How to look at 43 at 25? Tina Kandelaki's beauty and youth secrets

This November, Tina Kandelaki will celebrate her 44th birthday. Agree, she looks much younger than her years, and any girl can envy the fit figure of the TV presenter. The most active fans of Tina are interested in how she manages to keep in shape, and often leave comments under her photo on Instagram. Kandelaki, in turn, does not keep training plans and nutritional system secret and is happy to share them on his page. Let's figure out what makes a journalist look so good?

Conscious approach

Often they approach workouts and diets with a forced attitude: I don't want to, but I need to. Such an attitude can lead to breakdowns and absences from classes, for which you then feel ashamed - and therefore not easier. Tina Kandelaki, on the contrary, approaches training consciously and voluntarily. She is looking for benefits for herself in each of them and this motivates her readers.

For example, Tina is sure that sports load directly affects growth hormone, testosterone and estradiol levels. Exercising daily will simultaneously make your bones strong and awaken in you the desire to live and achieve results.

In addition, the TV presenter believes that the multitasking that falls on our shoulders every day makes us more irritable. Anxiety and aggression negatively affect relationships with others. Therefore, according to Kandelaki, unloading in the form of sports is simply necessary for every person. Indeed, after active training, the body produces and accumulates dopamine, which is responsible for the sensation of pleasure.

In the end, Tina Kandelaki, in search of motivation, turns to simple truths: nothing is impossible. When asked about age, she replies that with proper attitude to yourself and your body, you can be in great shape even at 60.

How to look at 43 at 25? Tina Kandelaki's beauty and youth secrets

Old Age Standard: Exercises to Help Determine Your Age

If you can do them, you are in great shape.

Daily Workouts

Each in the morning Tina finds time for sports activities. Kandelaki does not allow himself to forget about them even on vacation. Her day starts steadily with getting up at 6: 45-7: 00, an hour workout at 8:00 and breakfast at 9:30, and then - depending on the plans. So what kind of exercise does the TV host prefer?

Interval training

Highly effective interval training helps save time, gives good results and builds endurance. The tabata method, a system of short interval training of very high intensity, is gaining special popularity. B set of exercises TIna advises including simple bodyweight actions that can be repeated many times with full dedication. But the most important plus of such a workout is that you do not need to purchase a gym membership and spend money on expensive equipment for it. All it takes is desire and time.

How to look at 43 at 25? Tina Kandelaki's beauty and youth secrets

Tabata: High Performance Workout in 4 Minutes

How short-term high-intensity workouts according to the Japanese method can replace going to the gym. Who is Tabata for?


  • squats and lunges;
  • burpee with palms off the floor;
  • front knee flexion plank;
  • flexion of the body with alternating touch of the feet;
  • gluteal bridge;
  • kvadroplex with knees hanging;
  • push-ups;
  • crunches on the press;
  • running in place, jumping with arms or jumping out;
  • jumping rope;
  • pull-ups, etc.

Before doing interval workout, the TV host recommends that you warm up thoroughly, and then pay attention to stretching.

Abdominal vacuum

Kandelaki treats vacuum as an irreplaceable exercise. It not only helps to put the abs in order, but also pumps the transverse muscle, which holds all organs and intestines. For herself, Tina chose the following technique for performing a vacuum in the abdomen.

- We spread our legs shoulder-width apart and bend a little at the knees, tilt the body forward, put our hands on the hips.
- Slow exhalation. After it, we pull the stomach under the ribs and hold for 15-20 seconds.
- Relax the stomach with inhalation. We restore breathing and take a new approach.

The exercise should be repeated 1-2 a day, on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after eating. The main condition for the correct execution of Kandelaki calls a full exhalation before drawing in.

How to look at 43 at 25? Tina Kandelaki's beauty and youth secrets

What will happen to your body if you do a vacuum every day? h2>

Five minutes a day for a flat stomach and thin waist.

Circuit training

In circuit training, Tina Kandelaki includes two circles of exercises and performs them twice.

First circle:

  • squats (15 times);
  • lunges in place (12 times on each leg);
  • stepping onto a chair (10 times for each leg);
  • Jumping sumo squats (15 times).

Second circle:

  • squats on one leg (12 times for each leg);
  • dynamic lunges (12 times on each leg);
  • jumping out of the squat (15 times);
  • standing back kicks (15 times for each leg).
How to look at 43 at 25? Tina Kandelaki's beauty and youth secrets

The coach answers: how to pump endurance?

What to do if the relief appears, muscle mass grows, but endurance is not enough?

Exercises with weights

Of course, to build muscle, Kandelaki cannot do without training with additional weight. Her list of exercises includes:

  • side kicks with weights from a standing position on a step platform;
  • side lunges with dumbbells;
  • Barbell Squats;
  • dumbbell curls, etc.

Well-coordinated power system

Tina Kandelaki deliberately does not name her dietary strategy. She believes that this word is associated with painful refusal of favorite food and breakdowns. The TV presenter herself eats on such a principle that the daily diet is complete, tasty and healthy. Nevertheless, Tina still voluntarily refused some products in order to build a personal nutrition strategy.

Here are some of its principles

  • Complete absence of meat and dairy products, except for yogurt and cheese. Instead, Tina gets animal protein from fish, seafood and eggs.
  • Eliminate sugar, protein shakes and baked goods from the diet. Only gluten-free pressed bread and flaxseed flour as an additive (for example, in cheesecakes or casseroles).
  • Strict adherence to calories and counting proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
How to look at 43 at 25? Tina Kandelaki's beauty and youth secrets

Intuitive nutrition. How to keep fit without dieting and calorie counting?

Eating what you want and not getting fat is real. We study with an expert.

It is thanks to daily work and self-care that you can look young and energetic at any age. And if there is a desire to give up, Kandelaki advises:

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