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How to prepare the body for summer: instructions from Laysan Utyasheva

Lyaysan Utyasheva pleases his subscribers with useful video tips not for the first time. It's no secret that the gymnast has an excellent figure. So how does she manage to constantly keep herself in shape? Watch and repeat.


According to the main rule of Laysan, before starting the exercises, you need to cheer up, that is, do a warm-up. So what's the secret, you ask. Everyone knows this. The most interesting thing is the gymnast's favorite exercise to warm up the pelvis.

Exercise: we do the usual pelvic rotation, but pay attention to two important aspects - the stomach and buttocks should be tense. It is also important to take your time and do the exercise smoothly, without jerking.

Identifying problems

Another important step is to identify weak areas. To do this, Laysan recommends doing smooth squats with an emphasis on the coccyx.

Fulfillment: we do a slow squat, twisting the coccyx (slightly stoop the lower back), press the chin to the chest. The tailbone at this moment should be directed straight down. We squat as deep as possible, stretching the spine. Pressure on the heels. At this moment, you should feel how your lower back area is unloading. Repeat 5 times.

A set of exercises for all muscle groups

  • Bicycle

Execution: it is important to observe the square, i.e. right angle at the knee. The shoulders should not twitch, and the buttocks are glued to the surface. At this moment, only the legs are working, so all the internal muscles will turn on.

  • Burpee

It has long been a popular exercise, which the gymnast does not neglect.

Execution: in a squat we put our hands on the floor, alternately put our legs back in the push-up position. We put our legs back to the palms and do a jump, straightening our legs and making a clap with our palms over our head. Try to do as many repetitions as possible and do the exercise cleanly and in phase. Pay close attention to your hands.

  • Rugby

And this is something new. Exercise for clarity and complex coordination. It will keep your muscles in good shape due to complication - maintaining balance.

Execution: lower the opposite hand to the opposite foot. Put the other leg back. Imagine that there is a ball at the foot. And you put it on the floor. Next, press the knee to the chest.

  • Leap
Note from Laysan: Exercises, at first glance, seem very simple, but if you repeat 20 times at a good pace, in the morning you will feel the awakened muscles, which for a long time were sleeping.
  • Leg Raises

the exercise made the top 3 for summer preparation. From the side it looks simple, but in fact the muscles burn after several repetitions.

Exercise: standing on all fours, take a straight leg back. Pull out and raise it as high as possible. Then we stretch our knee to the forehead. It is important to maintain a right angle and not retract the pelvis. Alternately on each leg.

  • Knee Raises

Another seemingly very simple exercise.

Exercise: standing straight, we stretch the spine, the crown looks exactly up. Alternately raise and lower your knees (to the maximum). Again, remember to keep your shoulders and pelvis at the same level.

  • Body Raise

Exercise: lying on your back and bending your legs, slowly raise your body to your knees. We help ourselves with straight hands. Here it is important to pay attention to the fact that the ascent should be slow, without jerking. It's hard, but that's how effective it is - slowly and carefully, tearing off vertebra by vertebra. And most importantly, we don’t hunch over or strain our neck.

Commentary from Laysan: Would you say that it is very simple? Take your time, try it first. Each exercise 50 times.

Cool Down

As a true gymnast, of course, Lyaysan Utyasheva could not do without stretching. It is recommended to end all workouts this way.

  • Stretching with straight legs

After tension, the muscles need to be stretched.

Exercise: Sit with straight legs, pressing the buttocks to the floor, without twisting. Pull the socks towards ourselves. The knees should be flat on the floor and the lower back slightly hunched over. We tighten the press, we draw in the stomach. We remove our hands behind the head, press the chin in the chest. The moment of resistance is important: the hands press on the back of the head, and the head rises in the opposite direction. In this position, we bend over with a straight back, relieving the load from the neck. We do not lift our shoulders. Tilt - on a deep breath.

  • Stretching with bent knee

Execution: stand on one knee, put the other leg on the whole foot in front and slightly at an angle. The tailbone is directed downward. We sit slowly on the back heel. We get up at the expense of the thigh muscles, pressing on the heel of the front leg.

Stretch in 5 circles.

Lifehack Laysan: Perform all exercises with concentration, with your eyes closed and preferably in silence.

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