How To Meditate For Beginners - A Definitive Guide

How to meditate properly: instructions for beginners

We often come across a stereotype that meditation is an occupation exclusively for yogis and people who want to learn the hidden meanings of the universe. In fact, such practices are imperceptibly present in our everyday life. After all, we always strive to relax and get rid of burdensome thoughts after work, training or a fun holiday. But in order to achieve the maximum effect, you need to familiarize yourself with the technique and take the time to practice. We talked with a writer, meditation practitioner and author of the Freedom Inside Daria Smi course about how to relax, let go of thoughts, and how it is useful.

What is meditation?

In a deep sense, meditation is an instrument of the spiritual teachings of Buddhism, which helps to clear the mind and learn how to control it. This allows you to achieve an inner state of calmness of mind and body with full awareness and mindfulness. There are different meditation practices. Some are aimed at relaxation and non-judgmental observation of the present moment of being. Others have a specific object in the form of thoughts and sensations and are often combined with visualization. The purpose of such meditations is to control not only consciousness, but also our inner energy.

How to meditate properly: instructions for beginners


What are the benefits of meditation?

If you look at meditation from a more down-to-earth point of view, for those who lead an active lifestyle, the practice can be a resource for physical and emotional recovery. It does this by deeply relaxing the muscles and achieving peace of mind and feeling. In addition, meditation can improve mindfulness and composure during training and competition. Which, of course, will have a positive effect on your results.

Those who regularly practice meditation significantly expand their consciousness and the boundaries of perception of reality. Simply put, people live their lives brighter, feel happiness more and more often, because they are able to see it in ordinary things. Classes provide an opportunity to accept and release negative emotions and feelings, while remaining in harmony. These exercises teach mindfulness.

How to meditate properly: instructions for beginners

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How to meditate properly: instructions for beginners

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How to meditate correctly?

Correct the choice of technique depends on personal preference. They meditate both with open eyes and closed ones. You can practice sitting, standing, lying down and even while walking. In the classic version of seated meditation, many people mistakenly believe that the lotus position is mandatory and unchanging inword. In fact, it is not comfortable for everyone.

The most important rule is to keep the spine straight, the chest free, so that nothing interferes with breathing, and the body as relaxed as possible ... Beginners can sit in a chair, lean back and close their eyes. And then just breathe, relax the muscles one by one and let go of thoughts. It is necessary to maintain your usual breathing rate: you do not need to try to breathe in longer or deeper if you feel uncomfortable and tense from this. After all, meditation implies love and reverent attitude towards oneself and the body, not violence.

How to meditate properly: instructions for beginners


Letting go of thoughts sounds pretty simple, but it is a very difficult skill that is acquired with experience. The main thing is to remember that for the first times different fantasies and memories will constantly come to mind, distracting from the relaxation process. This is totally normal. Just gently switch your attention to breathing every time, do not scold yourself for not being able to concentrate and do not think that you are doing something bad. This is as it should be: the brain cannot be empty, it is imprisoned for constant thinking. Over time, you will be able to remain in a state of calm, regardless of incoming and outgoing thoughts.

How to meditate properly: instructions for beginners

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How to meditate properly: instructions for beginners

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Meditation practice: where to start for a beginner?

We recommend starting with short practices of 3-5 minutes. Because at first you can get bored quickly and, as a result, you will start meditation without much desire. Then stop exercising altogether. This is a common mistake all beginners make. On average, a lesson with experienced practitioners can last 10-15 minutes. But this, of course, is not the limit.

A common mistake of the first meditations is over-trying and expecting instant results. You can meditate so hard in pursuit of quality and effect that instead of relaxation and tranquility, you will end up with tension and frustration.
How to meditate properly: instructions for beginners

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When is the best time of the day to meditate, choose according to your personal feelings. Someone prefers morning practice to get a boost of energy and awareness. Someone likes to practice in the evenings, after a hard day, to relax and clear out unnecessary information.

Despite the large number of techniques, remember that meditation is, first of all, personalnd comfort, relaxation and harmony. Listen to your body and enjoy it.

How to meditate properly: instructions for beginners

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BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO MEDITATION » for a positive & productive day (part 1)

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