How to spend the last autumn month? Main events of November

In the last autumn month, only the most dedicated fans of outdoor activities go to the races. The rest, in the cool season, prefer to spend their free time less ... cold. Our traditional selection includes activities that will appeal to both lovers of activities and those who want to spend the weekend at a relaxed pace. Trail starts, international championship, lectures and festivals - choose an event to your liking and go for impressions!

Premiere of the Wabi-Sabi snowboard movie

When? 8 November
Where? Leninsky Prospekt, 105, Moscow

Wabi-Sabi is a short action sports film about snowboarding. The work of Evgeny Ivanov reflects his personal creative path, in which off-piste skiing on large mountains plays a huge role. Telling about the endless journey of athletes in search of new routes, Wabi-Sabi fascinates with the nature of the Charyn canyon, Kamchatka, Lake Kaindy, the mountains of the Almaty region, the heart of Siberia and the Austrian Alps.

The film will be interesting not only for representatives of snowboard culture, but and people who enjoy watching extreme sports. Don't miss the premiere!

You must purchase a ticket.


When? November 9
Where? World Class Kashirsky, Moscow

In the upcoming triathlon start, beginners and experienced athletes will compete, who keep fit in the offseason. Indoor triathlon is an indoor competition where participants are not limited by distance, but only by a time limit. Their task is individually or as part of a team to overcome as much distance as possible in the pool, on an exercise bike and on a treadmill.

If you love triathlon and follow the starts in this sport, come to support the athletes! A friendly atmosphere, comfort and vivid emotions are waiting for you.

Free entrance for guests. Don't forget your jersey and changeable shoes for the gym and pool.
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How to spend the last autumn month? Main events of November

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How to spend the last autumn month? Main events of November

IRONSTAR 226 in Sochi. The main thing you need to know about this triathlon start

And yes, 226 kilometers is 3 swims, 180 cycling and the final in the form of a marathon.

Lecture Sugar and the brain. Your sugar independence

When? November 9
Where? Moscow Art Theater. Gorky, Moscow

In the lecture halltheater and film actress Yulia Vysotskaya can listen to experts in completely different professional fields. This weekend the lecture will be given by the brain blogger, detox coach and neuroscientist Natalia Salikhova. She will talk about how sugar affects the brain, why eating sugary foods impairs quality of life, how to combat sugar cravings and maintain health. And in the practical part of the lecture, you will be able to determine your type of sugar addiction.

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Warm Race 2019

When? November 10
Where? Technopark Morion Digital, Perm
Distances: 10 km / 5 km / 2.5 km / 600 m

Despite the cold, residents and guests of Perm for the third time will take part in the November Warm Run in a row. The event is held jointly with the Dedmorozim charitable foundation. Each runner, warmed up at a distance, will be able to give warmth to seriously ill children. All the proceeds will be used to help the wards of the foundation.

In addition to the adult race, the organizers will hold children's starts at 600 m. Regardless of the result, at the finish each participant will receive a commemorative medal and warm mittens or a scarf.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

Grand Prix in figure skating. Rostelecom Cup

When? November 14-17
Where? Megasport Sports Palace, Moscow

The fifth stage of the international Grand Prix series in figure skating Rostelecom Cup 2019 will soon take place in the capital. The best figure skaters of the world, including the prima of Russian skating Evgeny Medvedev and the performer of the triple axel Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. In addition to the women's competition, there will traditionally be competitions among men, sports and dance couples, as well as demonstration performances. Let's support our athletes in a difficult struggle!

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How to spend the last autumn month? Main events of November

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How to spend the last autumn month? Main events of November

A suit that changes color. What do the most beautiful skater outfits look like?

Shiny dresses are worth their weight in gold, memorable images and those who create them.


When? November 16
Where? Small Sports Arena Luzhniki, Moscow

The International Skateboarding Tournament will bring together such foreign riders as American Sebastian Walker, Brazilian Roger Silva, Frantsuz Benjamin Garcia and Adrien Boulard. Russian professionals will compete with them: Yegor Kaldikov, Mikhail Stepanov, Roman Ivanov, David Gaziev and Yakov Kan. Athletes will compete for the title of the best of the best. A distinctive feature of the upcoming tournament will be the theme of cinema. Therefore, by visiting the event with the whole family, you can admire not only the difficult and technical tricks of the participants, but also the mesmerizing video content.

Free admission.

TrailSamara Marathon

When? November 16
Where? Wellness center Cosmos, pos. Pribrezhny, Samara
Distances: 42 km / 21 km / 10 km

How to spend the last autumn month? Main events of November


A real running festival will take place in Samara. Each athlete will be able to choose the usual trail running, canicross (dog race), Nordic walking or rograin (team orienteering) as the format of participation. And yet, each of these starts has one thing in common - a route through a picturesque forest. Therefore, if you are a fan of exciting trails and are ready for a difficult distance, TrailSamara will suit your liking.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

Player 2019

When? November 16-17
Where? Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, Moscow

Gamrocon is the largest Russian festival of tabletop games and home entertainment. It is perfect for those who are tired of outdoor activities, but want to spend time no less interesting. More than a thousand classic, author's, role-playing and complex games, as well as tournaments, master classes and contests are waiting for the visitors of the event. You can safely come to the Igrocon with the whole family, because there is a children's area for toddlers, games for schoolchildren, photo zones with cartoon characters, face painting and creative workshops.

You must purchase a ticket.

Winter Trail Dobrograd 2019

When? November 30
Where? Park-hotel Dobrograd, Dobrograd, Vladimir region
Distances: 30 km / 10 km / 3 km / 600 m

Dobrograd is called a winter trail for a reason, because at the end of November frost and snow are already awaiting us. But the organizers are sure that this is not a reason to put the jogging uniform in the closet and sit around until the warm season. Participants will have personal, corporate and team tests, adult and children's starts, a rich entertainment program, food courts - and all this in an ecologically clean place. The main thing - do not forget to warm up!

To participate, you need a paid registration and a medical certificate.

How to spend the last autumn month? Main events of November

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How to spend the last autumn month? Main events of November

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