Strengthen Your Core in 5 Minutes

How to remove belly and strengthen muscles in 4 minutes

Those who often do fitness at home are probably familiar with such a training system as tabata. This is a quick and effective program that allows you to keep your body in good shape and not spend hours on it in the gym. Nowadays it is more relevant than ever. Together with blogger Arseny Kim, we share a short but hot program.

What is Tabata?

We have already said that this high-intensity training technique was developed by Professor Izumi Tabata and his team of researchers in 1996 ... Then they conducted an experiment in which two groups of people trained for six weeks using different strategies. The first one worked five days a week for an hour with medium intensity, and the second - four days a week for four minutes with high intensity. As a result, the final indicators of the second group turned out to be better: they showed noticeable progress in both aerobic and anaerobic systems.

How to remove belly and strengthen muscles in 4 minutes

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Now such training has become very popular due to its short duration and effectiveness. One tabata round does not take more than four minutes: it consists of 20 seconds of intense load at the limit of possibilities, 10 seconds of rest and 8 repetitions of this cycle. If one cycle is not enough for you, you can rest, let your body recover and start the next one.

How to remove belly and strengthen muscles in 4 minutes


Workout Plan

You don't need anything at all to get started. Set a timer in front of you and start exercising. The main thing is to perform the exercise with maximum intensity.

One of the options for the complex includes:

  • scooter jacks;
  • spring;
  • running in place;
  • burpee;
  • split;
  • bike;
  • push-ups;
  • jumping out.

The correct scheme of their implementation can be seen in the video.

If you train at the maximum, then 3-4 tabata rounds are usually enough for a full load. In this case, the total duration of the workout will be about 15-20 minutes.

Who is the Tabata workout suitable for?

Such fast and intense loads can appeal to those who want to quickly lose weight, strengthen muscles and yes, get rid of the annoying belly. However, it is important that at the same time you already have experience with endurance training and you know for sure that you can cope with a lesson at this pace.

Such a system will also help to avoid muscle congestion and maintain daily activity, which is so difficult enough in self-isolation.

How to remove belly and strengthen muscles in 4 minutes

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How to remove belly and strengthen muscles in 4 minutes

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