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I walk little, sleep little, smoke and have a glass of wine on weekends. What to do?

Many people say that it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, someone is about to start following all the rules, others have already begun. But there are those who have not yet managed to get on the right path. Someone is not allowed to work, others are simply lazy, but if you can't fully adhere to all the rules, then you should at least try to minimize the damage we cause to the body.

Lack of sleep

Anamnesis: sleep problems are very common, if there is an adult who can honestly say that he always gets enough sleep, then it is difficult to meet him. For many, this is connected with work, in some periods they have to work more than usual and this affects the time that is usually allotted for sleep, because they do not want to sacrifice anything else. Another category of people is those who do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, most often this is due to the fact that a person cannot think over his day properly. During sleep, the body recovers, so if you have not been able to sleep normally once, then nothing terrible will happen, but if lack of sleep becomes a regular problem, then health problems may begin.

I walk little, sleep little, smoke and have a glass of wine on weekends. What to do?

The real problem: due to insufficient sleep time, productivity decreases, apathy and lethargy are possible. In more serious cases, a decrease in immunity begins, as a result, regular lack of sleep can lead to a slowdown in metabolism, to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus. Lack of sleep is also extremely dangerous for motorists; a driver who has not slept enough not only worsens his reaction, but also increases the likelihood of falling asleep while driving, which can lead to tragic consequences.

Among other things, lack of sleep leads to overeating.

What to do? To avoid all these unpleasant consequences, you must adhere to at least an approximate sleep pattern. Many people are familiar with the situation when a dozen alarms are set in the morning, for each you need to wake up to turn it off, and then enjoy your sleep for another two minutes until the next. And it seems that in these two minutes you can get even more sleep than in all the previous hours of sleep. But this is not so, we convince ourselves that it helps. In fact, these two minutes will not be of any use. It will be much more useful if you immediately set the alarm clock at a later time. You can try daytime sleep, but it is important that such breaks are short (no more than half an hour), it is also important not to fall asleep in the evening, so as not to knock down the regime again. It also knocks down the mode of trying to catch up on weekday sleep on weekends. But at the same time, it is better to sleep off at least on weekends, if otherwise it does not work out.

Improper diet

Medical history: Another very common problem is in during the working day it is not always possible to have a full meal, and also to eat when you want. Instead of eating when hungry, the personEats food for the evening, snacks on the go, does not monitor nutrient intake. It also has a negative effect on health.

What to do? First of all, here it is also necessary to work out at least an approximate food intake. Then the stomach will produce juice at a certain time, which will speed up the process of digesting food. For many people, an absolutely familiar situation is to come home from work to turn on the TV or open the phone and start a hearty dinner, which should compensate for the missed lunch at work, and for some, breakfast. In fact, you should not do this, it also affects the secretion of gastric juice, and also interferes with the feeling of fullness. Also, do not eat on the go, because of this, food is not chewed thoroughly enough, which leads to insufficient absorption of nutrients and slowing down of digestive processes.
Both overeating and malnutrition are harmful for the stomach, since in both cases they remain excess gastric acid, which can lead to ulcers or gastritis.

I walk little, sleep little, smoke and have a glass of wine on weekends. What to do?

Sedentary lifestyle

History: many also face this problem, a sedentary lifestyle is considered if a person spends more than two hours a day without physical activity. Physical activity is defined as any body movement produced by skeletal muscle that requires energy expenditure. And if these movements are not enough, then spasms begin to appear in the body, posture changes, joint pain, accompanied by a headache.

What to do? To avoid all these unpleasant consequences, it is necessary at least every two hours, warm up a little, walk, ideally perform a few light exercises. It's best to do something like a short exercise: stretch your joints, walk up to a wall and straighten your back to maintain your posture. Doctors say that dancing is very suitable as a warm-up, but there are suspicions that if you suddenly turn on the music in the middle of the working day and arrange for yourself an impromptu dance floor in the middle of the office, your colleagues will have certain questions. It is also recommended to go outside periodically, at least for ten minutes. But smokers may not be happy, their respite is not only not beneficial, but rather, on the contrary, adversely affect the body.

I walk little, sleep little, smoke and have a glass of wine on weekends. What to do?


Anamnesis: that smoking is unhealthy, can lead to serious illnesses, it also harms others, they have spoken, are talking, and will be talking many more times. There are those who believe that smoking light cigarettes has less impact on health, but this is a misconception, the same can be said about electronic cigarettes (the effect of reducing the craving for smoking has not been proven).

What to do? For those who plan to get rid of addiction, doctors advise to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, as well as use nicotine substitutes. Today it is considered the most deffective method to quit smoking. Well, those who do not plan to get rid of the bad habit should stop convincing themselves that they reduce health risks in one way or another.

I walk little, sleep little, smoke and have a glass of wine on weekends. What to do?

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