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How to maintain a good mood when everything around is stressful?

The news feeds of the last month more and more resemble reports from the front and bear little resemblance to the chronicle of peacetime. The coronavirus infection that has spread throughout the world has struck blows in all areas of life. Panic attacks, crises, pessimistic forecasts for the future - in such an environment it is rather difficult to maintain composure and calmness. But it's spring outside the window, and at this time we usually feel a surge of strength. Together with Natalia Rivkina, an expert, head of the Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the European Medical Center, we will figure out how to keep the spring mood and not succumb to general panic (and also what to do if you feel uncomfortable).

What is happening in the world ?

The fall in demand and oil prices, the failure of the OPEC-Russia negotiations, as a result, the fall in stock markets and the exchange rate - all this could not but have a negative impact on the Russian economy. The ongoing discussions between opponents and supporters of the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation further increase the anxiety and concern of society. And all these events unfold against the backdrop of a coronavirus infection, recognized by the World Health Organization as a pandemic. All this news negatively affects the psycho-emotional state of a person, causing stress.

How to maintain a good mood when everything around is stressful?


How to cope with stress?

Distress is a normal reaction of the human body to irritation. Such a state is perceived and experienced in a purely individual way. Someone thinks that it is enough just not to think about the source of stress, and the reaction to stress will go away. Someone too fixates on the problem, while forgetting that they need to look for ways to solve it. The important thing is that no matter how you relate to situations, remember that a total ignorance of stressful manifestations is likely to lead to emotional burnout. In this case, it is very difficult to find resources for recovery.

How do you know when you are trapped in distress?

If you notice in yourself signs of constant anxiety, fear, decreased concentration, sleep disturbance, then most likely you have not avoided negative stress reactions. Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you manage your overexertion.

Understand what is bothering you

It is very important to understand what exactly you are afraid of : in relation to the current situation, someone is afraid of getting sick, someone is more worried about their loved ones, and someone is haunted by the dollar exchange rate and the state of savings. Ask yourself the question: Can I influence this? If the answer is yes, then take steps to improve the situation and you will succeed! If not, take the situation for granted and try to find positive aspects in it. Forced to stay at home in quarantine due to coronavirus? An excellent excuse to master new culinary recipes, to develop the habit of washing your hands, which is extremely useful at all times.

How to maintain a good mood when everything around is stressful?


Find and eliminate your anxiety trigger

If you are stressed by the news that comes to your smartphone every minute, turn off notifications. Also, try not to be distracted by gadgets while you are doing business. And here's the good news from us - watching the series is also considered an occupation, so in isolation, each of us is a busy person.

Don't forget about physical activity

It should be normalized taking into account your individual characteristics. You can always find time to exercise, stretch, or squat. In combination with breathing exercises, a positive effect is guaranteed.

Pay special attention to family and friends

First of all, do not forget about communication, do not close yourself off from loved ones. You can share your concerns and fears with them - they, like no one else, are able to understand you. It has been found that people who restrict communication with family and friends aggravate the situation, and it is more difficult for them to cope with manifestations of stress. If people close to you are nearby, this is a good reason to organize family rituals. For example, spend an hour after dinner every night playing a board game or watching and discussing a movie. If your loved ones are far away, contact them by phone, Skype, FaceTime. The main thing is not to lose contact and always stay in touch.

How to maintain a good mood when everything around is stressful?


Always remember about children

Children often react sharply to many events, and their symptoms-manifestations belong to different registers: sleep disorders, mood changes, emotional outbursts. Adults, in turn, should be mindful of the fragile child's psyche and minimize the impact of their stressful state on the younger generation.

Contact a specialist

If you feel that you yourself cannot get out of a prolonged stressful state, you need to seek help from professionals. Experienced doctors who can diagnose psychoemotional disorders in the early stages will tell you if you should be concerned. In addition, the possible online format of consultations with specialists greatly simplifies the communication between doctor and patient.

Do not neglect these simple but effective advice. Always remember that every event is neutral, and your mood depends on which way you turn it.

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