How to improve football skills in self-isolation? We find a way out together with the coach

The self-isolation regime in our country has been going on for more than a month. And when the end of this story comes, no one will tell. During the quarantine period, sports fans converted their usual workouts into a home format in order to maintain excellent shape. But if with home fitness everything is more or less simple and clear, then what to do for those who loved to play football on free evenings and hone their dribbling skills? After all, you cannot deploy a whole field in an apartment. It turned out that there is a way out of this situation.

The championship decided to support fans of team play and launched a series of free football training sessions that will help to work out physical and technical qualities without leaving home. Classes are available to everyone: they are broadcast live on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 11:00, on the official page in VKontakte.

How to improve football skills in self-isolation? We find a way out together with the coach

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Together with the coach of our program and instructor of FC Chertanovo Dmitry Karpov we talk about how homework is useful, and also share two past football sessions. They included basic exercises that develop coordination and the ability to control the ball with two feet.

Why is football training useful and for whom is it suitable?

At first glance, it may seem that football training is narrowly focused and hardly useful to those who are far from this sport. However, the instructor is confident that this is not the case. Trainings will be useful to everyone, because the exercises are versatile and the viewer will be able to discover something new, and the athletes immersed in football will develop the necessary game skills.

Dmitry: Football training aimed at technical, tactical, physical, psychological and theoretical training. If the load is evenly distributed in the training process, the athlete will develop rapidly with the proper attitude to classes - it all depends on the goals. The most important thing here is desire and dedication.

How to improve football skills in self-isolation? We find a way out together with the coach


And nevertheless, if you are a person far from football, you should not immediately give up on such activities. They will be able to perfectly diversify the training plan, add zest to it and, of course, improve overall physical fitness, no matter how old you are. Football trainings help :

  • improve overall health;
  • boost immunity;
  • improve agility, concentration and instant reaction;
  • build character;
  • train discipline;
  • develop communication skills and interact with others;
  • become bmore purposeful.
How to improve football skills in self-isolation? We find a way out together with the coach

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How are football trainings at home?

The Championship trainings are held in real time. All you need is to connect to the live broadcast, listen carefully to the instructor and complete his assignments. Of course, such exercises cannot completely replace training on the field, but under quarantine conditions they will be an excellent addition. In addition, the online format implies feedback: when something becomes incomprehensible, you can ask the mentor about it in the comments, and he will explain the difficult moment in more detail.

To quickly see the progress from home training, you need to treat take them as seriously as the game itself, and do not indulge yourself.

Dmitry: The workout should be thought out as much as possible and run without pauses at a good pace. Excitement plays a significant role: if an athlete has big goals in sports, it is imperative that you additionally work on your minuses. Progress depends on the attitude of the athlete to the training process. If there is a serious attitude, progress will be seen much faster.

During classes, special attention is paid to the study of football feints, which involve all parts of the body. According to the coach, they are able to make the athlete more flexible, and in the game they make it possible to assess the opponent's situation and calculate the attack speed. It is important to understand that even at home there is a tangible load on the body, to a greater extent on the ankles. Therefore, it is important to properly recover after exercise.

Dmitry: Eating and sleeping patterns serve as recovery after exercise. For example, this week the exercises were more focused on technical skills, so there was no heavy load. The most important thing is to consolidate what you saw and move on.

How to improve football skills in self-isolation? We find a way out together with the coach

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What equipment do I need?

Basic football training involves working with the ball, and also with chips and cones. In the absence of suitable equipment, you can replace a soccer ball with a tennis one, and instead of chips, place slippers or socks on the floor. If you don't have balls at all at home, then it is better to buy them in the online store with delivery. That being said, you won't miss the fun: all workouts are saved in our community videos, so you can return to them at any time, even if the courier arrives in a week.

How to improve football skills in self-isolation? We find a way out together with the coach


Another important aspect is choosing the right shoes. Of course, you don't need to practice in studded boots at home, but the instructor does not highly recommend training barefoot.

Dmitry: At home, it is important to choose shoes. It is undesirable to work in socks on slippery surfaces or wear heavy shoes that will attract the attention of neighbors.

Therefore, the ideal option would be light sports sneakers that will be universal for all types of training, will not allow slipping on the floor and getting injured.

How to improve football skills in self-isolation? We find a way out together with the coach

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Home soccer training is an excellent way out for those who are not yet able to fight the opposing team on the field. During the period of self-isolation, it is quite possible not only not to lose shape, but also to improve it. To do this, the coach advises to increase the speed and number of approaches, actively connect both legs and, of course, work harder than the others, without looking back. And for a detailed tracking of progress, it is best to write down all your weaknesses in a separate notebook in order to start developing them over time.

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