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How to get back to training after the New Year: 5 tips

The New Year is over, which means it's time to return to the gym, resume jogging and adjust your diet and daily routine. We sincerely believe that it was you who didn’t give up training and are in your best shape. But if suddenly something went wrong, here's how to stop eating Olivier and start exercising.

How to get back to training after the New Year: 5 tips

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Start smoothly

Going in for sports until you lose your heart rate on the first day is not a good idea. Start with cardio: two to three workouts a week is enough. Add strength training after a week. Listen to your body and don't overload it. To love sports, you need to leave the gym (do not crawl out!) In a good mood.

Tip: Try functional training. It has dynamics, changes in rhythm and exercises. Workouts, where cardio alternates with strength training, teach us endurance, speed up metabolism and train our heart. And more calories are burned during such a smart workout than during monotonous workouts.

Take time

I have no time to train - no argument. To be in good shape, it is enough to wake up just half an hour earlier than usual and do some simple exercises:

● stretch and stretch your joints;
● stand in the bar (for a start, 30 seconds will be enough, then the time can be gradually increased);
● lying on your stomach, remove your hands behind your head and raise your body 15 times;
● push up 15 times;
● do abdominal exercises while lying on your back (15 times);
● Do 15 squats.

Love the outdoors

Jogging outside is always beneficial. Even in cold weather. But there are several nuances here. Do not run on asphalt: due to lack of shock absorption, there is a risk of overloading the joints and getting injured. Go to the park with snowy paths or the stadium.

How to get back to training after the New Year: 5 tips

Run in winter. And I have five reasons for this

How can I force myself to go jogging in winter? We found several arguments.

Opt for sneakers with thick gel soles that will prevent slipping. It will not be superfluous to take a bottle of warm water with you. Drink it while running to warm your throat.

How to get back to training after the New Year: 5 tips

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Review your diet

In winter, nutrition needs to be taken into account. Because of the cold weather, the body craves to increase the fat layer, which is why we are constantly drawn to high-calorie foods. The situation is aggravated by the fact that we walk less: we change to transport. If you want sweet or fast food - eat, but only once a week. On other days, lean on seasonal vegetables: potatoes, beets, all types of cabbage, celery, turnips, and carrots. Well, in order not to overeat meat, replace it with mushroom soup.

How to get back to training after the New Year: 5 tips

I want to eat right: where to start?

The #Sekta culinary project teaches you to respect your body and fill it with the right food.

Do not overeat in the evening

If you feel hungry in the evening, it means that you did not eat correctly during the day. Try not to skip meals: eat (snack) ideally every three hours. Great for a light dinner cottage cheese or light salad will do. For example, from tomatoes, tuna and lemon juice.


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