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I want to be in racing like Messi is in football. Don't stop after victories

About a year ago we came to prepare a reportage in the Rosa Khutor valley for the first official race under the label Rosa OCR. It was raining, there was a terrible mess under our feet, and at the finish we were waiting for athletes ... absolutely happy from the meeting weather conditions, the complexity of the track and the relief. At that moment, I clearly understood that the brain of participants in extreme races is designed completely differently. For them, the harder it is, the more interesting it is. They have no barriers and fears, therefore, in order to reach the end, you need to be as confident as possible in yourself, your strengths and your physical fitness.

I want to be in racing like Messi is in football. Don't stop after victories

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

If you have ever heard of the Race of Heroes, Spartan Race, Become a Human, then the name of Sergey Perelygin should be familiar to you. For him, every start is not just fun or teambuilding with colleagues, it is work, adventure and, if you add a little pathos, a work of life that he has chosen for himself.

We met with Sergey during his training sessions gathering in the mountains in order to ask how to run races, be in demand and not be afraid to set new goals and goals in life.

- How did your story related to extreme racing begin? b>

- Initially, I was running, then I went to the army and there I tried a military obstacle course. I liked it and I started looking for something similar. There were no extreme races in our country then. Once on YouTube, I came across a video from one of the starts of the Spartan Race. And I was hooked, I realized that it was mine, I want to try and perform there. Over time, I realized that this is really my sport.

- How did this realization come?

- Before running, I was quite seriously involved in judo, these trainings are for me helped a lot. In addition, in running, I lacked speed abilities. When I came from the army, I began to purposefully participate in races, I realized that everything I did before helps me a lot to get results at the starts.

I want to be in racing like Messi is in football. Don't stop after victories

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- What was the first race? Was it Spartan Race?

- No, I just came across Spartan Race on YouTube, it was motivation, a dream (smiles). My first race is a very interesting story. In the Krasnodar Territory, there is the village of Voronezh, where in 2015 a race like Tough guy was held.

Tough Guy - the very first obstacle course, they are held in the UK in winter, in January, take place on ice, and according to statistics, only 30% of the participants finish there.

Here the guys tried to do There were few obstacles, but there was a lot of cold water and uneven terrain. The race was held in early March, so there was even ice there. When I arrived, I was all over the place, went to the start with a naked torso, in shorts, because I saw enough vidos where everyone looked like that (laughs). OrganIzator joked that when they went to watch the track in the morning, a stray dog ​​followed them and she died of hypothermia.

I remember this race very well, the main difficulty was the cold, we even got a bathhouse at the finish. Many guys were shaking, they were brought in, wiped with alcohol, the body was not ready for such hypothermia.

- In what popular, extreme races did you participate or would you like to participate?

- Some organizers try to focus on the extreme in races, but extreme can appear in any race, it also depends on weather conditions, they are unpredictable. One of the most emotional races for me is the 2016 Super Final Heroes Race. It took place at the end of September, it was very cold. There was a conversation about how to close water obstacles. And our people are such that they need more trash, so everyone started asking not to be closed (laughs). It was a very serious test even for our team, although we were well prepared.

In the second half of the race we just started to freeze, we had a good time, we were in the lead, but the question was just to finish. Two or three had already begun to shake from hypothermia, we already did not understand anything, because hypothermia greatly affects the work of the brain. In the end, a member of our team Anton Suzdalev , a guy with a good body fat, if I may say so (laughs), helped the others get out of the ditch and just guided us to run in the right direction.

Then I started to bring my legs together, and there were only two kilometers left to the finish line, we finished the race with moral and will. This is probably the most memorable victory for me, plus it is also a team victory. This has brought us together a lot, we still communicate.

I want to be in racing like Messi is in football. Don't stop after victories

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Have there ever been moments during the races when you got scared?

- Yes, they were, just at the Race of Heroes, they have the Abyss obstacle and there you need to jump from a height of about five meters. I'm not afraid of heights, but I did not do this stage the first time, I had to take a pause of 2-3 seconds. And in such races there is no time to waste, because those seconds that you lose before jumping can be worth a victory or a podium. You seem to know that everything is checked, everything is safe, but many cannot cope with it.

- Tell us about the race that took place in Chechnya.

-There, for the first time, participants from Russia were allowed to flee, it is interesting that the girls were allowed to participate. But they were required to have no exposed parts of the body. The competitions were open to everyone, the start turned out to be really interesting.

- Did you go to win?

- At that time I was already a leader in the country, and this it was difficult psychologically, because I was already given the main prize, and the competition from this did not become less serious. I prepared and tried not to think about what they say, come outI was slow to start in order to win, which is not surprising, who does not want to win a Mercedes.

There was a segment where it was necessary to crawl through the pipe, it would seem, not difficult, but it is very slippery, and I was stuck on for several minutes, I almost saw my Mercedes leave (laughs). The question was whether I could do it at all, the obstacle was really difficult, a lot of guys got stuck there. And one more very specific moment - there was shooting, penalty circles, it was like biathlon. This is an atypical story, it is only in Chechnya. In 2018 they also held a race, but this time the main prize was already Lada Vesta, I did not win (laughs).

I want to be in racing like Messi is in football. Don't stop after victories

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- How do you feel about the specifics of the races that are held in Russia?

- We have such a country , where there are many interesting locations, but it's hard to get to them, even the Caucasus, to get there you fly by plane, then transfer for three hours, then get to the place by car. The logistics problem is letting down.

- What are the ideal training conditions for you?

- It depends on the race, if there are no mountains, then it is possible in Moscow prepare. If it is a Spartan Race, then they put the emphasis on the terrain, especially at major events, for example, they held a race in the Alps last year. You need to prepare for such races in the appropriate area.

Rosa Khutor is an ideal place for me to train. The altitude of 1200 meters allows training in hypoxic conditions, plus the training camp is also at an altitude, for me this is the best place to prepare for participation in the Spartan Race. There are starts where, on the contrary, they pay more attention to obstacles, it is better to prepare for such things in a big city.

- Have you participated in the world championships?

- Yes , I am the bronze medalist of the world championship, which was held in London, in the discipline of sprint. Spartan Race also held competitions in the Emirates, it was the Middle East Championship, I won it, became the Middle East champion, but this year I lost this title, as I became the third. Now I remain the European Champion and the Asian Champion in Spartan Race.

I want to be in racing like Messi is in football. Don't stop after victories

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- What weather conditions make the race more interesting for you?

- For some, rain is beneficial, for others, on the contrary, it spoils everything. There are those for whom the worse the track, the better their results will be. For example, we have Seryoga Silin, he feels better, the worse the conditions. I prepare for any conditions, I don't have any preferences, I adjust to everything, in about two weeks I start to imitate these conditions, because anything can be on the races and you have to be ready for it.

- How do you psychologically tune in to the race?

- When the start time comes, I understand that it will be very difficult, it will be necessaryendure ... What helps to tune? The most important thing is the understanding that I can overcome it. With experience comes the understanding that sometimes the winner is not the one who is in the best physical shape, but the one who is maximally collected and psychologically tuned. I even have a favorite phrase: No pain, no success. This is about the fact that the distance will not be easy for anyone, but the result at the finish will be worth it.

- Why did you decide to run exactly for the result, and not for your pleasure?

- I have been in sports since childhood, I always had a dream to become an athlete, I always liked it. Therefore, when I came to races, I had a goal to participate in the elite. Why is our sport good? Anyone here can qualify for the PRO-wave and perform on a par with the professionals. There is no such thing as, for example, in biathlon, that you look at professionals and understand that you will never take part in competitions with them, even if you love biathlon and have been doing it for a long time.

If there is no certain physical preparation and desire to fight for the result, then you can practice at your pleasure. There are no qualities that need to be laid down in childhood. There are special skills, but everyone can start, there are different distances. I know people who came to our sport after thirty and achieved success.

I want to be in racing like Messi is in football. Don't stop after victories

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Which athlete inspired you by their example?

- I follow all disciplines, so there are many such examples. Including cyclical sports, I love football very much, whoever criticizes football players, I believe that this is a highly competitive sport. Everyone knows the same Ronaldo and Messi , they are probably already billionaires, it would seem that they still need (laughs), but they still get up every morning, train, and maintain their high level - such people inspire me. I want to be in racing like Messi is in football. Don't stop after victories (smiles).

There is Federer in tennis, everyone considers him a veteran, but he continues to play at his level, in biathlon there is Bjoerndalen who won the Olympics at the age of 40, it's very powerful! If we take exactly the obstacle race, that is, an American who came from athletics - Hobie Call , he competed until 40 years old, is considered an OCR legend, finished just a year ago, I followed his performances with great interest , read the interview.

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