How to learn to pull up more. Trainer Tips

You need to pull up at least ten times even in physical education classes at school. This is a sports minimum for a healthy guy. However, even this number of repetitions is beyond the power of many of the guys. Fitness trainer and Guinness World Record holder Manvel Mamoyan talks about typical mistakes that prevent you from pulling up more, and recommends a set of exercises that will help you start pulling up a lot and efficiently.

How to learn to pull up more. Trainer Tips

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Why can't I pull up on the bar?

This question often arises among beginners, and not only among guys, but also among girls. The most common reasons are: being overweight, weak muscles, improper technique. With the first two points, everything is clear, but what is hidden behind the wrong technique?

Holding your breath

The effectiveness of the exercise depends on how much the muscles are saturated with oxygen in the process ... How it should be: when moving up, inhale through the nose, and when lowering, exhale through the mouth. It is imperative to inhale and exhale with each repetition.

Body rocking

When the body rocking, the tempo breaks down and the technique suffers. Make sure that when performing the exercise, your body is exactly perpendicular to the ground.


You spend extra strength in snatching and perform the exercise due to inertia. Such measures create the illusion of performing the exercise, the muscles do not receive the necessary load and do not exercise. Instead, use prep exercises until you can pull up cleanly.

How to learn to pull up more. Trainer Tips

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How to pull up on the horizontal bar more

There are many recommendations and training videos about pull-ups on the web: various training schemes, analysis of technique and success stories. If you want to achieve results in pull-ups, take note of some effective exercises and important tips.

Don't expect instant results

Be prepared that it won't be easy at first. Your arm muscles will ache, you will chafe with calluses, and the reps will increase very slowly. Remember - this is normal! And don't quit your workout.

Start with a warm-up

To make your muscles and ligaments work to their fullest, warm them up. This will increase the result and protect you from injury.

Use the preparatory exercises

The first exercise . You can do it using a children's horizontal bar or parallel bars. Standing on the ground, grab with a straight horizontal grip and pull yourself up until your chest touches the horizontal bar. Do your best, don't stop when things get tough.

Exercise 2. Static develops tendons and jointsyou, which is very important in pull-ups. Static exercises should be a must in your workout. Repeat the first exercise on the same children's horizontal bar and stay at the top point for as long as possible. You can also use the hanging on the bar to strengthen your grip.

How to learn to pull up more. Trainer Tips


The third exercise. Here you will need either sports elastic bands, or a friend who can take some of the load on himself. If you are using elastic bands, then fix them on the horizontal bar, and on the other side, rest your legs, and try to pull yourself up. This will help you lift less weight. Instead, you can ask a friend to hold your legs. The effect will be about the same. Just make sure that you do not push yourself out with the support of your feet.

Fourth exercise. Pull up halfway so that the elbows are at a right angle. Hang like this to failure. Exercising at first can also be easier with an elastic band.

If you can already pull up several times

If you already do several pull-ups with your own weight, then increase the amount of exercise. It is important here to practice regularly and monitor the correctness of the exercises. If you are exercising and the number of pull-ups is not increasing, try resistance training. For starters, you can use a backpack with a couple of water bottles or a stack of books. It is also possible that a muscle group is lagging behind. Try changing your grip or adding additional exercises.

Why do you need pull-ups at all?

First, pull-ups are one of the easiest and most accessible exercises. There is a horizontal bar in every yard, and you can pump a large group of muscles on it. Pulling up is one of the most important exercises for building a beautiful torso and wide back. In addition, pull-ups have a huge number of variations to develop different muscle groups and not get bored of the monotony of training.

Secondly, pull-ups make you healthier. The problem for many people is congenital and acquired diseases of the spine. Often, doctors in such cases advise various types of gymnastics, massages and other ways to strengthen the back. Pull-ups can serve as both a prevention of such diseases and a method of treatment. In this case, it is best to consult a doctor so as not to harm.

How to learn to pull up more. Trainer Tips

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How to learn to pull up more. Trainer Tips

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How to learn to pull up more. Trainer Tips

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How To Master The Pull Up Jumper

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