6 unusual places for New Year's holidays outside the city

New Year's holidays are coming soon. This means that it will be possible to spend even more time with family and friends, to plunge into active rest, skiing and skating. And if you still don't know where to celebrate the New Year or just spend the winter weekend, it doesn't matter. We have prepared for you a list of the most unusual hotels and country residences for a perfect weekend.

Nikola-Lenivets Art Park

Cost: 3700 rubles.
It includes: a night in a superior standard room with one bed, breakfast for two, entrance ticket to the art park.

Nikola-Lenivets is located in the Kaluga region around a small village of the same name. On its territory there are many unique art objects the size of football fields and nine-story buildings. This is the only place in Russia where you can see landscape installations by famous Russian and foreign authors.

Guests are offered to stay in houses of different types. A house with a chandelier is one of the most popular objects in space. It was designed specifically for the Archstoyanie-2017 festival. The main feature of the building is the absence of windows. The only skylight is located in the ceiling.

During the New Year holidays, guests can spend time at the rink , a small hill or on the slopes of the frozen Ugra River, riding on cheesecakes. The organizers also promise to prepare a ski track, if you're lucky with the weather.

Eco-hotel Hobbitland

Cost: 4000 rubles.
It includes : night at Kasia Travinsk's house for three.

If you are a fan films The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and would like to visit the habitats of the hobbits, for this it is not necessary to go to New Zealand. The Hobbitland country complex, located in the Moscow region, at 112 km of the Minsk highway, is an excellent place to relax during the New Year holidays. There you can not only go on a tour of the Hobbit village, but also live in the glamping style.

Glamping is an outdoor recreation that includes all modern conveniences and comforts. This is usually the term for accommodation in cozy tents, small houses or modernized capsules that organically fit into the area far from civilization.

Each house has a wood-burning stove, electricity, soft bedding and, most importantly, a huge round window. Sitting beside him with a cup of hot chocolate, you can enjoy the silence alone with nature.

By the way, there are also many active entertainment in Hobbitland: from fishing to ice skating and skiing.

I want to go there: 6 unusual places for New Year's holidays outside the city

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I want to go there: 6 unusual places for New Year's holidays outside the city

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Berkhino Ecotourism Center

Cost: 3500 rubles.
It includes : night in the house of the Barrel of Diogenes.

In one of the the picturesque corners of the Moscow region, in the Lukhovetsky district, is the Berkhino ecotourism center. It is located about 150 km from the capital. In addition to the usual hotel houses, the country hotel has unusual Diogenes Barrel cottages. This place is perfect for a romantic weekend during the New Year holidays, perhaps as a surprise for your significant other.

Berkhino has a lot of active entertainment: riding lessons, hippotherapy, a swimming pool with a sauna and a cool plunge pool, and others.

Creative Community Village

Cost: 2000 or 4000 rubles.
It includes: a night in a hostel or one of the houses.

The village is a village created by the Flacon design factory team. The creative community is located relatively close to Moscow: only 125 km along the Minsk highway. The main feature of this place is that people here live in unusual container and domed houses. The territory of the Village is impressive in scale - 64 hectares.

What is missing here: and football fields , and a swimming pond, and camping, and cross-country skiing trails. On the territory of the community, the largest in Russia domed house in a futuristic style was also built.
This place will definitely charge you for creativity and productive activity in the coming year!

Country Club LaFa

Cost: from 5700 to 8700 rubles.
It includes: a night in Lilla, Viking or Grand Futuro chalets.

It is located 20 km from Moscow near a pine forest. The name of the club reflects its concept - family orientation. LaFa, short for the Italian La Famiglia, translates to family. It was the architecture and style of the Dolomites' houses, combining rustic simplicity and modernity, that inspired the creators of the country club.

The recreation center has both traditional chalets and unusual futuristic capsule houses with large panoramic windows.

The main pride of the club is a wood-fired sauna, where guests take a steam bath on frosty winter days. You can spend active time outside the city: go sledging, skiing or just take a walk in the snow-covered pine forest.

I want to go there: 6 unusual places for New Year's holidays outside the city

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I want to go there: 6 unusual places for New Year's holidays outside the city

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Ecocamping SFERA

Cost: 4200 rubles.
It includes : night in a geo-dome for four.

Ecocamping is located on the lake shore in Pereslavl-Zalessky. SFERA is a small year-round glamping recreation center. In total, there are 15 cozy yurts and eco-houses on the territory, which organically fit into the nature of the coniferous forest.

A lot of events for guests are planned in the country club during the New Year holidays: from joint decoration of the Christmas tree to various quests on the ski track and dog sledding.

Eco-hotel Les

Cost: from 1500 to 2500 rubles.
It includes: a night in an eco-house or hut.

The forest is located in the Vyborg district on the shore of Lake Zerkalnoye - not so far from the Northern capital. You will not find electricity or running water here. The eco-hotel uses torches, candles, a sauna and a forest spring. And the coniferous forest around creates a special feeling of unity with nature. The 11-hectare wooden huts are heated by wood-burning stoves and keep warm even in cold weather.

Here you can take a steam bath on the shore of the lake, and a playground is organized for children.

I want to go there: 6 unusual places for New Year's holidays outside the city

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