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How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

It is often difficult to find time for a full workout in a fitness club, or you just don't want to leave the house. It turns out that in order to lose weight and at the same time improve endurance indicators, it is not at all necessary to go somewhere. All you need is a flat surface under your feet, a timer, sometimes a rug, light dumbbells and, of course, knowledge of the Japanese Tabata technique.

Prof. Izumi Tabata and his research team at 1996 year. In this experiment, two groups of people trained for six weeks using different strategies. The first group worked five days a week for an hour at medium intensity, and the second - four days a week for four minutes at high intensity. Believe it or not, the final results of the second group turned out to be better: they showed progress in both aerobic and anaerobic systems.

How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

Tabata: High Performance Workout in 4 Minutes

How short Japanese high-intensity workouts can replace going to the gym. Who is Tabata for?

What is Tabata and what are its benefits?

Currently, the Japanese training technique has become extremely popular due to its short duration and effectiveness. One tabata round does not take more than four minutes: it consists of 20 seconds of intense load at the limit of possibilities, 10 seconds of rest and 8 repetitions of this cycle. If one cycle is not enough for you, rest, let the body recover and proceed to the next one.

How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

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Such a fast workout has undeniable advantages over division exercises:

Increased endurance
And both aerobic and anaerobic. During the study of Professor Tabata, it was found that the first group, who worked for an hour at a measured pace, improved only aerobic endurance indicators, while, like the tabata group, the level of both increased.

The aerobic system starts working at measured loads with low or medium intensity, when oxygen is a sufficient source of energy. For example, while jogging, Nordic walking, or slow cycling. In contrast, the anaerobic system is only involved in short, high-intensity workouts when the body begins to work in an oxygen-free mode. Tabata belongs to this type of load.

Fat Burning
According to a study conducted at the American University of Wisconsin, the energy expenditure during a tabata workout is 15 kcal per minute. Note that even running calories are burned more slowly: about 9 kcal per minute.

How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

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Uskmetabolism boosting
During an experiment in the Auburn University Kinesiology Laboratory, Associate Professor Michelle Olson found that after tabata, the metabolic rate doubled for at least 30 minutes after training. This effect also contributes to weight loss.

According to the Japanese technique, indeed, all fitness lovers who have at least some training experience and an average level of fitness can do it. Nevertheless, tabata is categorically contraindicated for people suffering from problems with the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system and joints. It is also not recommended for those on a mono or low-carb diet.

What exercises to include in a Tabata workout?

In the case of Tabata, the standard rule of thumb for fast workouts is: Choose exercises that involve several muscle groups at once. The dynamic plank, climber, burpee, squat and jump, push-ups, etc. are perfect. It is also important to choose a level that honestly corresponds to physical fitness: tabata for beginners or advanced. Depending on this, exercises of varying severity will be included in the workout.

How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

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How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

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For Beginners:


Basic Tabata Rules

So that a quick workout is really high objective, you must follow the following rules:

Rule 1. Warm up before the main workout. Warm up with medium-intensity cardio (jumping rope, jogging, etc.) and stretch your joints.

Rule 2. Work to the limit. Perhaps this is the fundamental rule of tabata. Every active 20 seconds you need to give all your best, regardless of which round you complete in a row. Try to do as many reps as possible during this period of time each time.

Rule 3. Observe the intervals clearly. Remember that every 20 seconds of intense work is followed by exactly 10 seconds of rest. To keep track of time easier, use special tabata timers.

Rule 4. Track your progress for the last round. It is he who will restImportant when assessing your fitness. The more reps you can do, the better you are. Strive to beat the previous number every workout.

Rule 5. Gradually increase the difficulty of the exercises. Over time, the body gets used to repetitive stress. Your workout plan needs to be complicated if you start to do the exercises you know easily.

How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

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Timers for Tabata Workouts

A regular timer on your phone for workouts will definitely not work, because you need to stop it manually and set the next setting yourself. Therefore, for high-intensity interval training, they came up with special timers that notify the beginning and end of the round with a loud sound. They work continuously as many rounds as you need.

Online timers. They can be found on various sites and enabled online. It is most convenient to run such timers from a computer rather than a smartphone. For example, the TabataTimer website offers not only to set the number of rounds and cycles, but also to select music for training: hip-hop, country rock, street funk and other directions.

Video timers. There are a lot of them on the YouTube platform: you can choose a video with your favorite design, with or without music, with a different number of rounds.

Smartphone Apps. This is the most convenient option for outdoor workouts as you can open it directly from your phone.

Free iOS Apps: CrossFit Timer (by Alexander Senin), Tabata. Interval Timer (Developed by Axiom Mobile LLC).
Free Android Apps: Tabata Timer (Developer Simple Vision), Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer for Interval Workouts (Developer Parabolic River).

How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

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How to lose weight in 4 minutes a day? Fast Fat Burning Workout

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