The Real Reason It's So Hard to Lose Weight

I am losing weight. Do everything to lose weight and not gain weight back. It's real?

The May holidays spun me, like everyone else, with a series of pleasant weekends in nature, walks and relaxation with friends. With one caveat that alcohol was erased from my life back in February, and before trying the shish kebab, I asked for a long time and carefully about what kind of meat it was and in what way you marinated it. These two simple and very vital questions helped me gain about 500 grams in total in May and continue experimenting with different methods and techniques that promised me to lose weight by the summer.

I am losing weight. Do everything to lose weight and not gain weight back. It's real?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

I repeat right away that I really like the message with which my colleague and I came to this experiment. Its essence for me is not to lose 15 kg and gain them again by the fall, but in addition to weight loss, to calculate for myself a cherished chain of actions that I am ready to perform regularly and all my life. Find the right diet, understand what kind of water and how much I am ready to drink during the day, not replace sugar with no less high-calorie desserts without sugar, but learn to control my craving for it, and so on ..

In this article I I would like to dwell in more detail on 5 thoughts-discoveries that came to me during several weeks of the experiment. It is somehow not customary for us to talk about them a lot and in detail, because all the most popular articles boil down to one banal and loud topic: How to lose weight FAST. That is, yesterday, in a dream, under hypnosis, or from magic pills.

Weight loss triggers: what is the real result for you?

A thought-trap somehow crept into my head in the evening, when the clock was already about 10 pm, the scales were about minus 3.5 kg, but my body did not inspire me to take a few selfies and even, what’s already there, write an article and share with you. The weight was leaving, but it seemed to me that it did not change me outwardly at all.

And then I thought about one interesting thing: what does an ideal body mean to me? If we abstract from the numbers on the scales and just talk about the dream figure. For myself, I have outlined three main points:

  • beautiful waist,
  • clean and healthy skin
  • lack of a double chin (haha, but I think girls will understand that this is very pissed off).

And then I just realized that none of the actions I am doing now will not lead me to the desired result. Because intense cardio and gym is great, but you won't get your waist up while running or squatting with pancakes. My low carbohydrate diet does not help me to make my skin clear and healthy, because due to the mass of restrictions I am pretty nervous, and all my nervous dilemmas first of all come out on my face. Plus, it turned out that a fair amount of protein presses on my kidneys, which is why a few, but unpleasant rashes appeared on my back.

Oh yes, well, and my chin. Well, in short, eat-don't eat, drink-don't drink, sweat-don't sweat in the hall - this is a problem of a different plan, let's say, more cosmetological. And with a weight of 65, and a weight of 49 kilograms, I had it. And it's not about genetics or heredity, but about the fact that the skin of the face needs the same training as the press, butt, and further down the list. In general, I had to study the direction of face fitness at my leisure, a very interesting topic. Feel free to recommend.

I am losing weight. Do everything to lose weight and not gain weight back. It's real?

Photo: Valeria Barinov, Championship

Cardio. I tried to run away from him, and then I started running

After fitness testing, which we passed in the Crocus Fitness laboratory, I was prescribed cardio. Lots of cardio. Run, jump rope, or walk. But from 50 minutes a day. More - please, less - consider that in principle there was no training. The weather at the end of April was unstable, so all my eyes were directed towards the gym.

Well, now imagine: walking, at a slow pace, on the path, staring at the street ... 70 minutes. Hell. It's just hell for me. But you know, calories will not burn themselves, therefore, clenching my will into a fist, I continued to run in the stadium and on the track and look for alternatives that will help burn the optimal amount of calories in the shortest time, without putting the body into stress and without increasing the heart rate to peak values. There are two insights. First: Such training exists. Second: they are really effective.

In search of something truly innovative, I went to Enhel Dome - the first wellness space in Moscow. The Enhel Dome approach to wellness is based on years of comprehensive research by Japanese scientists and the traditions of the land of the rising sun. In general, it feels like you are right from the doorway into the year 3019, where they tell you about the benefits of hydrogen inhalation, cryosauna and super-simulators, during training on which you can burn up to 1000 kcal in 45 minutes. Just think about this figure, after a standard workout on a treadmill at an average pace, I burn 400 to 500 kcal. And, to be completely honest, after that I sometimes want to lie down next to the simulator and not go anywhere.

I am losing weight. Do everything to lose weight and not gain weight back. It's real?

That is why I was interested in the proposal to burn more and feel better. I'll tell you in a nutshell about the simulators themselves: during the first workout, I was able to test the bike and the treadmill. You are wearing an elastic skirt that attaches to the top of the simulator, closing it tightly. The part of the body that is under the skirt is tightly and hermetically closed. And then the magic happens: imagine that you are spinning a bicycle or walking along a path ... in a vacuum that creates the necessary resistance and practically sucks you into the simulator. But besides this, the effect of active fat burning is enhanced by heating and the effect of an infrared sauna. Spoiler for everyone who dares to try the procedure on themselves: it really works.

I am losing weight. Do everything to lose weight and not gain weight back. It's real?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Of course, nothing can replace a morning run through a picturesque forest or through a deserted city that will not wake up in any way, but due to the limited time of the inhabitants of the metropolis and the desire to see the result here and now, I am sure that such space training will find its audience. I promise to go to a few more classes and take measurements before and after.

Food. Everything is awesome only if you are ready to eat like this all your life

In general, according to the Internet, the camp of losing weight has split into two clans: some believe that in order to lose weight you need to eat chicken breasts, vegetables, cottage cheese, eggs and a little protein after workouts it will not hurt, others bake skillful PP-charlottes, add fructose and stevia everywhere instead of sugar and juggle recipes left and right. I was not destined to get into the team of chicken breasts and not figs, because, having tried such a menu on myself in the first week of the experiment, I honestly waited for Saturday and went to eat a cake, washed down with a large cappuccino. PePeshikov-experimenters also could not accept me into their ranks, due to the fact that I was sorely lacking time to cook at home.

Well, let me remind you about the goal : to build food in such a way that it was in moderation and enough. Choose a menu that I can stick to all my life, and not 3.5 days for the sake of 2 extra pounds.

I decided to try food delivery, let's see if it works. I will keep you posted. By the way, if you've tried food delivery, please vote in the poll below.

Drink plenty of water. And three questions: How much? Which one? And how do you know when to stop?

In all fashionable weight loss recommendations, the first thing you will be told is to create a calorie deficit, and the second point is to drink plenty of water. And, which is important, not soda, juice or tea, but pure water. Because the doctor correctly noted during the examination: Everything that is not water is food. Indeed, the liquid calories found in any drink - from a latte to a non-alcoholic mojito - are the most insidious. With the help of them, we do not gorge ourselves, but only load the body with a portion of sugar and fast carbohydrates.

I am losing weight. Do everything to lose weight and not gain weight back. It's real?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

In general, write down the recipe:

  • you need to drink as much water as you want, and when you want;
  • it is really the most effective to drink water and not waste your time on juices, lattes and even tea. This will help speed up the metabolism and maintain the natural water-salt balance in the body;
  • don't listen to all these stories about drinking 2 to 2.5 liters of water a day. This parameter is individual and depends on your height, weight and body type;
  • keep a water bottle with you, so it will changeBefore the temptation to break into something harmful. After all, if water is at hand, why waste time looking for an alternative;
  • if you can't drink clean water at all, try adding lemon, leaves or strawberries to the bottle. It will make a great detox drink with a distinct taste;
  • try to give up fluids that retain water in our body. This can cause swelling in the morning and throughout the day. In this regard, my enemy number 1 was coffee.
I am losing weight. Do everything to lose weight and not gain weight back. It's real?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

I promise to keep a diary from the weight loss fields , share insights and try the most fashionable procedures on yourself, confirming or refuting their effectiveness. In general, as they say, summer is close. Do not relax! And for those who have read to the end, I will tell you that the results on the scales are already about 4.5 kg in minus, but the volumes are most pleasing, because they leave much faster.

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