How to diversify the May holidays? List of activities you can do at home

During the May holidays, even those who had previously been forced to go to work during general isolation were at home. And although warm weather has finally come outside the window, spending time outside is still unsafe. Therefore, responsible vacationers come up with ways to diversify their stay within the four walls, and many online platforms are in a hurry to help them with this. We will tell you what kind of virtual activities one or the whole family can do. Moreover, the vast majority of them are free. And it's not just about training!

How to diversify the May holidays? List of activities you can do at home

What to do in quarantine? Platforms that have opened free access

From extensive toy libraries to five-hour tours of the most beautiful museums in the world.

Training and a new show of the Championship

Every morning at our official public on VKontakte hosts online classes with professional instructors in functional training, football, yoga and running. These guys will clearly not let you lose shape even after hearty kebabs eaten on the weekend. And if you couldn't wake up early and missed the broadcast, don't worry: all trainings are saved in community videos.

And in the evenings the Championship is waiting for you on your instagram to show the episodes of the new show # StayHome. In the live broadcast mode, our correspondents talk with interesting personalities from the world of sports. Tennis player Karen Khachanov, gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva, wife of Evgeni Malkin Anna Kasterova, football player Alexander Kerzhakov and others have already become guests of the project. Follow the latest announcements on social networks so as not to miss episodes with new heroes.

Large-scale #hometeam project from adidas

The #hometeam project is not only about sports, although, of course however, they are given a large amount of time in the program. The official adidas instagram in Russia regularly hosts online trainings of various kinds, which are led by qualified instructors and eminent athletes. Digital competitions are also held in real time.

But, as we said , the large-scale idea of ​​our friends includes other interesting activities. For example, in May, the Ballet Moscow Theater joined #hometeam, and its actors conduct classes on stage skills for everyone. A educational project Now So is ready to share with you the subtleties and rules of careful consumption. So you definitely won't be bored on May!

How to diversify the May holidays? List of activities you can do at home

How to cook PP-kebab and other healthy dishes in nature

Recipes your figure will thank us for.

How to diversify the May holidays? List of activities you can do at home

Express workout at home. Five Workouts From A Fitness Trainer

Fitness star Kayla Itsines says you can do them anywhere

Reebok Leisure Workouts & Life Hacks

During quarantine, the company launched the #PremissionToPause program, the purpose of which is to encourage you to press pause, step away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the present moment. This can be done with the help of a variety of training complexes from the Les Mills team at The Base Fitness. They are collected on the Reebok platform. There you will also find interactive articles with practical tips on nutrition, sleep and leisure.

And on the brand's official Instagram page, you can watch educational videos in IGTV format. In them, experienced coaches tell you exactly how they use their pause time and answer pressing questions. Such interactive can not only diversify everyday life, but also inspire you to new sports achievements.

Races in ZOOM and master classes from Ironstar

Every Saturday Ironstar company, the leading organizer of triathlon starts in Russia, continues to honor the best traditions of this sport. Triathletes are confident that self-isolation is not a reason to forget about the already beloved long distances, so they conduct online races in ZOOM. By the way, you can participate in them even if you do not have sports equipment. You can find out about all the nuances of the competition and register on the official website.

How to diversify the May holidays? List of activities you can do at home

Photo: iron-star.com

Competition within four walls is not the only exciting initiative of Ironstar. Every day, the guys fill their Instagram account with useful interviews, quizzes, meditation lessons, morning exercises, master classes in cooking and cardboard crafts, as well as fairy tales about triathlon (yes, it didn't seem to you). And all this in video format, because watching is much more interesting than reading or listening.

Cooking with the leading chefs

When, if not now, you can plunge into your home business and do everything that did not have enough time. And if earlier you did not have time to cook for yourself, now you can experiment with peace of mind at the stove and do it under the guidance of famous chefs from all over the world. With all restaurants and cafes closed, culinary pros from the US and Russia began to keep in touch with the audience via Instagram. For example, chef and restaurant owner in Miami Brad Kilgore and his wife regularly post detailed video recipes in stories. Moreover, the spouses admitted that they began to do it out of idleness, and then, having received a lot of positive feedback, they got involved and decided to continue.

In Russia, restaurateurs Tahir Holikberd have joined this initiativeiev and Stanislav Lisichenko, meat sommelier Pavel Potseluev, brand chef Vladimir Mukhin, TV presenter Alexander Belkovich. Moreover, the establishments themselves have entered the online format. For example, the Moscow House of Cultures hosts online brunches with a guest star or chef, and City Friends can bring you all the food you need to take part in their master class.

How to diversify the May holidays? List of activities you can do at home

Efimova showed how to replace the pool at home and keep fit in self-isolation

Secrets of slimness from an athlete with an ideal figure.

How to diversify the May holidays? List of activities you can do at home

Get active: how to join free online workouts

Free resources and fitness apps to help you stay active in quarantine.

Virtual Quizzes

This option is perfect for those who want to spend their free time in the company of like-minded people, smash their brains over tasks and compete with other participants in deep knowledge. Many online platforms began to launch quizzes, streams, themed and mind games on the Internet, which you can join as a whole team. True, this pleasure is not entirely free, but rather economical: most organizers require a symbolic contribution of a thousand rubles from the whole team.

Lectures on sports and healthy lifestyles

If there are surprisingly too many activities in your life and you just want to relax, listen to informative lectures about sports and healthy lifestyles. Some of them are recorded in podcast format, which can be found on all available online platforms in the summer. And other materials are accompanied by videos with speeches of speakers.

How to diversify the May holidays? List of activities you can do at home

What to listen to in your free time? Motivating podcasts about sports and healthy lifestyle

We choose episodes for every taste and make it louder.

For example, TED Talks lectures in English (with subtitles if desired) for a long time became popular all over the world. During the existence of the project, the archive has accumulated a thousand motivating video stories. One of these was the personal experience of actress and athlete Aimee Mullins, who lost both legs at the age of one year, but now confidently walks the catwalk and shows impressive results on the treadmill.

But extreme Lewis Pugh swam across the English Channel, swam around the Cape of Good Hope and crossed the river in the ice of Antarctica. This daredevil knows exactly what the strength of the human spirit is and the problems of changing the Earth's climate. And, most importantly, such people are ready to disinterestedly share their valuable experience with the audience.

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