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How to train at home in pairs? Daria Dmitrieva stretches with her lover

At the Championship, voting for the most spectacular stretching from professional gymnasts will soon end. From 10 videos in which girls demonstrate stunning flexibility, you can choose one and determine the owner of the best splits.

How to train at home in pairs? Daria Dmitrieva stretches with her lover

10 spectacular splits from professional gymnasts. Choosing the most impressive stretch

These girls know exactly how to use their flexibility.

And we continue the story about roller skating and the hobbies of beautiful gymnasts. Today in the foreground is the vice-champion of the Olympic Games in London Daria Dmitrieva. She successfully combines acrobatic elements and training with household members.

Splits in quarantine conditions

Daria often shares her gymnastic skills with her followers on Instagram. In one of the videos that participates in our battle, she performs a graceful twine paired with her lover named Igor. To the melodic music, the girl throws one leg up on the wall, next to which the man stands, and makes a graceful arch in her back. At this moment, both heroes are wearing black masks, which adds zest to the topic of the day. At the same time, Dmitrieva believes that love is the best medicine for all diseases.

Subscribers liked such a romantic scene. You are beautiful. I admire you, - admitted a web user with the nickname alena_olshevskaya. And you can't count the number of approving emoticons under the post.

How to train at home in pairs? Daria Dmitrieva stretches with her lover

How can stretching be useful in everyday life? The unusual experience of gymnast Spiridonova

With the help of her flexibility, Daria not only wins the gold in the competition, but also makes everyday life easier.

How to train at home in pairs? Daria Dmitrieva stretches with her lover

Fitness for parents. How to exercise at home with your child

Exercise with an infant, a useful example and other ideas for involving children in sports at home.

How to train in tandem? Daria Dmitrieva's experience

Not only her own incentive, but also her family helps Daria not to lose her shape during the period of self-isolation. Together with her lover, she performs hot dances, participates in challenges and arranges joint training. So, in another video, a gymnast's companion performs exercises with her. Dmitrieva at this moment acts as a living weighting agent and at the same time improves stretching.

The couple also makes the bar together. True, only a man performs it, and Daria, lying on his back, pumps the gluteal muscles with legs swinging to the sides. Kisses brighten up the workout and, apparently, help the lovers to train more effectively.

The athlete proves from personal experience that even without special equipment it is possible to conduct effective training in tandeme with your family.

At the beginning of the quarantine, the girl set a goal for herself - to pump up the gluteal muscles, so she focuses on them during classes. Even children help Daria to perform some exercises. It is useful for mom and fun for babies.

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