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I want an ass like Kim Kardashian

Complex exercises to look like an American fashion model. If you want to feel confident in a swimsuit, then you need to take care of your body now. It is trite, but true. Many girls and not even girls pay attention not only to a flat stomach, but also to the beautiful shape of the buttocks. That is why she deserves work on herself. Especially for you, we, together with Zlata Patrikeeva , the coach of the World Class Tagansky studio, have chosen the five best exercises that will help you tone your buttocks. By the way, they can be performed both in the gym and at home. It makes them even cooler!

Classic squat with wide stance

Inner thigh is turned on. Make sure your knees point towards your toes, your abs are strong, and your back is straight. Keep your hips parallel with the floor.

Squat with medium feet

The main muscle groups of the legs work. Squat parallel to the hip with the floor, control the pelvis, strong abs and back (shoulder blades should be brought to the spine).


Exercise for everything main muscle groups: gluteal, anterior, hind leg. Remember to keep 90 ° at the knee joints. Perform almost until you touch the floor. Tilt your body slightly forward, include more gluteal muscles in the work. Also remember: strong abs, straight back.

Shoulder bridge

The main work is the back of the thigh, gluteal muscles, lower leg, abs can be connected and stabilizing muscles of the lower back to maintain position. Strive for one straight line from shoulder to knee. Take a short break at the top, straining your buttocks and lifting your pelvis as high as possible. Then slide down without touching the floor.

Complicated shoulder bridge. One leg up

The execution scheme is the same. Raise your leg as high as possible. For aesthetic beauty, you can pull the sock up.

How many times to do?

Do 12-15 reps on the first set, on the second set to 15 -18, if you feel that the load is notenough. At the last - 15-20. For simplicity, you can do 3 sets of 15 reps as standard. Lunges on each leg - 10-12 times, so that the total is more than 20. If you think you are more enduring, then do 15 times on each leg.

Do you have to do the whole complex?

For maximum effect, yes. This will work well all the largest leg muscle groups. However, the exercises can be done separately. For example, if you want to focus on the gluteal muscles, then include lunges and shoulder bridges in one workout. let's say we include an emphasis on the gluteal muscles in one workout.

How often to do the complex?

It would be good to set aside time for at least three workouts per week. You can also add exercises for other muscle groups, warm up and cool down, or do small cardiac inserts between exercise circles.

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