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How to pump up your back? 5 exercises that will make your muscles bulge

When exercising in the gym, in no case should you forget to train your back, because strong muscles in this area are, first of all, correct posture. In addition, without well-developed back muscles, it is extremely difficult to fully train the legs and buttocks. The less load falls on this part of your body in the gym, the higher the risk of damaging it in everyday life. Together with the trainer World Class Alexander Karpov we decided to show 5 effective exercises, the correct implementation of which will help you to strengthen your back muscles and make them more prominent.

Pull-ups in the gravitron

Exercise on latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboid muscles.

Starting position: hanging on the bar, the grip is slightly wider than the shoulders, the back is straight (while maintaining the anatomically correct curves of the spine).

Technique: Lean back slightly. Smoothly rise up, connecting the shoulder blades and lowering the shoulder girdle down. Pull your upper chest to the bar, then return to the starting position.

Front Row in the machine

Muscles being exercised: lats , trapezoidal, diamond-shaped.

Starting position: sitting on the simulator, feet in a stable position on the platform, back straight, handles of the simulator in straight arms.

Technique of execution: the movement should begin with bringing and lowering the shoulder blades. At the end point of the amplitude, the elbow angle should be approximately 90 degrees. Move at a controlled pace.

Vertical pull of the block

Muscles being exercised: lats, trapezius, rhomboid.

Starting position: sitting in the simulator. The feet are in a stable position, the back is straight, the grip is slightly wider than the shoulder joints.

Technique: Begin the movement with lowering and adducting the shoulder blades. At the end point, the amplitudes of the forearms should be close to perpendicular to the floor (in line with the machine cable). The handle should be pulled to the top of the chest. The movement should be carried out at a controlled pace (to exclude inertia and collision of blocks).

Pullover in a crossover with a rope, standing in a slope

In progress muscles: lats, trapeziusth, diamond-shaped.

Starting position: standing in an inclination (along the cable). The feet are in a stable position, the back is straight, the arms are straightened at the elbow joints.

Technique: on exhalation, start the movement by lowering the shoulder blades and shoulder girdle. Eliminate movement in the elbow joints. The end point of the amplitude should be approximately at hip level. During movement, the elbows are turned towards the feet. It is imperative to control the correct curves of the spine.

It is better to start and finish your back workout with stretching . If you do these exercises before class, it helps to activate the nervous system and improve coordination of movements. Stretching after exercise allows you to accelerate metabolic processes in muscles, ligaments, tendons, which contributes to faster recovery. Try to end your workout with, for example, bends.

Side bends with your arm extended

Starting position: put stops slightly wider than shoulders, straighten your back, raise one hand up. The other should be lowered or put on the thigh.

Technique: Stretch your hand up. Continuing to reach, lean towards the opposite hand. Hold the position for 10-15 seconds, breathe evenly. Return to starting position slowly.

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