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How to prepare your child for the first race: 4 tips for parents

Parents often try to realize their old dreams in their child, or they want to lead them along their own proven path. If you haven't decided on a sport yet, start by running. Firstly, it is simple, and secondly, it does not require large financial costs. In addition, children are very active by nature, and jogging will help them throw out energy and get positive emotions.

How to prepare your child for the first race: 4 tips for parents

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If the child is small and has never run the given distances, and also for a while, it will be difficult for him to understand why he needs to start regular training. Start by registering for the race. For example, on August 25, the organizers of the Luzhniki Half Marathon and other races in the Moscow Marathon series are holding the first race for children under 14 years old. Read the rules, focus on the prizes and the fun that awaits the child - now there is an incentive to prepare.

Runners up to 14 years old will be able to take part in the race. In order for young athletes to compete with each other on equal terms, the organizers have provided separate starts for children of different ages: groups under 5 years old, 6-7 years old, 8-9 years old will be able to try their hand at a distance of 500 m, and older groups - 10 -11 years old and 12-13 years old will compete at a distance of 1000 m. Each participant of the children's race will receive gifts from the organizers - a branded T-shirt and a medal, as well as gifts from the partners of the event.

Preparing for a children's race is different from an adult. Still, uncles and aunts run longer distances, train in seasons or without any breaks, acquire expensive equipment, and then run for many kilometers. It is more important to motivate a child than to train him to take this unfortunate kilometer.


Physical activity is inextricably linked with proper nutrition. Do not let your child run after a meal to avoid stomach heaviness and colic. Before training and competition, it is better to eat a light vegetable salad, porridge or curd, fruit. And you don't need to gorge yourself, it's better to run with a little feeling of hunger and eat at the finish.

How to prepare your child for the first race: 4 tips for parents



Although from the height of age and experience, a child's distance may seem insignificant, like running to a bus, for a child's body it is still stress and a serious load. Choose the right outfit, let your child take an active part in the choice. Agree, running in a T-shirt and shorts of your favorite bright color is much cooler than in boring black or white things, like everyone else. But don't forget that the fabric of your sportswear must be moisture-wicking, so wear a nice cotton Superman T-shirt and hiking pants with many pockets after the finish.

The most important piece of equipment is your trainers. Not sandals or school shoes, in which your child runs well during recess, but special running shoes,which will prevent joint injuries, flat feet and calluses. Don't forget to buy non-slip running socks. Believe me, this is not a whim and not a waste of money for the added adjective cross-country. These socks wick moisture away and breathe, which is a guarantee of comfort and safety.


To instill in your child a love of sports, you need to set your own example. If you lie on the couch for days, and say to your child: Go in for sports, don't be like me, this will not help. Be a model, a standard, then the child will want to be the same. Therefore, after registering for the race, practice with your child.

When preparing for the competition, find a track in the park and go for a race (of course, lose). Gradually increase the distance, talk to the child about progress, praise, remind that if he tries, he can win!

It will become even more motivation if you run a longer distance yourself and tell how difficult it was, but it's great that your son or daughter will also be able to repeat your achievement if he prepares and does not quit training.

How to prepare your child for the first race: 4 tips for parents


Save the first race in memory

Try to leave the house in advance on the day of the competition, having had time to eat, arrive on time, do not forget anything, check if you are tightly tied laces so that the start is not overshadowed. You can draw a poster with words of support and wait for the child at the finish line. Take a lot of photos, give the child a small gift - he deserves it. Spend the day with your family and talk about your plans for the future, maybe it's time to register for the next race.

It is necessary to instill in children a love of sports from an early age so that they grow up strong and healthy. Even if physical activity is not about you, try to change for the sake of your child so that his life becomes better.

Register your baby for the race (before August 9).

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