I invite everyone to get off the couch: Tina Kandelaki launched a quarantine challenge

The star of Russian television Tina Kandelaki in her busy schedule always finds time to do sports, this allows her to look her best. She does not complain of fatigue and, moreover, regrets that there is no extra hour in the day to complete a few more tasks. Even the self-isolation regime, which has been operating in Russia for two months now, did not interfere with the training of the TV presenter. The other day, she launched an interesting challenge, inviting subscribers to surpass her in a basic exercise.

I invite everyone to get off the couch: Tina Kandelaki launched a quarantine challenge

Hot challenge. How to quickly lose weight with the bar

After a month of training, the waist will become noticeably smaller.

Well, keep the bar ?!

So Kandelaki called this one challenge. Its essence is to perform a dynamic side bar. At this moment, one hand performs the function of support, and the other needs to be lifted up or touched the floor. Legs should be straight and folded together. The TV presenter creatively described the process and challenged the readers.

I have always had a strong spirit of competition. Whoever says anything about me, this is just an excuse to do even more and raise the very bar to the maximum height. So let the words spoken to you turn into the wind blowing your sails! I invite everyone to get off the couch, lie on the floor and try to bypass me in the bar.

Tina managed to make 30 movements in 40 seconds. The subscribers liked the exercise, but it even made some people give up bad and at the same time pleasant habits. I sit drinking coffee and candy. I removed the candy, - writes one of the readers of Kandelaki's blog.

I invite everyone to get off the couch: Tina Kandelaki launched a quarantine challenge

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Abdominal vacuum - what is it?

Tina constantly shares photos and training videos, motivating people to eat and exercise. The presenter pays special attention to the cubes of the press and talks about the vacuum of the abdomen. What is it? Kandelaki explains it herself.

The exercise aimed at working these muscles is as follows. Feet should be shoulder-width apart and slightly bent, hands on hips, and body tilted forward. It is necessary to make a slow, full exhalation and then draw in the stomach as much as possible. After 20 seconds, you can relax him, take a short pause and start a new approach. Ideally, the exercise should be performed twice a day, but all contraindications should also be taken into account. Pleasant changes will appear in a month.

I invite everyone to get off the couch: Tina Kandelaki launched a quarantine challenge

What will happen to your body if you do a vacuum every day?

Five minutes a day for a flat stomach and a thin waist.

I want to fall in love with a fitness trainer at 90

Kandelaki is sure that if you follow the basic rules of nutrition and daily routine, you can keep youthful for a very long time. Quitting smoking, regular consumption of alcohol and high-calorie foods, healthy sleep, constant exercise - this is the secret of the success of the television star. She is sure that at a more mature age she will be able to be active and even shared an interesting desire in one of her interviews.

Tina also said that she really likes what she does. And this is definitely the best motivation there can be.

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