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How to book a table in a sports bar and not screw it up: 5 life hacks

Until July 15, in our country, it is simply bad manners to say that you do not like football, do not understand football, and God forbid you to tell you that you are not going to watch the broadcast. The World Cup is so great that everything is mixed here, and the matches of their national team and the confrontation like Nigeria - Iceland cause the same interest from the fans.

Therefore, in our material we will tell about four sad and one happy stories, related to going to a bar during the FIFA World Cup.

How to book a table in a sports bar and not screw it up: 5 life hacks

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Story 1, in which you were left without a seat next to the TV

It would seem, is it possible? After all, sports bars are simply created in order to watch broadcasts over a mug of foam and in the company of like-minded people. And even despite the fact that before that we called on the phone and warned the polite administrator girl that we would come to watch football, our table was so far from the plasma that the next 90 minutes about the match helped us to recognize the screams of the fans sitting closer. p>

Here, of course, we can conclude that the table was not booked by a persistent amateur who does not often wash down a goal of the Belgian national team with unfiltered Belgian beer ... but here I will invite you to think about how many such football newcomers will rush to sports bars, carried away by the atmosphere of the world championship. In general, don't screw it up guys!

Story 2 - how your favorite food was not in the pub

We continue to broadcast from the scene. And we tell another story - about how my favorite toast for beer was not in the bar. This news took me by surprise, the waiter commented clearly: Well, everyone has croutons, but we don't. This is our feature. Well, if croutons are still half the trouble, then maybe the menu in a cafe / pub or restaurant, in principle, will not have the food you expect.

Study the menu in advance, this is especially important for those who going to the broadcast with his family or a girl who has been on a hard detox for the second month and cannot even watch meat / chicken and fried cheese balls. You can easily clarify all this on the website or at the time of booking a table.

Story 3, where you were not warned that you cannot pay by card

The chip of this championship. I can't even name it otherwise. Many cafes and bars visited in the past week have switched to cash only. Personally, this brings me discomfort, because I am used to paying by card, preferably PayPass.

How to book a table in a sports bar and not screw it up: 5 life hacks

Photo: istockphoto.com

Check in advance so you don't run all over Moscow looking for an ATM.

Story 4 - about legendary places WITHOUT a football broadcast

You think there are no such places? There is! Recently, my friends and I dropped into a cafe on Tverskaya (!), Where they told us from the doorway that they did not show broadcasts, they did not have Wi-Fi andin general, this is a place where you can take a break from all the hype around the World Cup. Friends commented with frustration that, at first glance, your establishment looked decent.

However, if there is no information on the bar's website or in social networks about what broadcasts are shown there, this can be a wake-up call ... Do not be lazy to call and check the information.

Story 5, in which everything turned out perfectly

During this World Cup and football fever, among those who have been ill for a long time and can distinguish Pele from Pique and those , who else specifies in what shirts ours play, in Moscow there are not so many places where you can come and be sure that nothing will disappoint: service, a table, the ability to pay with a card, speed of service and the presence of all your favorite football snacks on the menu.

We checked it ourselves and we recommend you visit one of the sports bars of BC Fonbet. We wanted to create a place that would not be inferior to the stadium in terms of adrenaline, while maintaining the high level of service that distinguishes all Fonbet clubs, - emphasizes the marketing director of Alina Yakirevich .

Coming soon: opening of the flagship sports bar Fonbet in the very center of Moscow on Novy Arbat, 15 page 1.

During the entire World Championship there will be a special offer: 10% discount when booking a table online or by phone. Book a table on the website or by phone - say the code word championat.com - get a 10% discount. The promotion is valid only in Moscow sports bars at 88 Leninsky Prospekt and 8 Dekabristov.

Enjoy the championship and let nothing stop you from seeing the legendary goals in great detail!

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