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How to develop quick thinking in football? Improving skills for progressive play

The Championship has completed a cycle of online football training sessions, which were conducted in live format on the official page in VKontakte. But this does not mean that now you will not be able to study according to our program at home. All past sessions are still available in the community's video album, join us!

And we continue to improve the quality of the ball game together with the coach of FC Chertanovo Dmitry Karpov . Today he will explain in detail how to develop the specific thinking skills that a football player needs, learn to see the field and make quick decisions during the match.

How to develop quick thinking in football? Improving skills for progressive play

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Disclaimer: training goes to the next level

First of all, it should be said that it is better to start such training after completing the basic exercises of playing football. The goal of our lesson is to teach the player to see the field and quickly navigate the game. It must be remembered that without these skills, an athlete will never be able to reach the heights of mastery. And yet there is a minimum of physical activity, training develops the player's thinking more.

Of course, the most important thing in sports is desire and hard work. But at this stage of training, we need equipment: a mat, chips or cones, a running ladder, a hurdle, balls of different sizes, a blank sheet of paper and a pen - all these items will be needed when doing home workouts. Some things can be replaced with improvised means, but it is better to buy everything you need in the online store.

How to learn to see the field at home?

The ability to see the field and quickly navigate in the current conditions is one thing of the most important qualities of a player. It largely depends on the functional state of the organ of vision. The space that a fixed eye sees is called the field of view.

Your task at home is to do exercises in which the head will concentrate not only on the ball. For example, place two pieces or two objects on two different sides of the room, try to control the ball and take turns looking at the objects. The main goal of this exercise is to raise your head while doing it and control as much as possible what is in the room around you.

The biggest mistake is concentrating on the ball. At first, it is better to do all the exercises slowly, feel every touch of the ball, align the body and head. So you will see everything that is in front of you. The head should not look down while controlling the ball.

How to develop quick thinking in football? Improving skills for progressive play

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Thanks to simple equipment ttrainings will become even more effective.

Increasing the speed of decision making alone

The vision of the field and the speed of decision making are interconnected. The vision of the pitch is a good understanding of the game and an unconventional decision to start an attack, and the speed of decision-making is the right action on the football field within a limited time. It is possible to learn both skills alone. The main thing is to add 2-3 tasks when performing one exercise. For example, to take a tennis ball in your hands, toss from one hand to another and at the same time control or dribble with two legs.

It is best to develop the speed of decision making with the help of exercises where there is more than one action. Try to set a time limit for their completion, add items, speed up, work with chips and try to use the whole body.

How to develop quick thinking in football? Improving skills for progressive play

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Exercises to improve field vision and reaction speed must be added to basic ball handling skills. It is quite enough if you work on the speed of thinking 2-3 times a week. Just 15-30 minutes to the main workout is already a great addition.

Life hack: You can also improve the quality of thinking outside of training. To do this, catch the time and read a chapter of any book as quickly as possible. Now time it again and quickly retell the basic information you just read. Do this exercise regularly, each time trying to reduce both the reading time and the retelling time. So you develop both the speed of perception and the speed of information reproduction.

What is cognitive training and what does it include?

Cognitive is the training that activates the intelligence of an athlete. Memory, logic, analysis, creativity and speed of making the right decisions - these are the main points required to win the new mind football.

In order to develop these skills, you need to do exercises during which you stimulate the functions of the brain and frontal hemispheres. This positively affects both the mind and the body as a whole. One of the most powerful techniques is the crossing movement. It is considered a very simple exercise. Just lie down, bend one knee and connect it to the opposite elbow of the arm. Then use your other arm and leg. Try to make movements as slowly and consciously as possible.

Our training specifically consisted of exercises in which the hands were involved. They twisted the ball around the body, and at that moment we tried to control the ball with both feet. At the same time, the arms and legs had to work at the same pace. It is important to perform such exercises in synchronization and not to rush to increase the speed. First debark slowly and efficiently, then build up your pace.

How to develop quick thinking in football? Improving skills for progressive play

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The benefits of cognitive exercises and early results

Performing cognitive exercises significantly increases number of neural connections. This leads to the acceleration of the exchange of information between different parts of the brain, improves the ability to memorize new information, develops logical thinking, the ability to compare facts and quickly make the right decisions. There are many exercises for development, not only in sports, but also in everyday life.

How to develop quick thinking in football? Improving skills for progressive play

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Positive results will not take long if you train regularly. After 2-3 weeks, you can expect an improvement in concentration and attention. If you want to progress as an athlete, be sure to pay attention to these exercises.

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