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How Russians help foreigners during the 2018 World Cup: the most touching stories

The FIFA World Cup is not only exciting matches, cheering fans and a general holiday. Foreign guests in Russia face many problems, which local residents help them to cope with. We have collected the most touching stories for you.

Global support

Two Argentines who wanted to come to Nizhny Novgorod for the Argentina-Croatia match and ended up in Veliky Novgorod, still managed to get to the next match of the favorite national team - the President of Russia ordered that the fans be provided with tickets for the game of the Argentine national team in St. Petersburg. Foreigners liked the Northern capital so much that they returned their tickets and stayed there for a few more days after the match.

How Russians help foreigners during the 2018 World Cup: the most touching stories

Photo: RIA News

Another touching story is told by Tatar-inform: a disabled Colombian football fan came to Kazan for a match, but his wheelchair broke down. Then the Kazan Foundation for the Day of Good Deeds raised funds and presented the foreigner with a new stroller, which, by the way, turned out to be better than the previous one.

How do they help in Moscow?

The 360TV channel told how two friends from Nigeria, which purchased tickets for the match and fan passports from a third party, were deceived and spent several days on the street. The owner of a hostel near Moscow found out about this and sheltered two friends for free, and also gave them certificates for lunch in restaurants.

Ural hospitality

On June 24, the Ekaterinburg portal E1.RU published a story about a Peruvian fan , who, during a trip to the 2018 World Cup, caught SARS, and the owner Christina had to call him an ambulance. The doctors arrived in five minutes, had all the papers in three languages ​​and full equipment. And the help, of course, was professional. Our guests offered tips to the doctors. They refused. As a result, the landlady and the foreign guest watched the match at home.

Another story about Yekaterinburg and the Peruvians, who were given shelter for free and even asked for the whole entrance, in which case, help foreign guests:

How Russians help foreigners during the 2018 World Cup: the most touching stories

Also on the E1.RU portal they published a story about how a woman in Yekaterinburg sheltered an Egyptian fan for free, who had previously booked an apartment and was deceived. The guest was surprised that he was not asked for money.

How else do Russians help foreign guests during the 2018 World Cup?

Helping is easy and enjoyable. Nobody forces you to settle a foreigner at home, just do not refuse to tell him the way, the nearest store orand help call a taxi. This is the only way to make this world championship truly grandiose and enjoyable for everyone.

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