Bear Grylls Stunts That Were Totally Fake

I Have A Pizza-sized Scar: The Mad Adventures of Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls can rightfully be considered the most famous extreme traveler in the world. But, as you know, any extreme almost always entails injury. Today we're talking about the battle scars of a British TV presenter and writer.

1. Ice shoulder

It happened in Antarctica in 2008. Bear was on skis, and the kite was pulling him along the ice. Suddenly a strong gust of wind dragged the traveler and threw him up. He rose into the air, and upon landing, he broke his shoulder. Given the conditions in which Bear Grylls was, he had to live for several days, waiting for rescuers in a tent with a decreasing supply of paracetamol. His shoulder reminds him to this day of those Antarctic holidays.

2. Packed back

Few people know, but Bear served in the army in Africa. Once on leave, Grills wanted to do a regular parachute jump. When it was necessary to jump, the plane was at an altitude of 14 thousand feet (about 4300 meters). The canopy of Bear's parachute opened incorrectly, as a result of which he began to fall at a very high speed. The fall was softened only by a backpack with a reserve parachute behind, on which Grylls fell.

The traveler vaguely remembers how he was taken to the hospital. There the doctor stuck a huge needle in his back and it turned out that the boy had three broken vertebrae. At some point, Grylls felt very bad. But he focused his recovery on a specific goal: climbing Mount Everest. 18 months later, he won the top.

3. Breast pizza

Interestingly, there is an unglamorous scar on the extremal's chest. Whoever sees is always interested in where he comes from. Assumptions are different: maybe he tried to hand-to-hand combat a crocodile or something like that. Bear Grylls earned it five years ago, when he was in a hurry to pull a pizza out of the oven and left a kind of stigma.

4. Lungs and Everest

Immediately after Grylls returned from Everest, he and his friends decided to go sailing. They devoted a lot of time to freediving. Naturally, everyone tried to dive as deep as possible. Later, when Bear Grylls returned to Britain, he noticed that he began to cough up blood. Nobody understood why. Later, the doctor explained to the extreme traveler that this is the result of a radical change in heights - from Everest to the depths. Bear spent Christmas in the hospital.

5. Karate nose

And here the traveler distinguished himself. Contrary to stereotypes, he broke his nose only once in his life. It was onkarate classes when he took the black belt exam. Then Bear was about 16 years old. He won the fight, but his nose has since been crooked a little to the left.

6. Camera and leg

Paradoxically, Grills managed to get injured even on the set of the series Survive at any cost. In the Canadian cliffs, the camera and all the metal structure that held it flew down the mountain, right at the head of the actor, who had just stopped at its base. The technique flew a millimeter from Grills' forehead and landed on his left leg. Hematomas the size of two soccer balls appeared on his leg, and our long-suffering hero needed an evacuation by helicopter. But if the camera fell on Bear's head, she would definitely have nailed him. It was the most dangerous and close to death incident in the career of the famous traveler.

7. Scorpion drumstick

Well, according to the classics - all extreme lovers are bitten by scorpions. It happened in the Sahara, along with the French foreign legion in 2004. Since then, this bite has transformed into a terrifying black scar, which looks like someone put coarse beans under the skin, - Bear Grylls shared in one of his interviews. - But children love to touch this scar.

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