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I am losing weight. I am 24 and my lungs are 100 years old. Self-rescue operation

Today we are opening our editorial special project. My name is Maya, and I will tell about myself a little further. Together with my colleague Dmitry, we arranged a challenge for ourselves and our body. Its essence is to finally say goodbye to kilograms, which interfere with life and feel fully healthy, until summer. But even if summer comes, and there will be a little panting until the long-awaited result, we promise not to stop and continue to pedal, monitor the diet and share our honest insights. You can follow my story using the #Yahudey tag, and Dima's stories can be read using the #Fat Man's Diary tag.

What is really important to us?

Initially, when we were just starting this story, everything sounded pretty funny: Let's lose weight by summer and tell everyone about it. We gave ourselves a head start of 1.5 weeks before the first texts in order to understand whether this is a true desire and whether we are ready to fight extra pounds and tell the readers of the section about it. Then the deadline came out, and it was time to write. Probably, this is the moment I can call a real starting point, because we finally understood the thought that we want to broadcast with this experiment.

The point is not to fit into jeans from the past in record time, but is to show how you can come to a result that will become irrevocable, cultivate new, useful habits and qualitatively change your life. You can always just lose weight, or you can not just lose weight, but for life, this is how we plan.

Andrey Semeshov, wellness coach, columnist of the Championship : Remember that weight loss is it is a longed-for goal for you. And for the body it is stress. We are physiologically arranged in such a way that we are able to accumulate fat reserves remarkably and practically without limit, but our body does not like to part with them. For the brain, fat is a guarantee of survival. Therefore, do not aggravate the situation, try to lose weight, without particularly disturbing your nervous system. It is generally accepted to consider more or less adequate a rate of weight loss of no more than 1 kg per week. However, you need to understand that if you already weigh 55 kg, but certainly want to become even lighter, then for you this bar should be adjusted downward.

I am losing weight. I am 24 and my lungs are 100 years old. Self-rescue operation

Photo Now - When will I be great

Why am I doing this?

I do not weigh too much, my weight at the beginning of the experiment is 69 kilogram (before him I already managed to throw off 2-3 kilograms after the shock winter jams), height - 165 cm.I DO NOT look fat if I dress in a figure and not in a sweatshirt with a bun in a trendy oversized style, at no meeting of graduates with classmates I have not heard a phrase in the style of Oh, woman, here you are. But since my move to Moscow, for a dashing student with a bunch of travels, KVN until blue in the face, a disturbed lifestyle and stress, I ate 15 extra pounds for myself.

And here the failure begins. I'm preparing for a triathlon or going for a run, before the banIt’s simple - I put on heels, and at these moments I feel every extra kilogram that prevents me from doing it faster, easier and easier.

My attempt # 5. How did I lose weight and why didn't I lose weight?

An important aspect for all girls who are going to lose weight by the summer is to understand the reason for their fatness. The problem is very acute and global, because no healthy person in a state of complete harmony and balance in his life needs so much food, intuitive snacks and sweets at night to provoke a set of extra pounds. The first question that three doctors asked me at the same time (during the course of the study, which I will dwell on in more detail a little further): What are you eating? The doctors did not agree, but this made me sickly sausage and tore apart, because it was necessary to dig deep into myself and find the very reason that constantly brings me out of a state of stability.

After all, I tried to lose weight and, like many, responsibly bought carrots, celery, chicken breasts and sugar substitutes in stores. As a result, my 21-day sugar-free challenge failed a week later at one of the Shokoladnits. Laying out this path in stages, I would trace the following relationship: problems arise around us (stressful situations at home, at work, self-dislike) - these problems knock us out of the rut and destabilize the hormonal background (maybe, by the way, there may be a reverse situation in these two points) - we (girls) begin to throw from one extreme to another (losing weight - eating cake - sitting on a three-day detox). As a result, kilograms come and go, and this unscrews the unstable hormonal background even more - a vicious circle.

Where to start?

You don't need to run anywhere, you need to go to a good result with calm head and confidence that your motivation is enough to master all stages of weight loss. I honestly admit that this is the first time I enter this process with a clear understanding that I need it. Not to the public or to someone in particular who doesn't like you in such weight, but to myself, my health, my future. It's stupid to look like a woman at 24 who gave birth to triplets and can't get in shape if you haven't even given birth.

I am losing weight. I am 24 and my lungs are 100 years old. Self-rescue operation

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Consultation with an endocrinologist

The first item on my checklist of preparation for the experiment was a Visit to an endocrinologist. I myself set a goal of minus 10 kg, and it was important to get a specialist's advice on this issue, to understand whether it is real and how my body will react to it.

I am sure that visiting an endocrinologist is an important stage at first for all girls, girls, women. Hormones rule our life, and it is from there that all unexpected mood swings, problems with sleep, skin, appetite and further down the list dance. What can we say about the fact that a systematic deficiency of the same hormone melatonin can provokebreast cancer.

I am losing weight. I am 24 and my lungs are 100 years old. Self-rescue operation

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Here are some tips that the endocrinologist-nutritionist of the Osteo Poly Clinic Ekaterina Ivannikova after a consultation gave me the advice.

  • Get tested for trace elements.
  • Equalize sleep patterns: fall asleep before 12 o'clock, in complete darkness.
  • Don't use gadgets or watch TV an hour before bed.
  • Drink chromium picolinate (as recommended by your doctor) to calm your sweet tooth.
  • Disable all push notifications on your phone.
  • Drink plenty of clean water throughout the day.
  • Avoid fruit after 4:00 pm
  • Exclude milk after 18:00.
  • Come for a second examination within a month.

In addition, it was the endocrinologist-nutritionist who helped me rebuild my nutrition, analyze WHAT I eat and in what quantities.

Andrey Semeshov, wellness coach, columnist of the Championship: The female body is able to store fat faster than the male. And he does not part with him so willingly. This is due to the physiology and function of procreation. If you see fitness divas in magazines, in whom all the abs cubes are clearly visible, and veins are clearly visible in the body, in no case take this as a guideline. Believe me, you are simply not ready to pay such a price, sacrificing health.

Self-tracking: how I photographed all the food that I ate for a week

As an experiment, I photographed all the techniques for a week food, including little things. Do you want a cookie? Take a picture of it and only then eat it. How is it convenient? The doctor immediately understood not only what I was eating, but also in what quantities and at what time of day - because the exact time could also be tracked from the photo.

  • It turned out that there are a lot of snacks and carbohydrates in my diet, and they all happen for several reasons: first, I do not have time to eat well at lunch and instead replace one normal lunch with five natural carbohydrate bombs.
  • I drank a lot of NOT water: fruit drinks with a claim to naturalness, juices with the fashionable Eco prefix and a huge amount of sugar. I had to teach myself to drink water and remember the main rule: do you want a natural fruit drink? Make it yourself.
  • I more or less kept myself within the limits if I had to eat at home, but I had no time to cook with me, so on the way to work I had a natural croissant with coffee, well, further down the list ..
Tip: If you are unable to photograph food, use the FatSecret app or write down all your meals in notes on your phone. I'm sure you will be surprised how much you actually eat in a day!

Bioempidance: 5 interesting insights

The second step was to attend an advanced professional fitness test at Crocus Fitness Kuntsevo , as a result of which Dima and I were told about the possibilitiesour body and body composition. To be honest, the result upset me a lot, but the research was worth it. In total, for an hour, without leaving the fitness room, you can learn a lot of insights about yourself and your body, get recommendations and see growth points that you can pump. Below you can see the results of my personal body analysis, at the end of the experiment we will conduct similar testing to see the progress.

I am losing weight. I am 24 and my lungs are 100 years old. Self-rescue operation

Photo: Valeria Barinov, Championship

  • Body analysis helped to disassemble oneself to the smallest detail and understand that this is not a wide bone, but the body fat content - 26.1 kg, with a norm of 11.3 to 18.1. The rest of the parameters (amount of water, trace elements, etc.) turned out to be relatively normal.
  • Further, a deep analysis helped to determine the very zones, the number of fat cells in which significantly exceeds the norm, and also to understand where and by how much.
  • A separate parameter that I would like to pay attention to is the level of visceral fat. Here, not only fat people are at risk, you can be thin with obesity of internal organs. At a rate of 1 to 9, my score is 12.
The most dangerous type of fat for health. Visceral fat is white fat that is found in the abdominal cavity around the organs, liver, pancreas, heart, and intestines. Researchers found that visceral fat secretes retinol-binding protein 4, which increases insulin resistance. This, in turn, leads to glucose intolerance and type 2 diabetes.
  • In addition to examining the body, we also went through an endurance study of the whole body, determined the peak heart rate and tracked the time it takes for it to return to normal. This was important in order to determine the training format that would help to achieve results as quickly as possible without compromising health. My recommendations: long-term free-paced cardio - more even walking than walking, pilates, yoga and swimming.
  • My lungs are 100 years old. And this is perhaps one of the most shocking results of the study for me. Now I finally understand why the breath sometimes fails, and the crawl is difficult.
I am losing weight. I am 24 and my lungs are 100 years old. Self-rescue operation

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Result of body analysis and recommendations - here .

In general, now all that remains is to outline a plan and follow it. The most difficult thing for me is to rebuild my nutrition. But I will tell you about this and my new love - Pilates - at the end of the first official week of our experiment, along the way of which our columnist, wellness coach Andrey Semeshov and my trainer on Pilates in the fitness boutique Crocus Fitness Zemlyanoy Val Ravil Chubarkaev.

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