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How to cheat hunger? 5 simple but effective ways

Almost every one of us at least once in our life has come across an unbearable feeling of hunger when there is no way to eat right now. At the very least, this happens after going to the dentist or before visiting the office for taking blood. And sometimes a hunger strike is a compulsory measure in order to lose weight. And although we do not welcome such atrocious ways of losing weight, we tell you how to dull the feeling of an aching stomach and relax for a few more hours.

1. Drink water

The body often confuses hunger with thirst. If it is no longer possible to drink pure water, add lemon, mint, lime to it. You can also have tea. There are not many calories in it, and it will definitely be possible to calm the stomach.

For the experiment, scientists selected 50 overweight women and asked them to drink 500 ml (two glasses) of water three times a day. At the same time, they ate as usual.

After eight weeks, the girls noticed that their appetite decreased. They began to consume fewer calories and lost extra pounds. The average weight loss over this period was approximately 1.5 kilograms.

2. Go in for sports

First, it is scientifically proven that after physical exertion, appetite decreases. And secondly, even a little exercise will distract you from thinking about the cherished piece of cake. However, it is important not to overdo it with the load, otherwise it can lead to exactly the opposite effect.

3. Get enough sleep

We have already said more than once that sleep is directly related to our appetite. High-quality and healthy rest allows not only not to overeat, but also to improve metabolism, reduce appetite and start all the processes necessary for recovery in the body. So do not neglect the opportunity to sleep as soon as you have a couple of free hours in your daily routine.

How to cheat hunger? 5 simple but effective ways

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4. Take a bath

Often we feel hungry only because of the many problems that need to be seized. A hot bath will relax, calm the nerves and therefore reduce stress appetite. And also, according to studies, such procedures will help you burn about 140 calories per hour, which is more, for example, than if you walk at a brisk pace all this time.

5 ... Chew gum

University of Rhode Island professor Kathleen Melanson conducted a study in which she found that chewing gum can help reduce calorie intake and increase energy expenditure. Of course ifand it's sugar free. However, there are other studies that suggest that gum does not affect appetite in any way. But it's worth a try!

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