Decoding the Instagram Beauty Standard

How to become a fit girl: an Instagram blogger has found a modern beauty ideal

The younger generation is increasingly focusing on working on the Internet. After all, there is absolute freedom of self-expression and the ability to monetize your own content. However, not everyone manages to achieve success and promote a profile on social networks. Often the reason for this is modern beauty standards.

American blogger Kessie Ho analyzed 100 popular Instagram profiles and turned herself into a typical Internet star using photoshop. Let's figure out what her experiment led to.

How to become a fit girl: an Instagram blogger has found a modern beauty ideal

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Who is Cassie Ho?

Cassie - popular instagram blogger. She is a supporter of body positive and part-time fitness trainer. In her opinion, physical activity is an important part of life, but not for the purpose of losing weight, but for health. The girl even founded the studio Blogilates, where she teaches Pilates classes. Ho posts many lessons and advice for beginners on the studio's YouTube channel, which has over four million subscribers. In addition, Cassie invented her own Pilates training program with the unpretentious name of Pop Pilates. Her students practice as usual, but to popular music.

In one of the posts on her Instagram, the girl showed subscribers how her body would look if in each of the eras it corresponded to ideals. The results are varied and frightening. For example, from the 2010s to the present, the number of injections and placement of gluteal implants using plastic surgery has increased by 58%.

How to become a fit girl: an Instagram blogger has found a modern beauty ideal

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Results of a study of profiles on Instagram

Once Cassie wondered: why in the era of body positivity, there are no girls with a lot of weight among the most popular Instagram? She decided to analyze 100 top profiles, find the ideal of the beauty of a modern person and, as a bonus, turn herself into one of the stars of the social network. As a result, the blogger identified 24 distinctive features that most Instagram beauties have.

The first thing she paid attention to was the age and appearance of popular girls. On average they are 22 years old, their height is about 170 cm, and their hair is dark and long.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, but not for social media users. To become popular on Instagram, you need to have a certain size and shape of the eyes. According to statistics,Asian-looking women are gaining less popularity on the web. There are only 15% of them in the top 100.

Small nose and full lips are required items for winning subscribers. 90% of girls on Instagram have matching lips.

What should be the body to become famous? More than 80% of popular girls have a flat stomach, but, which is very important, without muscle relief. Apparently, Instagram is against muscularity. It is desirable that the body type correspond to the hourglass standard: with a thin waist and large hips.

How to become a fit girl: an Instagram blogger has found a modern beauty ideal

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The audience is larger for ladies with naturally fair skin, but a beautiful tan is also welcome. Fans are also attracted by a thin long neck and necessarily large breasts.

Popularity with Photoshop

After analyzing popular accounts, the girl began her own transformation. To do this, she needed makeup, fancy clothes and a photo editor.

This photo shows Cassie brightened the skin, enlarged the eyes, breasts and buttocks, and also reduced the nose and chin. And, of course, she lengthened her hair. In addition, the blogger did not forget about the correct attributes for a good shot - a crop top and gold jewelry.

How to become a fit girl: an Instagram blogger has found a modern beauty ideal

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Reaction of Cassie and her followers to the experiment

Results research upset Ho, because it turned out that even on the free Instagram network, notorious beauty standards rule. In the era of the body positivity boom, the top 100 are still girls with perfected figures.

Cassie's audience thanked the girl for the video. Especially for the fact that she tries to show people that it is worth loving yourself and your body, regardless of the standards of society. One of the subscribers even wrote in the comments on YouTube:

How to become a fit girl: an Instagram blogger has found a modern beauty ideal

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