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How to look at 50 at 30: the Japanese secret to longevity and health

A person inevitably gets old. But it's one thing to notice how at 50 your knees are no longer the same, and your back aches to rain, and it is quite another to catch these inevitable changes in your body already at 30. And if you suddenly think that all this is happening solely from a lack of physical activity , then this is not entirely true. People who give their lives to professional or amateur sports are at the same risk group, and their joints can wear out even faster. Everything affects here - ecology, uneven loads, and banal daily stress with or without reason.

But where can a resident of a metropolis turn his gaze if the best marathons and triathlon starts are idle without your participation, and the active old age with your grandchildren and traveling around the world is generally your life's dream?

How to look at 50 at 30: the Japanese secret to longevity and health


The Secret to Longevity: Europe and Asia

Have you noticed how the Japanese are getting old? Dry, lean men with an Asian squint are the best illustrations for a book about the long-livers of our planet. So why is Japan breaking all records for life expectancy, and older Japanese women seem to be frozen at the border between 30 and 40 years? They are active, hardy and energetic, and one of the greatest starts in the world - the Tokyo Marathon - is rightfully considered the oldest among all the world's majors.

Of course, we can say that our well-being and the health of our body is reflection of what is around us. Here are just some of the factors that can be worked on to slow down aging in the body at the cellular level:

  • proper balanced nutrition;
  • reduced stress levels;
  • environmental factor - ecology;
  • enough sunlight;
  • comfortable living environment - living conditions.

But all these factors are not surprising. What prevents a conditional European from starting to eat right, settling somewhere in the south of Italy and stop being nervous? This means that this is not the only point. And Japanese scientists were among the first to consider this issue from an unusual perspective.

Japanese trick: the escalator of life

Think: when we talk about life expectancy, we often put the concept of quality of life in this phrase ... After all, it is important not only to live up to the hypothetical 90 years, but also to feel great at the same time.

The Japanese are one of the first who began to study the quality and duration of life as two integral, inseparable concepts. And especially deeply, scientists plunged into the study of how to slow down the aging of the body at the cellular level, as well as make our joints more wear-resistant and durable.

At this time, a unique substance called collagen came into their field of vision ... Collagen is the framework, the building material of all connective tissues in our body. He is responsible for the work of joints, ligaments and bones, for the quality of the skin. The body produces collagen on its own, but with ageits synthesis decreases.

Imagine that our whole life is an escalator in a subway that goes down, and the only thing we can do is to take into account a number of factors and stop this escalator for a while.

But the Japanese scientists were not satisfied with the banal stop, they needed a breakthrough - a state in which it would be possible to start going up this very escalator of life, disregarding the stereotypes that old age is inevitable.

How to look at 50 at 30: the Japanese secret to longevity and health


Timely help for the body: why take collagen internally?

Over time, scientists around the world came to the conclusion that collagen reserves in the body can and should be replenished. They also created several of the most popular forms of consumption: in tablets, in injections and in powders.

The specialists of the Enhel company, in turn, modified the formula and created an innovative product - collagen jelly, which, thanks to its form of presentation and compact packaging is much more convenient to always have with you: at work, at training or while traveling. In addition, it is the form of jelly that dissolves and is absorbed faster, bringing nutrients to every cell of our body.

Interesting: Enhel Group became the first company in the world that managed to use the development of the famous Japanese doctor Akiyama san in its products.

Let's consider in more detail why to take collagen inside and why it is useful .

  • Bones and healthy joints. Collagen is an effective substance that not only supports healthy joints, but also reduces the risk of deterioration.
  • Healthy skin. The supplement stimulates collagen production by increasing or maintaining skin tone, elasticity and firmness, because after 25 years, collagen production in the skin slows down every year.
  • Reduced risks. Collagen improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
How to look at 50 at 30: the Japanese secret to longevity and health


  • No extra pounds. Collagen can help you lose a few pounds by boosting your metabolism. A component of collagen called glycine will help move sugar into your tissues, providing them with an energy boost.
  • Digestion. Collagen can relieve digestive upsets, especially in leaky gut syndrome.
  • New victories without unnecessary injuries. Collagen is also used in some sports supplements. This is necessary in order to increase endurance and increase muscle mass. By using collagen supplements, you can not only reduce your risk of injury, but also provide timely support for your joints. In addition, Enhel Collagen Jelly contains a complex of BCAA amino acids - an additional source of energy for athletes.
How to look at 50 at 30: the Japanese secret to longevity and health
  • Hormoneoptimal balance. Since proteins can restore hormone balance, adding collagen to the diet may have a beneficial effect on hormones.
  • Improving sleep quality. Adding collagen to your diet can improve sleep quality and relieve you of daytime sleepiness.
Interesting: An innovative improved drinking collagen formula was developed by Tokyo Medical Institute in conjunction with the Enhel Group for the country's Olympic team.

5 popular questions about collagen jelly :

  • Why the jelly form?

The jelly form is a unique development of the Enhel company. Thanks to its convenient consistency and compact sticks, you can take jelly with you as a snack to your workout. Unlike powders and tablets, there is no need to dilute collagen jelly in water or drink it.

  • How does it taste?

Enhel's product line features grapefruit-flavored jelly. For experienced athletes, the content of the stick in consistency may resemble a sports gel with only one significant difference: an environmentally friendly and much more useful composition, as well as the absence of sugar, caffeine and dyes.

  • How often do you need it use to notice the effect? ​​

For the prevention and maintenance of tone - 1 stick a day, half an hour after a meal or as a snack. To start the processes of rejuvenation of the body, use 1 stick 2 times a day. On days of physical activity - up to 4 sticks per day. The course is 30 days. After a break of 15 days, the course must be repeated. Recommended 6-8 courses per year.

This is interesting: when purchasing, you can optionally choose the number of sticks in the package. Quantity available to order: from 1 to 6 sticks or packaging in 31 sticks. A great opportunity to try the product and listen to positive changes in your body.
  • What is collagen jelly made of?

1. Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen - Produced from the skin of marine fish. It is a type 1 collagen with a low molecular weight, which provides excellent bioavailability. Collagen type 1 contains unique amino acids such as glycine, proline, arginine and glutamic acid. These amino acids provide the building blocks (building blocks) for building its own collagen and have various mechanisms to stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin. Collagen of the first type helps to restore the skin, blood vessels, ligaments.

2. Collagen type 2 of natural origin (chicken cartilage extract), perfectly regenerates joints.

3. Collagen type 3. EM powder (extract from eggshell membranes) is a natural source of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, which stimulates the restoration of the skin, blood vessels, ligaments and joints.

In addition, the composition contains auxiliarysubstances such as: whey protein, vitamin C, red pepper extract, L-phenylalanine, erythrol.

How to look at 50 at 30: the Japanese secret to longevity and health
  • You can whether to combine taking jelly with regular vitamins?

Of course yes, pay attention only to the fact that each stick already contains vitamin C and amino acids. Therefore, we recommend not to combine the intake of collagen jelly with complex vitamins in order to avoid an overabundance of one or another substance in the body.

At the same time, there will be no problems if you combine the intake of collagen jelly with monovitamins according to the needs of your body.

Learn more about collagen jelly and other Enhel Group products here.

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