How to train properly in the fitness room. Instructions for beginners

For many beginners, the first trip to the gym is a real stress. There are a lot of incomprehensible simulators that do not know what they are pumping and it is not clear how to use them. What to do? You can ask a trainer or ask more experienced visitors. But if you are afraid, then we asked the coach of the premium club World Class Red Side Alexey Zakharov for you.

The fitness trainer told how to use the most important simulators for a beginner and collected from them an effective training program for your first trip to the gym.

How to train properly in the fitness room. Instructions for beginners

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Equipment and exercises

Seated horizontal press

Exercise to develop the muscles of the chest.
Which muscle groups work : primarily the pectoralis major muscle, as well as the triceps and anterior deltoid.
Technique: On any pressing exercise, the shoulder blades should be permanently converged at any point of movement. It is important to control the load on the pectoralis muscle, and not to press with your shoulders or triceps. Make sure that the angle between the shoulder and the body is 80 degrees, that is, slightly less than a right angle.

Vertical Row Overhead (imitation of pull-ups)

Exercise for back muscles.
What muscle groups work : latissimus dorsi, helps biceps
Technique: Bring the shoulder blades together so that the load is on the back. Breathe correctly: exhale with effort, that is, when you pull on yourself, with the opposite movement - inhale.

Overhead Press

Exercises for shoulder development muscles.
What muscle groups work: deltoid: front side and back, triceps and upper chest help
Technique: bring the shoulder blades together and breathe correctly. Due to the fixed trajectory of movement in the simulators, other errors are unlikely.

Frontal pull

Exercises to develop back muscles.
Which groups muscles work: upper back muscles, rhomboid, back deltoid, biceps helps.
Technique: it is important to keep the shoulder blades drawn and breathe correctly.

Triceps trainer

An isolated exercise for triceps.
Which muscle groups work: triceps
Technique: you need to fix the arm in shoulder and extend at the elbow, excluding the back.

Biceps Trainer

Isolating biceps exercises.
Which muscle groups work: biceps
Technique: you need to fix the arm in the shoulder and bend at the elbow, not including the back.

Leg Press

Exercise for the legs.
Which muscle groups work: the front and back of the thigh and gluteal muscles.
Technique: The lower back is pressed , the main weight falls on the heels, try to activate the gluteal muscles. It is important not to extend the knees to the end, so as not to block the knee joint.

How to train

For a beginner, it is ideal to do all these exercises in a workout, that is, train the whole body at once. It is better to build the order so as to train antagonist muscles in turn, that is, alternate chest-back, flexors-extensors. At the end of the workout, you can add abdominal exercises: 3-6 sets of 15-20 reps. For the development of the cardiovascular system, you can add cardio 1-2 times a week, but if the goal is to gain muscle mass, you should not do a lot of cardio.

This program can be performed for 6-8 months, gradually increasing weight. After 6 months of doing this program, you can start working with free weights, include squats and deadlifts in the program. At the same time, it is important to eat right and have time to recover, as well as get enough sleep.

How many reps to do: focus on 12-15 reps in the approach. Perform each exercise for 3 sets. Pick a weight that is heavy, but you can do all the reps and with the correct technique.

How much to train: For a beginner, it is better to do exercises for all muscle groups. Train 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes, so your body will have time to recover, but not lose tone and is constantly in the process of building muscle mass.

How to train properly in the fitness room. Instructions for beginners

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How to train properly in the fitness room. Instructions for beginners

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How to train properly in the fitness room. Instructions for beginners

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