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I am losing weight. How I trained in a skirt, breathed hydrogen and ran in a spaceship

Lose weight by summer or not by summer, in a short time or so that forever - the Internet is replete with requests from people of all ages. In the battle against extra pounds, radical diets, intermittent fasting, crossfit marathons and magic pills from ads are used. However, it is worth understanding the main thing: it is not so important how quickly you can lose weight, but whether you can keep it. After all, hardly anyone wants the rest of their life to resemble a swing that carries you from a dream figure to a total jam and back.

Continuing experiments with my figure, I turned to the doctor of innovative Enhel Wellness Spa Dome . In choosing a site for consultation, Enhel Dome bribed me with its concept: the technologies used by the center's specialists were brought from Japan and have a serious scientific foundation. The company cooperates with the best clinics and institutes in Tokyo and not only supplies unique equipment and simulators to Russia, but also actively promotes its own developments in the therapeutic and cosmetic market.

I am losing weight. How I trained in a skirt, breathed hydrogen and ran in a spaceship

Julia Angel: the girl who brought the Japanese miracle to Russia

How to live more, feel better and what does the Japanese have to do with it. The answers are already inside.

I am losing weight. How I trained in a skirt, breathed hydrogen and ran in a spaceship

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Body study: to drive off fat or drive out excess water?

Before contacting a specialist, I practiced lymphatic drainage massages, drank at least 2.5 liters of water a day, as instructed by the trainer, I tried to drive out excess water and start lymph flow. I cannot say that this did not bring the expected results. Visually, the figure really deflated a little, I felt pretty good, although those same 2.5 liters of water a day stubbornly could not get into the habit. The volumes went away, but the readings on the scales did not cause delight.

In order to resolve the issue once and for all, I decided to undergo a body examination on a specialized apparatus and get a consultation from the Enhel Wellness Spa Dome doctor. The root of the problem was immediately apparent. I learned that excess weight in my case is not at all the liquid that I was trying to get rid of, but the fat that was deposited in certain areas. The diagnosis itself on the device took about five minutes.

In general, wanting to lose weight, few people think about the need to collect a full anamnesis. Understanding the reason why you gained extra pounds is actually equal to solving it.

The cost of consulting a doctor: 2 thousand rubles., The cost of diagnostics on the device: 5 thousand. rub. Learn more.
I am losing weight. How I trained in a skirt, breathed hydrogen and ran in a spaceship

Solution to the problem. What to do if excess weight is just a fat layer?

It is better to work on problem areas in combination: from the inside and outside. Internal reorganization of the body will be associated with nutritional adjustment, external - with an active complex of fat burning exercises, intense cardio and quality recovery (hamam, sauna, spa). But let's take a closer look at how all of the above affects the result:

  • Step 1. Adjusting nutrition.

Diets from the Internet do not work , and even if they work, they bring only a short-term effect. A truly effective program for losing weight, maintaining and stabilizing weight cannot be drawn up based on an average understanding of a losing weight person. Your individual nutritional program should be based on exactly those foods that you are used to. Therefore, in the event that you are serious, it does not hurt to consult a nutritionist or nutritionist-endocrinologist, who will analyze your daily rations and will be able to correctly and accurately switch the body to proper nutrition.

Interesting fact: A rare and abundant meal (1-2 times a day) contributes to the deposition of fat in the body. Experts from the Prague Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine found that among people who eat 3 times a day, overweight was observed in 50% of cases, and among those who eat 5 times a day - in 28.9% of cases.
  • Step 2. What kind of workouts will help?

If you decide to melt subcutaneous fat, then feel free to give preference to prolonged cardio and strength training in the gym. The only important tracker is the duration of the workout, alas, but even the most intense run for 10 minutes loses to a long hour of walking at an average pace. Long-term cardio is good for blood circulation and metabolism.

Cardio training - exercises aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. These include loads without additional weights, such as aerobics, cycling, running, walking, and others.
  • Step 3. Recovery complex.

So often stress is the cause of excess weight. Being in a state of constant stress, the body begins to accumulate and store. Even the most temporary uncontrolled hunger strike will undoubtedly lead to the fact that the next meal a person will eat twice as much. But this is just one example, lack of sleep, negative emotions and experiences will somehow be reflected in your body, and excess weight is just the simplest and most visually noticeable change to the eye.

That is why it is so important to take time proper recovery, do not forget to cool down after workouts or jogging, attend massages and SPA rituals. And maybe that's when the body will stop getting too much and find the necessary balance.

Most popular recovery treatments: spa, hammam, sauna, hot tub, low-intensity workouts - yoga, stretching, pilates.
I am losing weight. How I trained in a skirt, breathed hydrogen and ran in a spaceship

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Focus on cardio. Is it possible to burn 1000 kcal in 30 minutes?

Innovative technologiesand rush to the aid of all lovers of sweets, rolls and a glass of red at dinner. Now, when you open a box of chocolates, you should not immediately imagine your suffering in the cross-fit room. The training of the future is a format that you are ready to organically fit into your life and do it every day with pleasure, without pain and suffering. In addition, the clearer and clearer your goal, the more chances you have to choose the most effective program for this request, which means that you will see the result sooner.

At the Enhel Wellness Spa Dome, I was lucky to try on myself a line of new ultra-modern and technological simulators. In one 30-minute workout on a bike or treadmill alone, you can burn 1000 kcal and even more. It's all about the principle on the basis of which the simulators work. Before your workout, you wear a special neoprene skirt that fits snugly around your body and secures you to your sports equipment. Then the vacuum mode is turned on inside the simulator. It adds complexity to every pedal rotation, pulling you inward. Among other things, all this happens in a special temperature mode (infrared sauna), which speeds up the metabolism in the body as a whole, and also allows you to work more precisely on problem areas.

After two weeks of training (two sessions per week), I lost 2.5 kg in weight and 4 cm in volume (waist).

For comparison:

Running up the stairs 1029
Running (8 km / h) 485
Football 450
Water aerobics 530
I am losing weight. How I trained in a skirt, breathed hydrogen and ran in a spaceship

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Instead of a conclusion: if you have set yourself a big goal, break it down into several daily and small ones. Losing weight and transformation are areas where you can endlessly improve. But in order to achieve a long-term result, you have to work hard on yourself and your motivation.

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