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How to choose the bike of your dreams: 6 tips from a pro

Gran Fondo Road Cycling Rides have been around for almost half a century. They originated in Italy and quickly spread throughout the world, but only reached Russia in 2016. The mastermind behind the creation of the Gran Fondo in Russia was Derk Sauer - a businessman and a big fan of cycling. We spoke to Mr. Sauer to find out how he got interested in bicycles, what mistakes new cyclists make and how to choose the right two-wheeled workhorse.

How to choose the bike of your dreams: 6 tips from a pro

Photo: Gran Fondo Russia

- How did your passion for bicycles originate?
- Since I was born and brought up in the Netherlands, then grew up with a bicycle (like every Dutchman). But I started skating seriously in the company of fellow journalists in Amsterdam only when I was about 18 years old. It was a combination of sport and a kind of social events, because each of our races ended with a beer in a Dutch bar!

- What has changed in your life after the creation of Gran Fondo in Russia?
- It is very pleasant to see that cycling in Russia is growing, although it is not yet as widespread as in Europe and the United States. And also thanks to the races, I visited places like Kursk and Suzdal - when you can still see it from a bicycle.

Types of bicycles

There are so many types of bicycles that everything is hardly possible transfer. But there are three main categories: urban (or grandmother's great, as we call them in Holland), mountain (for off-road driving) and road (for riding on normal roads).
The latest buzz is battery-powered e-bikes. They, of course, make riding much easier.

Features of bicycles you need to know

All these bicycles are two-wheeled, but the differences are quite significant. City bicycles are heavy enough, and they are intended for leisure or just to get from point A to point B. 800 thousand people live in Amsterdam, and there are 2 million city bicycles!
Mountain bikes are healthy too, with thick tires and suspension. Thanks to this, they can be ridden through mountains and forests. Here speed is not so much important as the ability to ride on rocks and off-road without punching tires!

But the essence of road bikes is precisely in speed, so the lighter they are, the better. They are made from carbon fiber or titanium and all the elements (seat, steering wheel, etc.) are lightweight. Aerodynamics play an important role here.

How to choose the bike of your dreams: 6 tips from a pro

Photo: Gran Fondo Russia

Fixed bicycles gear versus gearbox models

Fixed gear bikes are only suitable for city use and are especially popular with hipsters and pizza delivery guys. They look cool, but they don't have a braking system and it's just dangerous. If you are going to buy one, choose Fuji Feather . Really cool!

Boxand gear depends on the terrain. In Holland, all roads are flat, so a standard gearbox is relevant here. But skiing in the Swiss Alps or the French mountain ranges is a completely different story. You can use the same bike, but the gearbox will have to be replaced to make it cooler.

How to choose the bike of your dreams: 6 tips from a pro

Photo: Gran Fondo Russia

Which bikes are allowed to compete?

It depends on the type of competition. Triathlon bicycles and track models cannot be used in Gran Fondo and beyond. These models are designed for riding on long, flat roads and are dangerous to use with a whole group of cyclists.

Register for the next bike ride. The nearest start will take place on September 2, 2018 in Volokolamsk (Moscow region).

We are buying a bicycle. The most popular models today

Buying a bicycle is like buying a car. First, you need to decide what the bike is for and how much you are willing to spend. If you compare with cars, then you can buy both Niva and Ferrari. City bikes can be of any brand - from those made in China, Taiwan, etc.
When it comes to mountain bikes, the famous site bicycling.com named Trek Fuel, Specialized Epic, Pivot Firebird and Kona Process the best in this category. If you take road bikes, then the choice is very wide. I personally prefer Specialized. Most of the professionals consider this brand the best manufacturer of racing models at the moment.

But many people like the design of Italian road bikes such as Pinarello or Bianchi with their famous light green colors. Now electric drives and disc brakes are very fashionable. If you need a triathlon bike, the brands Cervelo and Felt are at the top right now.

Mistakes when buying a bike

The main mistake I see is size. The bike should fit you like a nice suit or dress. I often see people riding a bike that is just too big for them. Therefore, when choosing a bike, expert advice is needed. This will prevent many future problems.

How to choose the bike of your dreams: 6 tips from a pro

Photo: Gran Fondo Russia

Tips from Derka Sauer

The best advice I can give is: start with less expensive models. In the end, your legs will have to work, and only a pro will notice the difference between a $ 800 bike and an $ 8K bike. Also, keep it simple - the more attachments, the more problems. And one more thing: clean your bike and store it carefully.

Riding a bike is very easy. The most important thing you need is practice. The more kilometers you cover, the easier it gets!

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