A Little Known Anti-Aging Tip To Keep Looking Young

How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

Who has never dreamed of reversing the aging process, preserving youth and beauty at least once? We are sure that almost everyone. The skin is one of the main indicators of aging, therefore, experts strongly recommend paying special attention to its condition. But no matter what we do, it is still impossible to stop the change in cells. But it is quite possible to slow down this process and prolong youth a little.

How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

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What does aging depend on?

Every person has chronological age and biological. They are far from the same thing! While the former reflects the time you actually lived, the latter is an indicator of well-being, a healthy appearance and energy. Nutritionist, nutritionist and clinical psychologist Anna Berseneva believes that it is our biological age that we are able to correct.

Anna: In many ways, of course, the aging process depends from genetics, but even more depends on us. Aging is influenced by factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress, ecology and others. We can change many of them for the better! Chronological age does not take into account all of these external factors. If it reflects the passage of time, then biological age reflects what is happening inside. It is the best indicator of overall health. Biological age is how our tissues, organs and systems age and how much their state corresponds to chronological age. Biological and chronological ages can differ significantly from each other, and these differences can be expressed even in more than one decade, both in the lower and in the greater direction.

How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

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The condition of our skin also depends on our biological age. We will tell you about the rules and habits that will help prolong her youth.

Change the way of life

Smoking, drinking alcohol, disturbed daily routine - all this has a huge impact not only on overall well-being , but also on the condition of the skin. Nicotine dehydrates it, and in a smoker it becomes dry and irritable. The same is done with alcoholic beverages: because of them, the skin loses a large amount of fluid, and constant lack of sleep can affect its tone and pore size. Therefore, the first and most important rule is to radically change the way of life, namely to give up all bad habits. This includes overeating. Also, do not eat right before bed.

If you are not used to exercising daily, then you should start doing it. Sport has a beneficial effect on skin condition. During physical activity, it becomes more elastic, so fine wrinkles are smoothed out. Of course, zealousIt is not worth it, as overload can be stressful.

How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

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Drink more fluids

We often hear the opinion: to lose weight and improve the condition of the body, you need to drink more water. This is certainly true. It is also one of the most effective ways to moisturize your skin. Doctors recommend drinking up to two liters of water a day. If you are not allergic to citrus fruits, you can add a little lemon juice to it.

How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

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And yet the nutritionist warns that you shouldn't overdo it. Each person has an individual drinking regimen. You need to drink as much water as your body requires.

Anna: Drinking too much water also has negative consequences. First of all, a large amount of it puts a lot of stress on the kidneys, leading to the fact that they cannot cope with filtration. This situation often occurs in athletes who drink a lot of water during and after training, which can result in hypotonic overhydration. Consequence - sodium concentration falls, complications arise in the work of the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Thus, you absolutely do not need to pour water into yourself in liters at a time. It is better to drink calmly, gradually. As, in fact, it is.

How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

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We moisturize the skin with a cream every day

About moisturizing the skin from the inside, we talked. Now let's figure out which cosmetic products will help in moisturizing the outside. Of course, creams are in the first place. They are different for each type of skin, so their correct choice should be approached with special attention. If the product is not chosen correctly (for example, if you have dry skin, and you will use the product for combination or oily), then it can do more harm than good. There are also creams with a high content of vitamins and collagens, but all of them, again, are selected individually.

How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

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Experts recommend moisturizing your skin 1-2 times a day, after you have cleansed it of impurities. Very dry skin should be moisturized more often, depending on the needs. Do not forget about sunscreens, which not only help protect yourself from direct sunlight, but also help slow down photoaging with regular use. This was proven by researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia.

How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

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We monitor nutrition

It's no secret that the junk food that we all love so badly affects the condition of the skin. High-calorie meals and fast food provoke itching, irritation and acne, edema and pigmentation. It is advisable to eat less sugar and salt. The latter is capable of retaining water in the body, which also leads to the appearance of edema.

The daily diet should include vegetables, fruits, healthy food additives. It is better to make a balanced diet, which consists of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By the way, it is healthy fats that help to slow down skin aging. Also, do not forget about vitamins A and E. They can be found in products or bought in a pharmacy, before that, be sure to consult a doctor.

How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

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Our expert believes that proper nutrition can actually improve skin condition. Several vitamins and nutrients will help to prolong youth and eliminate imperfections.

  • Chlorophyll. It is found in green vegetables and prevents the formation of acne and the breakdown of collagen, a protein that provides skin strength and elasticity.
  • Vitamin C is a binding component for amino acids, which are needed for the formation of proline, and then collagen. Protects from environmental toxins.
  • Lycopene. Found in tomatoes, this substance protects the skin from sun damage.
  • Ellagic acid. It is required by the body to prevent collagen breakdown from UV rays and to optimize metabolism. It is rich in berries: raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries.
  • Zinc. The products it contains slow down the rate of protein breakdown, helping to speed up the healing process, which is essential for healthy skin.
How to slow down skin aging? Good habits will help you stay young

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Trying to be less nervous

Very the connection between the state of the skin and the nervous system is interesting. Long-term experiences and stress immediately appear on the skin of a person. These can be both dermatological diseases and signs of aging. Stress impairs the skin's ability to repair and affects its elastin and collagen content. Because of this, wrinkles may appear on the face.

It is advisable to develop the habit of spending a few minutes a day for the health of the nervous system. This can be simple breathing exercises, meditation, yoga classes. The nervous system is favorably influenced by rest with family or with friends, doing what you love, walking on St.every air. If you try to maintain peace of mind, you can not only maintain beauty and youth for a long time, but also prevent the development of many diseases.

Do This Every Day, And You'll Look Younger for Much Longer

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