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Hugh Jackman became Wolverine 20 years ago, but still boasts massive muscles

Now Hugh Jackman is 51 years old, although you can't tell from him. Over the years of his creative career, the Australian actor managed to try on different roles, but most of all he was remembered by the world as the indestructible Wolverine. His masculinity was added not so much by the deadly claws of adamantium as by the real physical strength and athletic form. And over the years, the man did not lose them. More to the point, he is still able to rock dance classes.

He became Wolverine 20 years ago but hasn't changed much since then

Hugh became widely known in 2000 when the first X-Men movie was released. The man got one of the main roles, he played James Logan, better known as the mutant Wolverine. Initially, another actor was approved for this role - Russell Crowe. However, the Australian refused the film and offered his compatriot Jackman instead. Crowe told about this radio Triple M.

There was no problem that Hugh began acting in films only at the age of 30. Still, he had a lot of experience in theater performances. The difficulty lay elsewhere: Jackman is too big. According to the comic, Wolverine's height is 160 centimeters, and the actor's is 189! As a result, he was removed from the waist and only at a certain angle, and his co-stars wore high platform shoes.

If in 2000 problems arose due to the fact that a man was so tall, then later in his career his image of a big guy, on the contrary, was actively used. Whether it's Van Helsing, Les Miserables or Real Steel. And the actor still looks great. Of course, the face has aged a little, but the body remains the same relief.

Until the age of 21, Jackman was thin and he was called chicken legs

Jackman would not have achieved spectacular form without training. Just look at his posts on Instagram, and it becomes clear that he regularly goes to the gym. There Hugh also works with a professional trainer.

Key role in Hugh's training Jackman was played by coach Mike Ryan. For over 20 years he helped the actor work on the body and told in an interview with Coach:

I was working in the Australian gym in 1989, when a young guy joined us. He was in charge of towels and locker keys, but got a hell of a lot of attention from girls. I then thought: What does he think of himself ?. It was Hugh, and we soon became friends. He asked me to teach him how to train properly because he was too thin. We called him chicken legs. [...] When we were preparing Hugh for Wolverine, the director of Australia called us and told us to stop making Jackman so powerful.

Jackman says that proper nutrition is important for him, but classes in the gym helped him to achieve such a physique. does not work more than an hour a day, but as intensely as possible. And the key exercise, which turned out to be the most effective, the man calls deadlift.

In this video Hugh becomes a member of the 1000 pounds club. To do this, you need to lift about 453 kilograms in three exercises. So, the barbell weighs at least 150. This is a very cool level! And you can hardly name another famous an actor who is capable of this. According to Jackman, it is quite difficult for him to work with deadlifts (such exercises are fraught with accumulated injuries and ultimately hernia), but he is strong in spirit and does not suffer defeat.

Jackman was recognized as the most a sexy man

Hugh Jackman loves sports. one hundred can be seen in the stadium or tennis court. He watches matches and loves to play himself: squash, golf, rugby, cricket ... Considering that the man still sings, dances and acts in films and on television, it is understandable why he became the sexiest person according to People magazine.

Obviously, the main role in Hugh Jackman's career is Wolverine, whom he appeared in 10 films, at least somewhere only sporadically. It is very symbolic that this particular character has the superpower to slow down the aging of his body. It seems that the actor took it from the comic book hero.

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