Coronavirus: How To Clean Your Phone & Not Damage It Permanently!

How to properly wipe your smartphone to protect yourself from germs

What modern gadget do we most often use in modern life, practically do not let go of our hands and lean against our face? Of course, a smartphone, on the body of which a colossal amount of bacteria accumulates. With this device we go to places of varying degrees of pollution, or, more simply, everywhere. It turns out that the most necessary means of communication for us is a carrier of viruses. What to do with this and how to protect the gadget from unwanted guests?

Smartphone is dirtier than toilet

Scientists from the University of Surrey even calculated that 18 times more bacteria accumulate on the body of a smartphone than on a button a drain in a public toilet. Where exactly the experts conducted their research is another question. Perhaps, in some cases, this difference may be more or less, but it is unlikely that the study was limited to one specific smartphone and one public toilet.

How to properly wipe your smartphone to protect yourself from germs



There may be a coronavirus among the bacteria on your smartphone. It can live on metal, glass and plastic for several days, retaining the ability to become infected. The fact is that smartphones really need external cleaning, not just software.

What will it take to disinfect a phone?

The set will be small:

  • a soft microfiber cloth or handkerchiefs with which it is recommended to wipe the lenses for glasses;
  • wet and dry wipes;
  • cleaning agent.

That's all, perhaps. That's more than enough to clean your smartphone.
As a cleaning agent, you can use what comes with monitors or televisions. Its composition is safe for any smartphones, the main thing is not to splash directly on the screen or body. Do not use glass cleaner.

How to properly wipe your smartphone to protect yourself from germs

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What you can do without is handkerchiefs, toilet paper, kitchen towels or any other kind of towels. And indeed without any material that leaves fluff on the case and screen. But that's the ideal case. Sometimes any fabric is better than nothing.

How to properly wipe your smartphone to protect yourself from germs


Wiping and polishing

The process itself is extremely simple.

First you need to turn off the gadget. Then wipe the smartphone with a soft cloth and remove any small particles that may leave scratches. After that, wipe the screen and the body (including cameras!) With light and smooth movements with a cloth moistened with a small amount of cleaning agent, and then polish everything with a dry cloth. That's all, in general. It couldn't be easier.

How often should this procedure be carried out? Here everyonedecides for himself.
Ideally, you need to wipe the screen once a day, but completely clean your smartphone once a week.
But it is important to remember that friction is an undesirable procedure for oleophobic coating on smartphone screens. The stronger it is, the faster the grease-repellent nanolayer is erased and the faster the gadget will eventually get dirty. If you want to bring your smartphone to perfect cleanliness to capture all the connectors and speakers, it is better to take the device to the service.

How to properly wipe your smartphone to protect yourself from germs

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Ultraviolet fashion

Another option is a special ultraviolet container.

99, 9% of all bacteria. This is a reliable method of disinfection, but there are already reviews on the Web that after such experiments smartphones began to fail. But there are not many such comments.

How to properly wipe your smartphone to protect yourself from germs

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It's not enough to clean your smartphone - don't forget about the covers. You can clean the covers using any available method - it's not as complex a device as a smartphone. Even with plain water and soap, even with alcohol, or just wipe with a damp cloth. But if it starts to get dirty quickly, it is better to change the case.

In general, according to experts, the more carefully you monitor the cleanliness of your own hands, the cleaner your smartphone will be.

How to clean your smartphone safely - BBC News

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