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How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick

In winter, when the weather gets worse and the temperature outside the window drops, the usual jogging or training on horizontal bars in the fresh air becomes more problematic. In the cold season, our immunity needs support more than ever. Therefore, it is worth thinking in advance how not to get injured during sports and not get sick. Together with the wellness coach and expert of the Championship Andrey Semeshov , we will tell you about simple rules that will help to avoid colds.

Exercise moderately and regularly

The connection between the level of physical activity and the state of the immune system has been proven for a long time. A person leading a passive lifestyle is more susceptible to diseases. If you exercise moderately and regularly, the chances of catching an infection are minimal.

How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick


Paradoxically, if you abuse physical activity, then the risk of catching a cold only increases. This is because during heavy exertion, the immune system suffers and becomes suppressed. This makes it easier for bacteria, viruses and microbes to enter the body. Depending on the level of stress, a person may be most vulnerable from 3 to 72 hours after training.

In other words, if you exercise competently for pleasure a couple of times a week, you will not be afraid of infections.

Protect yourself from germs

Despite the fact that the usual hygiene rules are simple and obvious, most people forget about them. To protect yourself from infections, it is enough to create a few simple habits:

  • try not to contact people who are already sick;
  • practice good hygiene and wash your hands regularly;
  • avoid crowded places, especially during rush hour;
  • leave time to rest after training.
How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick

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Get enough sleep

To feel refreshed, you need to get at least seven hours of sleep a day. During rest, the body is fully restored and gets rid of stress. If you are having trouble sleeping, then you need to adjust your workouts - overload only harms.

How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick


Eat healthily

Perhaps the most common advice that is worth reiterating nonetheless. A good balanced diet will help you stay healthy. It is important to provide the body with enough carbohydrates so as not to increase the level of glycogen - a faithful companion of stress.

Maintain water balance

The balance of fluid in the body helps to strengthen the immune system. Dehydration reduces the production of saliva and nasal mucus, which contain antibacterial enzymes that kill germs. This reduces the natural defensesorganism. That is why it is important to consume the right amount of water.

How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick

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Dress in layers

The main task of winter training clothes is not only to keep warm, but also not to get wet from sweat, to avoid hypothermia. When running, the forehead, neck just below the occiput, armpits, solar plexus and lumbosacral spine sweat most of all. Hands, bends of elbows, knees, groin and feet also have increased heat transfer, but emit less sweat.

In cold weather, it is better to dress in 3-4 layers of technological equipment. They will provide comfort even during long training sessions and competitions.

  1. First layer - thermal underwear. It removes moisture and excess heat from the body.
  2. Second layer - insulation, fleece or Polartec products. They keep you warm and help you stay warm.
  3. Third layer - protective, windbreakers or membrane jackets. They save from wind, rain, snow and do not retain moisture. If the top layer breathes well, then the middle and bottom layer dry quickly.
  4. The fourth layer - additional insulation for particularly severe frosts, a thin down jacket or another fleece jacket. It is important that this layer also wicks moisture well.

Andrey: Thin and light ski jackets made using membrane technology are perfect for the third layer. They perform their functions well and do not impede movement. The only inconvenience is the price. In general, I advise you to look after most of the equipment in the sections for skiers. Almost anything will work except ski boots.

How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick


Don't skimp on shoes

Pay special attention to sneakers. They should be spiked or with the ability to screw in running crampons - devices that prevent slipping on ice surfaces.

Andrey: In warm weather, all spending can be finished with decent running shoes. In winter, everything just begins with shoes. Moreover, models for running in the cold are likely to be more expensive than their summer counterparts. Along with them, you need to purchase moisture-wicking socks.

How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick

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Bring accessories with you

In the cold season, they are just as important, like the rest of the equipment. In cold weather, be sure to wear gloves, a buff and a hat.

Andrey: An ordinary hat is not suitable for winter running. You will need an insulated fabric, but with the property of removing moisture. But it is quite possible to save on mittens. Just keep in mindthat you will have to start an extra pair, because after running in the cold they will go to the wash. If you suddenly start running in the red, you will understand why.

How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick


At very low temperatures, a windproof mask or balaclava with integrated windproof accessory is indispensable. Sports glasses will not be superfluous either. They will come in handy both for jogging on sunny days and in strong winds with a blizzard.

How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick

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Be guided by the weather

In winter, it is important to remember about sudden changes in temperatures and weather conditions. For example, in ice you can slip on the ice and fall, and in the cold get frostbite. And training on an ice crust and snowdrifts requires much more effort than in warm seasons.

During winter activities, it is important to run less than half the distance so that you can always return home on time and not get cold. It is also worth looking at the thermometer before exercising. If it is -40 C outside the window, then outdoor activities should be postponed to another day or to a warmer season.

Andrey: My most important advice is to ask yourself a question, is it really do you really need to run in winter? Starting to play sports is stressful anyway. And the more obstacles and additional inconveniences there are between you and training, the higher the likelihood that your hobby will end much earlier than it could. And taking into account the bad weather, even with a sick leave.

Therefore, I sincerely advise not to expose the willpower and determination to enter 2020 in sports to unnecessary tests. Winter is quite possible to survive on a treadmill in a fitness club, there are also horizontal bars. And on the Internet there are a million complexes of training at home. Believe me, postponing the acquaintance with the delights of running in the fresh air at least until April, you will have time for everything. Of course, if now you start to exercise regularly in more greenhouse conditions. By the way, don't think that 2-3 months in the fitness center will be much more expensive than winter outfit.

How to exercise properly in the cold so as not to get sick

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