5 ways to motivate yourself to work out when you don't feel like it!

How to get yourself to do sports at home? Tips to help you find motivation

Are you one of those who seem to want to play sports, run in the park in the morning and swim in the pool in the evenings, but are lazy? And the purchased subscription to the fitness center is probably gathering dust on the far shelf? We hasten to inform you that you are not alone. Forcing yourself to rethink your lifestyle and start exercising is really difficult. Especially in the current situation, when gyms and parks are closed, and people are sitting at home in self-isolation.

No one can be forced to play sports under a stick, and it is not necessary. A person decides fate himself and is not obliged to train against his will, as well as reproach himself for not doing this. But at the same time, one must be aware of the risks and consequences that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to. If you still want to keep fit for your health, then at least a couple of times a week you should devote time to sports.

How to get yourself to do sports at home? Tips to help you find motivation

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You do not need to set yourself unbearable tasks: get up at five in the morning, scrupulously calculate calories, being afraid to exceed the daily norm, trying here and now to get a relief press or master yoga perfectly. A couple of times a week is a completely feasible load for any person, the main thing is to find the necessary motivation.

However, health is not the most motivating factor. While we are young and feel good, it seems that all problems are something distant and will definitely not affect us. So you need to look for motivation elsewhere.

Find what gives you pleasure

Most often, the words about keeping in shape are associated with a gym or pool. And if such activities make you sad, this does not mean that everything is lost. If you don't have Napoleonic plans in sports, then there is no point in forcing yourself to do what you don't want to. It is much more pleasant and efficient to find what you like.

How to get yourself to do sports at home? Tips to help you find motivation

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Someone cannot live without a morning jog, someone loves to swim, others get a lot of pleasure from aerobics or boxing. Sports activities are a dime a dozen, and everyone can find among them what they like. To do this, one must not be afraid to try new things. Sooner or later, you will understand what you like: skiing, cycling, Jiu-Jitsu, rock climbing or dancing. You will be surprised, but suddenly the sport will open up to you from a new side, it will give strength and emotions, and your legs will carry you to the lesson. If you suddenly get bored of the chosen sport at some point, do not worry and turn on the search mode again. Fortunately, the choice is not just great, it is huge.

Even now, when you can only practice at home, you don't have to force yourself to do what you don't like at all. Hate crunching abs? Try a bar, bike, or scissors instead. Don't like squats? Fullother exercises for the legs and buttocks. Do what makes you happy.

How to get yourself to do sports at home? Tips to help you find motivation

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There are many advantages to home workouts: saving money and time on the way to the gym, free schedule. But it is important to understand that within the four walls there are always a bunch of other activities besides sports, and they may seem more important and urgent. Do the dishes, do your clothes, tidy up, cook dinner, and in the end just lie on the couch with a book or watch a TV show.

There will always be distractions, and it's best to plan for them. To get started, set aside half an hour for sports and schedule this time. Plan time for rest as well, as the body needs not only to work, but also to recover from physical activity.

How to get yourself to do sports at home? Tips to help you find motivation

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Create an information vacuum

At home you will always be distracted by something: a phone call or a cat who at the most inopportune moment wanted to be petted, or household members. To focus on your workout, create an information vacuum. Lock the door to the room, mute the phone, warn your family not to distract you. Otherwise, it is easy to break loose right in the middle of the session: the child will go into the room to ask for something or the phone will ring. You will lose your rhythm and will never return to class.

How to get yourself to do sports at home? Tips to help you find motivation

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Start small, if not great

If you are in a serious mood, but suddenly don't want to, try to negotiate with yourself. Promise to do just one exercise or cut back to 10 minutes. If after them you get involved and continue to practice - great, if not, then at least you tried. Maybe next time 10 minutes will stretch to 15, then to 20, eventually you will get into a rhythm and want to train longer yourself.

How to get yourself to do sports at home? Tips to help you find motivation

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Don't overdo it

It's easy to lose motivation if you fall exhausted after a session and can't straighten out the next day. You don't need to do 100 morale squats. Do 50 or 70, but so that at the end of the exercise you still get joy, and not quietly hate yourself.

Over-efforts are more likely to lead to early disappointment and complete abandonment of sports than to good results. Load yourself not 100%, but 70%, then you will continue to have fun and at the same time maintain freshness and desire to practicefarther. Increase the workload gradually when you realize that the current one is no longer enough for you.

How to get yourself to do sports at home? Tips to help you find motivation

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Don't expect quick results

The story is coming soon, but it won't be soon is done. You are inspired and ready to start a new life, and in your head pictures are already drawn about a new fit body, redoubled energy and great health. Postpone expectations until better times, because progress will not be announced immediately. During this period, you need to be patient and realize that it is easy to quit what you started halfway through, but this will only mean that you have wasted your energy and time. Hold on until the first results, they will give you a powerful boost of motivation.

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