How Much Cardio Should You Do To Lose Belly Fat? (4 Step Plan)

How to do cardio to lose weight?

It's no secret that cardio is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. The main mechanism by which this system works is not to instantly burn fat, but to gradually accelerate the body's metabolism. But how long does it take on the treadmill to get this process started? And most importantly - how to do it correctly? We'll tell you whether you need to torment yourself with maximum acceleration or work out at a calm pace to burn fat. Fitness trainer Vladimir Lepesa shared his expert opinion with the Championship.

Why is cardio so effective?

The main difference between cardio and strength is that training occurs at the expense of energy from oxidation of glucose molecules with oxygen. Simply put, it is during such exercises that the load (its optimal level) also falls on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is very important to monitor not only the pace, but also the pulse.

How to do cardio to lose weight?


In cardio, the body seems to learn to better use the carbohydrates we consume daily. And all the excess is stored in the form of glycogen in the muscles, and not in the form of belly fat.

Experts advise doing cardio for at least 30 minutes in order for the workout to have at least some effect. However, if you are seeing a treadmill or exercise bike for the first time, it is better to start with light short workouts and gradually increase the load.

How to do cardio to lose weight?

Rest, without which not enough. Why do you need recovery training?

Whatever the goal, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result without it.

What machines should you use for cardio training?

The treadmill, rowing machine, ellipsoid (orbitrek) and exercise bikes are considered to be the most effective cardio machines.

How to do cardio to lose weight?

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With proper technique, running is an excellent form of cardio for fat burning. You just need to monitor your heart rate by speeding up or slowing down your movement. Of course, jogging in the fresh air will be most beneficial. But for those who don't like to freeze their nose once again, a treadmill is also suitable.

How to do cardio to lose weight?

Run, Forest ... or don't run: I can will I lose weight if I hate jogging?

Don't like to run? It's okay!

What pace of workout to choose?

As we already noted, to determine the right pace you need to monitor your heart rate. In order for the fat burning process to occur most actively, it is necessary to engage in being within the aerobic zone. To determine the maximum allowable values, use the online calculator or a special formula. To do this, you must specify your age and heart rate at rest.

Formula: max heart rate = 220 -age.

It is believed that fat is burned best at a heart rate of about 60–70% of maximum values. But remember not to start with such numbers. The warm-up is best done at 50% of the maximum.

How to do cardio to lose weight?


Vladimir: At the same time, it is important to understand that losing weight is not an end in itself. Everyone who goes in for sports strives not only to lose weight, but to improve the quality of their body. And this is possible with a decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle.

Jogging is not the best way to preserve muscles, since with prolonged monotonous work and a calorie deficit, the body tends to get rid of unused fibers that spend much more energy. than fat cells. In simple terms, running long distances when you are in a calorie deficit will help you reduce body weight, but this will happen to a large extent at the expense of muscle loss. Interval running is much more effective for fat burning. It takes less time, and such loads allow you to save muscles.

How to do cardio to lose weight?

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How to do cardio to lose weight?

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Cardio + strength. The perfect combo?

The answer is yes. Cardio before strength training is a great warm-up to prepare the body for stress. In addition, the process of burning calories will take place not only during the workout itself, but at least within a day after.

How to do cardio to lose weight?


Another important plus of this combination is that you get more effect from the exercises, become stronger and more enduring. Working out the muscles of the upper body, core and legs allows for less fatigue during cardio. And vice versa, during aerobic exercise, blood circulation improves, which supplies the muscles with all nutrients and oxygen.

Vladimir: For proper weight loss, I strongly advise you to combine running training with strength training, this will give maximum effect. It is important to understand that the volume of cardio training is selected individually depending on the level of training, the selected calorie deficit and individual goals.

How to do cardio to lose weight?

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