How to quickly lose weight after childbirth? Instruction from Regina Todorenko

Excess weight is a problem that worries many girls and men of our time. There are countless diets, tips, methods for dealing with excess pounds. We can say that everyone who is not lazy has already written his own weight loss program. However, how to choose the one that will help you out of millions? The answer is simple: a system that involves as much activity as possible is better. This idea is promoted by the famous TV presenter Regina Todorenko .

How to quickly lose weight after childbirth? Instruction from Regina Todorenko

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But before the girl could not even wear herself on the plane.

Pregnancy and recovery in 5 months

Regina gave birth to her first child in December 2018. Now the son of Todorenko and Topalov is one and a half years old: the child can walk and leads an active lifestyle, like his mother. During pregnancy, the presenter gained 18 kilograms and recovered remarkably quickly from childbirth. In January of the next year, she said that she had thrown off 15 kilograms - in just two months! By that time, the girl managed to return to sports and dancing.

Three months later, Regina was able to surprise her fans. She starred in a swimsuit commercial, and everyone was delighted with how quickly you can regain your previous shape. The girl herself assures that the main way to maintain a slim figure after childbirth is not to lose it.

I ate a lot - do a lot

Todorenko's weight loss system consists in four words: Ate a lot - do a lot. The presenter openly says that she can add anything to the diet: be it junk food or simply not the most healthy food for the body. But after you've allowed yourself too much, you need to go to burn calories - of course, not right away.

Advice for expectant mothers from Regina: you can eat anything and in any quantity. The main thing is to do a lot. Any physical activity can help you cope with obesity and overweight.

How to quickly lose weight after childbirth? Instruction from Regina Todorenko

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Here's how to keep fit in a special period of life.

Natural foods and steamed dishes

After giving birth, Regina ate five times a day in small portions, trying to eat all the delicious in the morning and never skipping breakfast. And in the first month after the birth of her son, the girl adhered to a balanced nutrition plan. It included dietary meats, limited use of fermented milk products, cheese andof bread. Regina refused red products at that time. Probably because they can cause allergies, which is unsafe for a nursing mother and baby.

The TV presenter tried to steam cook and order the ingredients for the dishes from the farm. Perhaps not everyone can afford it, but nevertheless, future and newly-made mothers should pay special attention to the quality of what they cook from.

Perhaps, Regina's method is one of the best in the fight against excess weight. Unless, of course, physical activity is contraindicated for you.

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