I want a figure like Anna Khilkevich: 5 components of success

For those who are interested in the life of Anna Khilkevich , it is no secret that a little less than two years ago she first became a mother. The film and television actress, better known for her role as Masha Belova in the comedy series Univer on the TNT channel, gave birth to her daughter Arianna on December 14, 2015 and almost immediately set herself the goal of returning to her previous form after giving birth. However, the path of complete recovery turned out to be not easy, because the newly-made mother needed to closely monitor her health and the condition of her daughter, adhere to special diets for a nursing mother and increase the load extremely gradually and carefully. All this only with the permission of the doctor!

During pregnancy, the actress gained 18 kilograms, and already six days after giving birth, only seven were left to get rid of. In an interview, Anna shared with readers that at the moment she weighs even less than before pregnancy. And as a result, we see her again on TV in great shape. About how the actress managed to get rid of extra pounds, while paying due attention to health, she regularly shared with subscribers on her instagram. Let's figure out what exactly helped Anna regain the desired figure.

Cardio exercises: neatly and not quickly

The actress began to upload photos from the gym to social networks about a month after the birth of her daughter. She began with cardio exercises, namely exercises on an ellipsoid. Despite a number of warnings that prevent women from playing sports after giving birth for a couple of months, or even six months, the actress is of the following opinion: each organism is individual. Therefore, Anna decided to return to at least minimal loads, though soon, but carefully, not quickly and not often. And, of course, under the constant supervision of a doctor.

Now we can see how the actress he spares no effort on treadmills after the main load in workouts and on exercise bikes, because cardio is one of the best ways to lose weight and show relief.

By the way, Anna could even be met at the Cinema Cycle in the World Class fitness club: together with others who wanted to combine business with pleasure, she pedaled on the simulator and watched a movie on the big screen.

I want a figure like Anna Khilkevich: 5 components of success

Fitnesstainment: how to combine going to the movies and intense training?

Anna Khilkevich, Vladimir Voloshin and Sam Klebanov at the presentation of a new fitness direction from World Class and Tvzavr.

Crossfit and power trainingWorkouts

Anna Khilkevich chose CrossFit as one of the ways to achieve her goal. Now this type of training is quite popular. It is great for those who have a desire to lose weight and improve the physical tone of all muscles. Crossfit, in its essence, can be opposed to ordinary strength training: it is unlikely to give you the opportunity to build muscle mass, since it implies a set of repetitive exercises for all muscle groups in a minimum period.

That is, the load is not focused on a certain area, but is evenly distributed and allows the body to dry out.

However, judging by the actress's publications, she doesn't think to forget about strength training either. Now Anna is actively sharing photos in which she does a squat with additional weight, works with weights on the ankle, or performs a bar. Excess weight is gone - now we are paying attention to pumping individual muscle groups.

Swimming: useful for both parents and children

Whether it's aqua aerobics classes or just teaching swimming lessons - this kind of sport turned out to be the same useful for both Anna and her daughter Arianna. In the case of an adult, swimming is excellent for burning fat, in particular in the abdomen, helps to straighten posture, makes joints stronger and has a positive effect on the lungs and heart.

Moreover, pool workouts can improve blood composition and are often recommended for people with vision problems.

Swimming is beneficial for young children because it primarily helps to improve the elasticity of muscles, joints and ligaments. The baby's body is tempered. In addition, there is a positive effect on the circulatory and respiratory systems, and holding the breath during diving stimulates neural activity.

Help from a coach: not a step without a mentor

In her instagram, Anna Khilkevich admitted that without a personal trainer Evgeny, she would hardly have coped with the tasks that fell on her fragile shoulders in the gym. Indeed, the help of a professional is important in any situation, especially when a girl wants to get back into shape after childbirth competently and without harm to her health.

Thanks to the mentor, the workloads of the actresses increased gradually and carefully, special attention was paid to the abdominal muscles. The result is obvious: after regular training with a personal trainer, Anna was able to effectively and safely remove extra pounds and dry the body. In addition, it is impossible not to notice that even after pregnancy, the actress achieved the perfect relief of the press.

Proper nutrition: no additives or preservatives

Of course, just going to the gym and the pool if you want to return to the excellent form is indispensable: forgetting about proper nutrition and a balanced diet is strictly prohibited!

attention on the publication on Instagram, Anna continued to pay attention to the calculation of calories and after going through the diet of a nursing mother.And let the actress laugh it off under the photo with food, that now she is far from all kinds of diets, but at the same time we see proper and healthy food on the plate. / p>

In addition, it is important for the actress that what is included in her diet, was completely free from various chemical additives and preservatives - only natural ingredients.

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