How To Tell If You're Depressed

How to recognize depression and what to do about it?

When we talk about health, it is important to remember that it should be not only physical, but also mental. In winter, it is very easy to feel depressed, to sink into depression and apathy. Perhaps you just do not have enough sun and are bored with the dullness around. But what if the reason is buried deeper? How to recognize depression and what to do if all the symptoms converge, we understand below.

According to the WHO, more than 350 million people in the world suffer from depression. But few people know the real symptoms of this disease, especially since not many can distinguish them. Someone overestimates their condition and calls depression just a bad mood. Others do not pay attention to its serious signs and ignore them.

How to recognize depression and what to do about it?

It so happens that depression comes on gradually, and at some point we get used to to gray colors and begin to believe that it has always been this way, it cannot be otherwise. Someone gets hit hard. The saddest thing that a person can do in this case is to live with this feeling for years and not seek help.

Signs of a depressive state:

* loss of meaning and joy of life;
* lack of mood for a long period of time;
* decreased self-esteem;
* a sense of the hopelessness of the future;
* decreased immunity;
* eating disorders;
* exhaustion;
* apathy;
* sleep disorders;
* unwillingness to communicate with people;
* alcohol or drug addiction.

How to recognize depression and what to do about it?

Of course, the worst a sign of depression, manifested in extreme forms, is a suicide attempt. In a depressed state, a person does not notice that in his thoughts death is perceived as a deliverance from suffering. About 800 thousand people between the ages of 15 and 29 commit suicide a year amid depression. Think about it, this is a very large number. That is why it is important to recognize the disease in time and help loved ones or seek help yourself.

Causes of depression

Despite the fact that many claim that there is no depression without a reason, these types of disorders are all do exist. Fortunately, they make up only 2-3% of the total. Why fortunately? In this case, interest in life is lost unexpectedly, for no apparent reason. These depressions last the most acute and long-lasting, it becomes more difficult to provide help.

How to recognize depression and what to do about it?

Psychogenic depression can occur for a number of reasons:

* loss of a loved one;
* changes in appearance;
* long-term traumatic factors (loneliness, hard work, family quarrels, etc.)

There are many more reasons that can lead to depression , but it should be understood that for everyone they can be completely different. And what may seem like a mere trifle for one person, can break another and become the last straw.

Methods for diagnosing depression

1. Zanga scale. One of the most popular methods for diagnosing depression. Zang identifies four degrees of severity of the diseaseEvaniya: normal (20-49 points), mild depression (50-59 points), moderate depression (60-69 points), severe depression (70-80 points).

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2. Self-assessment of Eysenck's states. Eysenck's method includes testing for four key parameters that distinguish a depressed person: anxiety, frustration, aggressiveness, rigidity (inflexibility).

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3. A. Beck's Depression Scale. The advantages of this questionnaire lie in the possibility of a targeted assessment of the severity of both the depressive syndrome in general and the individual symptoms that make it up.

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But, passing the tests, remember that self-diagnosis and self-medication are not the best methods for dealing with depression. Be sure to see a specialist.

How to recognize depression and what to do about it?

How can I help?

Antidepressants and psychotherapy are prescribed for severe depression and moderate disorders. If you are light, you can do with fitness, a visit to a psychologist, a visit to the spa.

* Do not be alone. Do not withdraw into yourself and do not lock yourself in four walls. Go to work, call your family. If you suspect depression in your loved ones, try to distract them with conversations, entertainment, but do not be too intrusive.

* Describe everything that you feel on paper. Feel free to describe the entire stream of thoughts. It's okay if it is absurd and disconnected.

* Eat more fruits and chocolate. They will definitely cheer you up.

* Take vitamins B and C, as well as sedatives. However, you should not overdo it with the latter, as apathy and drowsiness can only increase.

Although visiting psychologists in Russia is still not popular enough and often still seems to be something shameful, consulting a professional is the best step on the way treating depression. At the very least, you will be sure of the correctness of the diagnosis, and the specialist will suggest the correct and appropriate ways to solve the problem in your case.

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