How to build abs cubes? The secret of the actor Roman Kurtsyn

A relief press is what many supporters of an active lifestyle strive for. Moreover, both men and women want to get the cherished lines and cubes. However, the stomach for many is the most problematic area, so it is extremely difficult to pump its muscles and remove the fat layer. The Russian actor Roman Kurtsyn succeeded.

The novel is known to the viewer for the films I'm losing weight, Seven dinners, Crimea, as well as for the TV series Ship and Fitness. The guy impresses not only with his game on the set, but also with a very athletic physique. The actor is in great shape, and his abs can be the envy of an experienced bodybuilder. How does Kurtsyn keep his body so prominent?

How to build abs cubes? The secret of the actor Roman Kurtsyn

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Sports past and present

In fact, Roman can be called an athlete. Indeed, in addition to his success in cinema, at the age of 17 he won the title of champion of Russia in arm wrestling. In addition, the guy tried his hand at acrobatics, kickboxing, a special style of karate called Kyokushinkai, and horse riding - exercises on a prancing horse. And then he learned to be a professional stuntman. Now in Yaroslavl there is a whole school of stuntmen under the leadership of Kurtsyn, while he himself teaches karate in parallel.

Currently, the actor prefers to work out in the gym and is developing a YouTube channel about fitness NaDobre. Roman trains twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, and during preparation for filming - three times. He starts each session with light cardio, which acts as a warm-up and takes 15-20 minutes, and then proceeds to work out a specific muscle group.

It is interesting that during the filming of Fitness, where Kurtsyn played the role of a professional instructor, he had to arrange express trainings for himself right on the site. After each scene, the actor did pumping - several exercises that tone the muscles and add volume. Push-ups helped a lot in this regard.

Even on a busy schedule, it's important to pay attention to recovery. In order to relax the muscles qualitatively, after each trip to the gym, the actor does a massage for 15-20 minutes, and several times a week allocates time for a full course.

How to build abs cubes? The secret of the actor Roman Kurtsyn

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Daily routine and balanced nutrition

In order to have time to train and complete all planned tasks, Roman has to get up early. He starts his first fitness class at seventra. The actor's breakfast consists of complex carbohydrates: porridge or muesli. And after training, he usually has a light snack.

Kurtsyn believes that during intense training, the classic diet, consisting of three meals a day, does not suit him. Therefore, in order not to overeat, but to be full of energy, he eats 5-6 times a day in small portions.

Sleep is another important component of Roman's active life. He admits that he does not always have time to go to bed before midnight, but can take a nap at any free time during the day. At least 15-30 minutes of short rest helps the actor.

A set of abdominal exercises from Roman Kurtsyna

And yet one of the main advantages of Roman, which he boasted more than once in films and TV series, is the relief press. It is possible to achieve cubes on the stomach only with the help of an integrated approach. It includes sports, a competent nutrition system and full recovery.

Not so long ago, Kurtsyn shared with YouTube viewers one of the components of this list, namely abs workout. Usually during the lesson Roman does only three exercises, but in the video he decided to show five, in his opinion, the most effective.

How to build abs cubes? The secret of the actor Roman Kurtsyn

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Warm-up for the press

Roman begins each press session with a warm-up. Within a minute, he performs light inclinations and turns of the body, as well as circular movements - all this with dumbbells from 2 to 4 kilograms in his hands. Thus, all the abdominal muscles warm up well, and at the end of the allotted time they start to burn.

Stretching for the press

After the warm-up, Kurtsyn goes on to a short stretch. He gently tilts the body back, right and left to pull the press. Also, the actor makes 90-degree bends forward with a straight back, puts his hands on a support. And only then starts the main exercises.

Rental from knees using press roller

For a start - a technique for beginners. Get on your knees, pull in your abs a little and strain it to avoid bending in the spine. Roll your arms forward as far as possible, and as you exhale, return to the starting position.

When your body gets used to and you start doing 40-50 repetitions, you can complicate the exercise - do a full-length roll, that is with straight legs. At home, Roman puts weights on his back.

The main thing in this exercise is to always concentrate on the press and not forget about breathing. During execution, the arms and the shoulder girdle will be turned on, but all attention should be focused on the abdominal muscles.

How to build abs cubes? The secret of the actor Roman Kurtsyn

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Raising the legs on the bar

Hanging on the bar, raise your straight legs as high as possible in front of you. The best option for beginners is to pull your legs to your torso by bending them at the knees. Here, again, it is important to constantly think about the press and keep it in tension.

Another more accessible variation of the exercise is raising the legs in support on the elbows, which is done in a special simulator. So your arm muscles are less tense and the position of the spine is controlled, since it leans tightly against the back of the simulator.

Circular leg movements on the bar

This is essentially a continuation of the previous exercise. Here, the legs must not only be raised to the body, but also made circular movements with them in order to pump the oblique abdominal muscles.

Twisting on the press in the upper block while standing

For this, a cable simulator is used. Although the exercise can be performed in a crossover, but, according to Roman, it is harder and more effective to do it in a block.

Attach a rope handle to the cable and set a small weight, you do not need to take too heavy weight. Stand facing the machine and grab the handle so that both palms are facing each other. Take a step back, bend your elbows, pull the handle to your head and lock into place. As you exhale, round your back and twist your body towards your legs. Return to starting position. It is important to do the exercise without jerking.

How to build abs cubes? The secret of the actor Roman Kurtsyn

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Corner on the floor

According to the actor himself, static - everything is the head. In the exercise, you can use the handles that are usually used in push-ups, and hold on to them.

Sit on the floor and rest your palms on it (or the handles), stretch your legs in front of you, keep your back in a naturally even position. Lock in and lift your legs to the corner. If the body allows, you can raise them even higher. Roman warns: the exercise is extremely difficult, because if you can stand it for at least a minute, this is an excellent result. His personal maximum is 4 minutes.

See the video for a detailed breakdown of the exercises.

This abs workout is clearly intended for people with good physical fitness and at least some experience in the gym ... We do not recommend taking up complicated techniques right away, so as not to get injured. If you are new to fitness, start withsimpler exercises, and progress will not be long in coming.

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