"I don't know how to lose weight": the Dukan-Lebedev diet, on which you can eat everything

A well-known businessman, designer Artemy Lebedev recently presented his own diet to subscribers. This is not Lebedev's first attempt to get in shape; he had previously lost weight with the help of the Ducan diet, independently adapted to Russian realities. In our first article from the series “Lose Weight According to Lebedev,” we will tell you how a famous designer modernized the diet of a French nutritionist and lost 20 kg in 5 months without giving up his favorite red wine and steaks.

According to himself Artemia, the key principle that formed the basis of the Dyukan-Lebedev diet, rests on three pillars: “to eat less sugar, eat less buns, not eat everything that is prohibited in all other diets.”

The first stage - “Attack.”

Goal : to lose a couple of kilograms, to explain to the body that we are dieting.

You can : only proteins (omelet, low fat kefir, low fat yogurt, low fat milk, chicken, fish, meat and seafood).

Not allowed at this stage : vegetables, oil.

Important : Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

The second stage is to introduce vegetables and consume them every other day.

Artemy Lebedev : Accordingly, in a couple of months our body gets used to the fact that a green salad is a celebration of the soul, a feast and a gift. Now days, consisting only of proteins, will seem a little dull, but since we are losing weight, we are ready for this terrible sacrifice.

You can : alcohol. A glass of red at dinner is a feature of Lebedev's diet.

Not allowed : potatoes, beans, pasta, rice.

Lebedev's diet turned out to be so popular on the Internet that Pierre Ducan (the creator of the Ducan diet) commented on it in his video message: “First, I want to say that you are very accurate in describing the essence of my method. Losing weight is not easy, it requires willpower and strict adherence to the system. As for a glass of wine, it's great that you managed to lose weight without excluding it from your diet. So much the better for you! But here it is important to note that men lose weight more easily than women. It is not worth taking risks, so I still advise you to wait for the third phase of the diet in order to introduce it into the diet. Two months of the diet will fly by. ”

Tip # 1. You should supplement your diet with physical activity. In this case, the taboo on alcohol is softened (for example, you can afford a glass of red wine for dinner).

The main advantage of the diet is that the fact that you can eat everything, you can eat at least the whole day without stopping. Hungry? Eat the chicken. Hungry again? Eat another chicken.

The third phase of the diet - “Fixing”

We add pasta once a week. Once a week we arrange a “feast” for ourselves - this means that on that day we can eat anything at all.

Tip #2. Eat as much as you like. But only those products that are allowed to you. Artemy Lebedev claims that with the help of this diet you will never torture yourself with hunger. If you can eat meat, eggs or any other product, you can eat it as much as you want, if you get hungry.

Fourth stage - “Lifetime”

We eat only proteins once a week. This reminds ourselves that a similar diet has existed in our lives.

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