5 Exercise Methods That Burn Belly Fat Faster

How to remove the belly. Do I need to pump the press to lose weight

Many go to the gym for a specific goal: to remove the belly, lose weight in the hips or get rid of annoying folds. In this case, all the energy is directed precisely to training the problem area. And they don't get the result. The question arises, how to lose weight in a specific part of the body and whether there is local fat burning.

How to remove the belly. Do I need to pump the press to lose weight

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The expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov answers how local fat burning works.

How to remove the belly. Do I need to pump the press to lose weight

Wellness coach Andrey Semeshov

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Local fat burning: myth or reality

If it were possible to change only one parameter of human physiology in relation to fitness, I would not hesitate for a second - local fat burning! People who perform more than 100 crunches on the press in each workout, and then another 50 hang raises, from eccentrics, for the most part wasting time, would turn into owners of the coveted cubes. Sales of electrical rectus muscle stimulants would hit the top, and the internet flooded with really effective programs. Pump Your Steel Abs in a Month. But alas!

I would like to remove a little on the stomach, in the hips and here, but in other places it is not necessary - this phrase addressed to the fitness instructor sounds as impracticable as a request to get the moon from sky. A plastic surgeon will listen to it with professional interest and even, probably, will implement it. But that's a completely different story.

Scientists have carried out many experiments. In some of them, it was proposed to perform exactly one isolated movement with a burden (for example, bending the right arm with a dumbbell), after which the researchers performed a comparative measurement of the fat layer of the biceps on both arms. Of course, in the hope that there was less fat on the right arm. It was gone. We also studied tennis players whose workload on the working arm is many times higher. But the level of fat on both arms remained consistently the same.

Scientists continued different tests and achieved their goal! I managed to catch the phenomenon of local fat burning. More precisely, there is a study that recorded a decrease in fat in the control zone, but it turned out to be so small that even the most dedicated fans of this theory were forced to admit that such indicators should not be taken into account. It was about tenths of a gram for 30 minutes of exercise in the target zone. Apparently, the increase in temperature in a particular part of the body affected. It should be understood that these fat droplets are by no means used as energy in a particular muscle group. They first enter the general bloodstream and are further distributed by the body depending on the needs.

How weight loss works

Calorie deficit

For complete clarity, why local fat burning is not an effective strategy, you can consider the general logic of losing weight. Physics and the law of conservation of energy are at the core. into the body, all food is converted into energy (calories). If we get more energy than we spend, then the surplus will be stored in the form of fat reserves. And if one day it occurs to us that it would be nice to get rid of this ballast, then the first and the main task is to create an energy deficit. The total daily calorie intake should be less than the expenditure. And there are no exceptions to this rule. Losing weight is in any case about a little hunger. There are many systems, and for each individual will be the best option to reduce daily ration. For example, a keto diet, or intermittent fasting. Any option is good, provided two conditions are met: you get the necessary minimum of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals and you are relatively comfortable fighting hunger.

For example, I decide to lose weight and understand that at my current level of physical activity, I need to eat 2000-2200 Kcal. And I know that I can easily forget about food until five or six in the evening. But if I go to bed with an empty stomach, then hunger pangs and insomnia are guaranteed to me. Therefore, in the morning I get by with a cup of coffee or add a symbolic snack of 300-400 Kcal, but I eat heavily after training and before going to bed with a clear conscience I will eat up to 1000 Kcal. Someone on the contrary, it is not difficult to go to bed on an empty stomach, but in the morning a hearty breakfast is simply necessary. If you are not yet very familiar with your body, then start by evenly distributing your total daily calorie intake over 3-5 meals.

How to remove the belly. Do I need to pump the press to lose weight

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Burning calories

Moving on to training, or rather, to physical activity and its role in the process of fat burning. The body spends the minimum amount of calories while lying down. As soon as you sit on the bed, energy costs increase. Including due to the fact that it is necessary to force the muscles to contract. We start walking - the energy consumption increases, we accelerate the step - the consumption increases again, we switched to running - the expenses grow again. Like a gas tank in a car - the harder we press the gas pedal, the more fuel is burned. So our fat reserves are the very same gasoline. Don't be fooled by the fact that this fuel is dispersed throughout the body (and also unevenly). The body perceives all adipose tissue, regardless of its location, in fact, as a single gas tank. Not even a gas tank, but a spare canister, which some motorists who have survived the era of fuel shortage still carry with them.

Exercises for muscle groups

In progressany physical work, we practically do not spend the fat that we seek to get rid of. At first, energy reserves are used, which are located directly in the muscle cells, as well as circulating through the bloodstream. But when the load is over, the body will begin to replenish its energy reserves to the previous level. Provided that the body does not receive everything it needs from food, it will take the missing part from its fat reserves. Moreover, this process is rarely uniform. Almost all of them have so-called hard-to-reach places. Everywhere is already beautiful and thin, and at the bottom of the back, or, for example, on the inner thighs, the hated fat fold remains. This is about individual genetic characteristics and about the distribution of receptors. And many more notice that very quickly the efforts of a slimmer appear on the face. There is no mystery - it's just that there is less fat and even a small decrease in it gives a noticeable effect.


In an effort to get rid of belly fat, every do a day until twisting is completely exhausted. An effective strategy should be based on dietary management and adequate levels of exercise. That being said, barbell squats will burn more energy (fat) than crunches. Simply because much more energy is spent on their implementation. Although, of course, it also makes sense to include abdominal exercises in the training program. But not more often than bench press or squats.

How to remove the belly. Do I need to pump the press to lose weight

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How to remove the belly. Do I need to pump the press to lose weight

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How to remove the belly. Do I need to pump the press to lose weight

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