First Half Marathon Tips | How To Run Your First Half Marathon

How to prepare for the first half marathon? Trainer Tips

The upcoming Moscow and St. Petersburg half marathons will be the first big starts for many of the participants. Of course, in preparation for the distance, most of the runners have already reached the home stretch. But there are those who still do not know how to act correctly and where to start. Or maybe someone was just inspired to start next year. Great news for you - you have enough time for quality preparation. And we have collected 10 tips from the trainer of the Running community Pavel Kondrashev , which will help you with this.

How to prepare for the first half marathon? Trainer Tips

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You need to prepare for your first half marathon , at least six months, provided that you have already run, and a year, if you have not run at all. Therefore, if you have not run such a distance before, we recommend paying attention to a smaller distance, for example, 10 km.

You need to find a competent coach who will write a plan based on your physical fitness. A professional look is very important, since a half marathon is already a serious distance.

How to prepare for the first half marathon? Trainer Tips

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There's no getting around the nutrition issue . Be sure to exclude fast food, carbonated drinks, alcohol. More healthy and healthy food, do not forget to observe the water-salt balance.

Preparing for the first half marathon implies great physical activity, so do not forget about recovery . Massage / self-massage, sauna, sound healthy sleep for at least 7-8 hours - these are your main helpers.

Another important rule is consistency. When exercising as planned, it is important to not skip workouts . One missed class is two steps back. If you still realize that today you can't do your workout, be sure to tell the trainer so that he can adjust the plan.

How to prepare for the first half marathon? Trainer Tips

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If there is no way to hire a trainer, follow one more rule: weekly running volume should be at least 45-47 km, pay great attention to stretching and general physical fitness (do not forget to strengthen your body).

There are a lot of discussions around the topic of taking additional vitamins. In my opinion, drinking vitamins is necessary, unfortunately, it is impossible to get the necessary elements with fruits and vegetables. With active preparation, a lot of energy is spent and the body loses a large amount of useful minerals. But be sure to consult with your doctor. Only a specialist can tell you exactly what vitamins you need to drink and in what quantity.

We also do not bypass the correct equipment. Don't skimp on your sneakers , you should have at least two pairs for your workouts. Pick upshoes depending on pronation.

How to prepare for the first half marathon? Trainer Tips

Photo: Running community

Preparing for the half marathon - it's kind of a chore. Find the right motivation : why do you want to run a half marathon? Perhaps you want to update your personal best? In moments when you are too lazy to go to workout, remember about the goal - this will help you reach the end. Well, or contact the coach, he will give you a competent kick. By the way, it is always easier to train in a group - there is less temptation to skip a workout. So if you find it difficult to organize yourself, find yourself a running companion.

How to prepare for the first half marathon? Trainer Tips

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Finally, find yourself a nice start , where you will run your first half marathon and register. This will be a great boost for your workouts.


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