How to do 1500 push-ups in an hour. The coach answers Davidich

Blogger Davidich said in an interview that he could push out 1,500 times. Heated discussions began on the Internet: doubts about the veracity of the story were caused by both the number of repetitions and the complexion of Davidich, who does not at all look like an athlete. Fitness trainer and Guinness Book record holder Manvel Mamoyan decided to check whether it is possible to do push-ups so many times. And he did it - in an hour!

How to do 1500 push-ups in an hour. The coach answers Davidich

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Fitness trainer and record holder in various types of push-ups Manvel Mamoyan was able to perform 1,500 thousand push-ups and published a video proof:

Manvel told the Championship, why did he do it and why Davidovich motivates others to go in for sports.

Many are now discussing Eric Davidovich and say that he cannot do 1500 push-ups. No one says his statement motivated everyone from athletes to drivers to see if it was possible. He also motivated me. I decided to check how many times I can do push-ups in one hour.

The record holder also said that he talked to Daviditch:

When we met, he thought that we wanted to criticize and prove him that he can't do that many push-ups. He said that he was inspired to play sports by a boxer with whom he was in prison. Aaron Virabyan and I showed him that we can do the most difficult push-ups and talked about our records. Eric was very surprised by our results. After that, he did push-ups with us on one arm 15 times or more.

Will Davidich be able to push-ups 1500 times?

Here's what Manvel Mamoyan thinks, who could:

How to do 1500 push-ups in an hour. The coach answers Davidich

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