How to Traction Your Shoulder by Yourself

How to charge at home? We strengthen joints and ligaments in self-isolation

You've probably heard that the warm-up is the head of everything. It is useful to perform it both before the main workout, so as not to get injured during exercise, and in the morning, to recharge with energy for the whole day. However, many continue to neglect this type of training and do it in vain - we have seen it ourselves.

During self-isolation, the Championship decided to support all lovers of an active lifestyle and launched a series of free functional training. They help to work out various muscle groups, warm up well and improve sports skills without leaving the doorstep. Classes are held every day, from 11:00, in the format of a live broadcast on our official page in VKontakte.

During one of these trainings, we paid special attention to advanced exercises. Together with the instructor of the program and an experienced athlete of the New Balance team Vladimir Ivanov , we figure out how to properly carry out a warm-up at home and why it should not be neglected. And, of course, we are sharing this session with you!

What is a warm-up and why is it so important?

A warm-up can be called a set of simple and affordable exercises that are aimed at developing joint mobility and ligaments. It helps all muscle groups to prepare for further work, to avoid pain during basic training or an eventful work day. Plus, exercise is a good activity that will make your pursuit of a perfect body more productive. Therefore, it is definitely not worth excluding it from the training plan.

Vladimir: Warm-up is the key to a successfully completed training and reducing the injury rate of athletes. In addition, this is an excellent exercise that will give you vigor for the whole day, help you burn 150-200 calories and be active.

For such training, you do not need equipment, all exercises are performed with your own body weight. It is better not to use additional weighting, since our goal is to thoroughly stretch all the muscles, and not pump them up. No special physical preparation is required, you can do absolutely everything: both children and older people.

How to charge at home? We strengthen joints and ligaments in self-isolation

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How to Exercise At Home?

Warm-up includes fairly light exercises that do not require knowledge of specific techniques, so it is difficult to make mistakes. The main thing is not to rush and breathe evenly. Exercise can be divided into several main blocks, which gradually work out all muscle groups.

Vladimir: It is better to start with exercises on the muscles of the neck and end with feet to work outl all floors. We start from the top and work our way down: neck, shoulders, arms, body, pelvis, knees and feet. This is the basic principle of charging.

How to charge at home? We strengthen joints and ligaments in self-isolation


Ideal training duration is determined depending on your goals. If morning exercises are the main physical activity, then it should be advanced and take more than half an hour from you. If, after the warm-up, a full-fledged workout awaits you, then you can take much less time to warm-up.

Vladimir: An advanced warm-up should rather be done as a charge and it will be very long before training. Therefore, it should be cut in half and choose your favorite exercises for all joints and muscles. The duration of a regular warm-up is 8-10 minutes, and the duration of our training is 35-40 minutes.

How to charge at home? We strengthen joints and ligaments in self-isolation

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What results should you expect from an advanced warm-up?

To see progress , exercises are best done 3-4 times a week or every time before the main workout. However, from the warm-up itself, one should not expect transcendental results in the form of an increase in muscle mass or weight loss by tens of kilograms. But one thing we can say for sure: exercising regularly, you will feel more vigorous, make joints and ligaments more mobile and elastic.

Vladimir: Any exercise is already a positive result, I I think. And if you do not have enough load, you should do a couple of GPP circles or workouts with improvised means that I did.

Still, the main thing after a workout, according to our expert, is a smile. So smile and be healthy.

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